Season 13 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2006 on NBC

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  • Charming look to parenthood...

    Oh.. this was somehow ironic episode.. First Abby and her Mum and baby club what really did not worked out and then the park - I would say it was the best part of the episode. All those stories those nannies talked. They really do things like that? I totally understand why Abby did not want nanny.

    And Morris. I liked that storyline with his kids on previous season and it was great that they picked it up again and that football match and the aftermath - very well done and I am glad to hear it worked out.

    And Gates.. and his family.. I think I can call it that way... quite interesting.

    Much potential.
  • The episode title implies not only parenting in the literal sense for the characters with children, but also in the figurative sense, the student/teacher situations in the ER.

    Sweetest scene: Abby & Luka in the morning. Luka's surprised face when Abby tells him she'll go to a "Mommy & baby class" is hilarious.
    Best scene: "The "No nanny" scene. Luka coming home from work; Abby talking with him about not hiring a nanny. Later Luka sings Clash's "Should I stay or should I go" to Joe ... rather badly...
    Funniest scene: Abby talking to the naughty nannies in the park.
    Other funny scene: Morris at the soccer game, and afterwards in the ER, when he has to "pick up the pieces".
    Most sad scene: Neela receiving death benefit following Gallant's death.
    Most annoying person: Crenshaw. He's not exactly making things easy for Neela.
    Pratt is growing as a doctor and as a teacher. Luka leaves him in charge of the ER for a while and Pratt has a hard time, but manages to work things out. The scene at the end, when he stays on after his shift to instruct Hope instead of going home, also proves that he's growing.
  • Another hectic day at the ER.

    This episode had many storylines, and they all managed to be interesting. Pratt was trying to teach Gates a lesson but nothing seemed to get through with him. Neela was on top of things and saved a patients life. It was actually some quite remarkable character development considering that Neela has had her share of insecurity. Morris got beaten up (which was long overdue). They seem to use Morris as a comic relief but I personally just find him incredibly annoying. We get it, he's a doofus! Oh well. Then there was the lovely Abby trying to find some other mothers to bond with. Unfortunately (or fortunately in my opinion) Abby isn't like the other mothers. At the end all she found was a bunch of nannies with a lot of secrets. And boy was that was a priceless moment! Luckily Luka is there for Abby and I have to say, I love to see them happy and functioning like a family. Another family that wasn't doing so great was Sam and Alex. Sam has a hard time dealing with her troubled son. That storyline will probably build up in the future episodes. This episode dealt mostly with the doctors and not so much with the patients but it's good to have these kinds of episodes once in a while. There could be more character development though. But overall this was a fine episode, classic ER.
  • abby at a mommy and me class, a crushed child, and pratt running the ER by himself! I loved this episode, it had a good balance of ER and character development.

    ive just finished watching the episode, and personally i lovvved it!!

    i adored the scenes with the kovac family unit, they were so real and amazing!! i dont no if anyone else noticed, but little Joe was wearing blue today, it was like a mini luka, literally! veryy cute. how rude were the people at the mommy and baby class! i think abby handled it very well! And the scenes with the nannies were funny too! the way she lied just to find out what type of things they got up 2!

    Gates was less annoying today, hes warming on me, i think his cuteness helps, that man is hot! not as hot as luka but a good runner up! i just really liked this episode, and i seriously agree with pratt, jane is quite creepy!

    I think pratt handled the ER well, i mean he was running the floor by himself, no other attendings,so good job in my opinion!

    i hope everyone else enjoyed the episode!!!
  • Pratt had to control the e.r alone and handled things well with multiple traumas and difficult interns.Abby enrolled in a mommy and me class and found out some truth about nannies.Neela received gallant's compensation for his death.

    I loved this episode we got a real insight into many of the characters and progressing storylines..

    I haven't always been a fan of Pratt but he's growing on me he seems to be realising that he can't be an arrogant idiot anymore and he needs to worry more about helping people.I liked the way the writers showed this with im going back to help Hope even though his shift had finished which he wouldn't of done in the past.

    I loved the scenes with luby and baby Joe i think it's great to see Abby happy and Joe is sooo cute.. the scenes with the nannies were classic and when they asked if "her boss" was ugly she responded with "no he's hot"i thought that was so sweet! The ending scenes with luby and joe were great too with Abby having firmly changed her mind about a nanny (i wonder why lol) and luka singing so awesome..

    I think parminder's acting is breathtaking the way she reacted within neela to the compensation having being sent was ace it was if within that one second she had finally realised he was finally gone and this was sound proof.

    I enjoyed Morris getting punched because his character comes across as annoying so it was good to see him get as good as he gives!

    Overall i think this episode was very well written and Maura tierney + parminder Nagra's acting was awesome this is why i love E.R soo much ..!
  • ...

