Season 8 Episode 8

Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2001 on NBC
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An enormous rainstorm pelts Chicago. Cleo's last day at County is interrupted by the arrival of Benton's DNA results: he's not Reese's biological father. Benton meets with his lawyer regarding the trial; she advises him to let Roger see Reese; he refuses. Money from the nurses' secret stash and Frank's Palm Pilot go missing, only to turn up in Nicole's purse. She later tells Luka that she's pregnant. Susan accuses Mark of being grumpy with his patients; he spends the day treating a kid who fell in the river with his younger brother and whose parents blame him. Weaver travels to an accident site, where Pickman's ambulance was rammed by an SUV. She treats a pregnant stab wound, going as far as to give her a C-section in the broken ambulance, with Gallant's help. Weaver interracts with paramedic Sandy Lopez for the first time at the accident scene. Carter's grandmother comes in after being involved in a hit-and-run and breaking her hip. She becomes delusional in an MRI machine, calling out for her husband.moreless

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  • About the episode

    It got great sound mixing.
  • This was a GREAT episode.

    Well directed, great performances, 90% of the plots turn out well, and the 10% left - Carter's granny and Nicole's thefts and pregnancy - just to give us a reality check and remind us that nothing is perfect.

    Dr Weaver had a great comeback. I think it was good for a role two have a rest followed by a strong comeback since her character was having too much negativity around her and personally I was starting to dislike her a bit too much as I also think the rest of the characters were. ERs don't need bad temper I guess.

    A perfect 10 in my book, that's what this episode is.moreless
  • It's raining...

    Super episode - with those weaker episodes this season, this one was true pearl. The action, motion and dynamics. The way for a second this episode did not leave the heat and excitement. It was beautiful and like Abby said, it was miracle that they managed to save that young boy and the way Mark spoke with the brother. It was so well written.

    And not mentioning other storylines. Like on every direction - there was development. Carter and her grandmother - it was so promising. For because happened on the street but after the scan - the way she was so shocked and confused and.. it was just beautiful. And Carter trying to save the girl next room, the one his grandmother hit. And Benton - I was somehow sure it was going happen - that Reese was not his son. And the way that storylines look so promising too.

    And Nicole.. all that.. the stories she has been told, the pregnancy.. too much.. too much to wait..

    and the best part - Weaver and Gallant on the scene. And that power.. and the woman.. super...moreless
  • Is raining in Chicago

    I like very much this episode, i like the episode when Weaver is the hero and not the bad girl who only shout and be mad at the others doctor. It was very heroic what she did to the mother and the baby, even if it was a very dangerous task. And the DR. Green, saving Daniel's brother. I relly hate the parents of Daniel, they wish it was him and not his brother. Thanks gid, Dr. Green told somethng to him and i really agree with him, i bet the brother will end up on drugs and that Daniel will be the doctor.moreless
Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson


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Roma Maffia

Roma Maffia

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Christopher John Fields

Christopher John Fields

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Laura Cerón


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • Abby: I distinctly heard him!
      Greene: Who?
      Abby: The weatherman this morning. He said "partly cloudy, chance of rain."

    • Susan:Uh, Carter isn't it? John Carter?
      Carter: And you would be...?
      Susan: The girl by the pool.
      Carter: Oh right, yeah. The one without the answering machine.
      Susan: It broke in the move. I haven't had time to go shopping.
      Carter: That's convenient.
      Susan: Hey, I called you.
      Carter: Did not.
      Susan: Yeah, I spoke to your man-servant. Harry?
      Carter: Henry? The night butler? He didn't say anything about it.
      Susan: Uh-huh.
      Carter: It is the 21st century, you know. You can get voice mail.
      Susan: You need to get better help.
      Carter: You volunteering?
      Susan: Any benefits?
      Carter: Well, there's the outfit.
      Susan: Dream on.

    • Abby: You alright? What is it?
      Luka: She's pregnant.
      Abby: Who?
      Luka: Nicole.
      Abby: I see. Is that why she was stealing?
      Luka: No. That's a habit. She does'nt know how to trust people.
      Abby: Her trusting people is'nt really the problem.
      Luka: Her father kicked her out when she was 16. She's had to learn to live on her own.
      Abby: Her father?
      Luka: She panicked I guess. I don't know. I was just trying to help her. I did'nt think I'd... be with her. It just happened.
      Abby: You sure it's yours? Or that she's really pregnant?
      Luka: She's not like that. You don't know her.
      Abby: Do you?

    • Lewis: Uh, what kind of bedside manner is that?
      Greene: The idiot just had an MI after stinting, and he stands out in the rain for 8 hours.
      Lewis: I don't think yelling is going to help.
      Greene: It might.
      Lewis: You know, you might want to think about getting out of the