    I'm not sure if this episode deserved quite such a low rating, I guess I probably enjoyed it overall but I just found the whole thing to be very stereotypical and unbelievable in parts, which was perhaps part of the point.
    Firstly, Abby's two experiences were such exagerrated ones, well maybe the nannies in the park were more realistic, but even so, I think it would have been obvious to them that Abby was not a nanny, given her shock at all of their conversation. Plus, the nanny who was being translated for Abby seemed to keep up with the conversation although there was no translation back to her... anyway, I did enjoy Abby's lines at the mommy-baby freak-show, but it was totally OTT.
    Secondly, obviously the Morris thing was so stereotypical and predictable. And as though they'd all go out to dinner that night!
    What's with the ER writers giving us examples of rebel children and just expecting us to fall in love with them instantly because of their 'otherness'? First 'I love gore' Alex and now 'I'm not wearing pink' Sarah. Sarah, Gate's partner's daughter, is, lets face it, pretty cool, but she has already had more screen-time than half the ER characters' children so I hope this is leading somewhere good. The redeeming factor of this episode was perhaps Pratt's visible growth at the end of the episode. He reminded me of Greene in times past - dealing with his own traumas and having to constantly check up on the younguns. Clearly teaching was a theme of the episode, and we managed to see Pratt's true evolution when he finally listened to and helped Hope at the end, reminding us of an early Luka and Lucy. Luka was in semi-teacher mode this episode, which was nice.
    I also enjoyed Neela's role, her new friend - Katie - strikes me as one of those too-perfect unrealistic characters that writers get a bit wrong every now and again, but she gives Neela a new confidant out of the ER at least. Her new boss - bald guy - simply reminded me of Romano in the lift scene, only with none of the charm...
  • Pratt's alone in the ER as multiple traumas arrive, Abby and Morris enjoy the joys and troubles of parenthood, Neela's not quite there yet and Gates's weird "family" appears for the first time.

    This episode was really great! The characters are changing and we got to see how this development is taking place.

    This was Pratt's first day as the only attending at the ER, and multiple traumas and the interns' issues didn't help him. He's still arrogant, but now he's starting to learn that, sometimes, he'll be everything many patients are gonna have. I'm loving him as an attending, dealing with the troublesome Gates, weird Hope and scary Jane, and with all the patients at the same time. His last scene was great, coming back to help Hope with a procedure even if his shift was over. Pratt the resident SO wouldn't have cared.

    Neela's still weird. But I still like her, and I miss an 'ER surgeon' so much I believe she'll be better soon. I love Parminder Nagra tough, the scene where she finds the money that's sent for her as Gallant's widow was painful to watch, Parminder did such a great job.

    Abby in the 'Mommy and Me' class and at the park was amazing! She's so wonderful as a mommy!!! All the Luby-Joe moments were so sweet, and Goran Visnijc singing 'Should I stay or should I go' to Joe, adorable.

    I know most people hate Gates, but I really like him! I can't wait to find out more about his weird family dynamics and who is Meg. As much as he is an arrogant doctor, he's so sweet with the little girl Sarah and the other interns, I can't dislike him!

    And finally, Morris. I can't believe I hated him! He's SO funny, and it was nice to see him at his biological son's soccer game. As much nerve-wracking as that situation could turn out, in the end he befriends Max's moms. Very Morris-y. 13th season rocks!
  • Loved this episode- Abby in the park with the nannies was classic! The insite we are building into our new characters was revealing as well.

    Abby is getting ready to go back to work now that baby Joe is out of the woods and she has recovered from her traumatic birth and surgery. Kovac is prepping for a lawsuit, Pratt is moving into his new role as Attending. Carrie is adjusting to being a regular doc and not the boss. And we are learning more about our new med students. Gates and Pratt continue to butt heads and we see more of Gates outside the workplace. Anybody else figure out what Gates problem with writing out charts is? He gets a dictaphone thing to print out his notes so he does not have to write them- then listens to some lectures later while studying at home....I am guessing he is dyslexic and this will play out over the season.
    John Stamos is a welcome seasoned addition to the cast and is mixing things up nicely. Morris is beginning to show some signs of character development- something I feared we would never see.
    Does anyone else think the big bald head of Dr Crenshaw Neela's surgical attending is one big pun?
    Am glad to see ER back on track and getting good ratings- other medical dramas come and go but the teaming of Michael Crichton, John Wells and Chris Chulack continues to set the bar way beyond everyone else with this fine ensemble drama.
  • This episode was rather funny. At least those parts of it stand out after watching it.

    Freaky Mom: A happy healthy baby is always carried in a sling.Abby:Well if you dress your baby like some sort of designer accessory your headed for problems.But don\\\'t worry.I work in the ER.So I\\\'ll be there to take care of her when she comes in 14,pregnant, and with a drug overdose.Abby:Hi,it\\\'s me.Mommy and Baby was a freak show.Talking to Luka on phone.Um...So were headed to the park and I thought maybe even if you had a couple of minutes you might want to come by and say hi.I\\\'m gonna look for some normal moms so we\\\'ll be here for a while.
  • About time someone punched Morris.

    Hilarious sequence where Abby meets some nannies. Huge disrespect to nannies. I have friends who were nannies in London and would not have even considered either sh*gging the Dad or wearing the mother's clothes. Gross on both accounts.

    It is good to see Luka getting down as a Dad. He must really miss his children from Croatia - he doesn't talk about them much anymore.

    This whole storyline with morris is ridiculous. Even he would not be such a wally as to go to the soccer game incognito and then be jumping around like some kind of lunatic. Loved the bit about spooky Jane being like the twins from the Shining. She IS creepy. never noticed before.

    Where has Neela's resident been seen before - the actor that is. And someone should punch him. Preferably Ray defending Neela's honour so those two can get together.
  • Abby deals with Mommyhood. Pratt becomes a teacher. Morris is a soccer fan?

    This was a wonderfully comforting episode. We see Abby and Luka happy at home. We see the ER craziness that generated interest in the show in the beginning. Patients coming in and out faster than one can say 'thoraseal'. Everyone seemed to have some screen time of their very own no matter how short or long. Returning ER to it's grittier roots appears to be working. Maura Tierney continues to amaze with her uncanny ability to convey a thought or feeling with a simple facial expression or body gesture. It was also great fun to see Goran Visnjic's Luka lighten up somewhat. The bemused look on his face when Abby mentions attending a Mommy/Baby class was priceless. It was especially nice to see the two of them acting and reacting so comfortably with an infant. She was awesome in her search for some 'normal' Mommies to interact with. LOL It was also cute to hear him crooning an alternative rock song as a lullaby over the baby monitor. Pratt being alone and overwhelmed with running the ER on his own appears to be a rite of passage on the show. I remember Greene and Carter being in similar situations at the beginning of their hey days. He was making me crazy with the whining (although some of it was pretty funny) but redeemed himself in the end when he opted to stay and take Holy Roller Hope through a double layer suture prcess. I didn't expect to but found the whole soccer game/child molestation thing pretty funny. Scott Grimes takes crap scenarios and carries them through to appropriate endings. You gotta love a guy like that. Stamos...hmm. He was better in this episode than the last. He was calmer and not so on the muscle. The family situation is kind of wierd. He works so well with kids that I am wondering if they just brought Sarah intot he picture to give us that side of him. I am wondering also if his aversion to writing charts and listening to tapes rather than reading notes as he studies is an indicator of something brewing with his character....a learning disability maybe? Dyslexia? Crenshaw is obviously supposed to be Romano reincarnated. Could do without him. Also don't know if I like the Katey Evans character. I am developing an aversion to sexual innuendos in my old age. Wish we'd had more of Sam. Linda Cardellini has been awesome thus far this season.
  • abby and baby joe try to be social with the local nannies... pratt gets busy with a double traume... morris has and encounter with the local soccer moms...

    I thought this episode was very good. I loved the part with morrris adn the soccer moms, that was classic. This really was a pratt episode and he's not my favorite chacter butr i thought he was alright in this episode. I find he's less whiny in this episode than before. I also loved the part with abby and the nannies. that was hilarious. I really dont like that new doctor ( I STILL cant remember his name!!!!) anyways i think he's a poo but i like hope because she's funny. I miss jerry. i hope he's comming back soon...
  • This show is getting better all the time.

    This episode was great, and exactly why I watch this show. I loved all the craziness going on in the ER. I think my favorite was Abby going to the baby and me class, and getting kicked out. That was funny. Then I loved when she went to the park and at first thought it was other mothers only to find out they were nannies. It was great at the end when she said she didn't want to hire a nanny. Morris was hysterical at the soccer game, it's just too bad that so many parents really act like that at their kids games. I still love this show and it's no wonder it's doing so well in the ratings this season.
  • Two good episode's in a row

    Now it's getting interesting on ER again. I am happy to say that it looks like after a difficult start to the season, that ER is back in drive. I like this episode and found the story to be interesting and well played out. It still is hard to make a 13 year of show fresh, but they writers are doing well right now. You have a lighter tone to the action and not so much darkness around the central figures. Abby is just getting to have some fun with her baby, and this was a great feature for her.
  • This episode had everyone out of place; a fabulous disjointed mess!

    This was good one; everyone was out of place and had their best characteristics shine through. First of all, Abby. Finding ridiculous mothers and shameful nannies it begs the question, are there normal people anywhere other then the doctors at County? Next, Morris. I think this is the only way he could be a good dad, I can't see him married since he's such a child. Although, maybe the Jesus-loving Hope will make him grow up a little. Neela and Ray were even granted a moment which always makes me happy. Although I don't know how long I can go on with the writers torturing us. I do predict however they will both have a different relationship (Ray for sure) before they get together. Writers hate to make smooth roads when it comes to couples. Lastly, Pratt got the crappy end of the stick this week; although he managed to step up by the end. And why does he hate Gates? Duh, rewind a few seasons and you'll find Pratt is the exact same character, rewind a few more seasons and you'll find George Clooney.
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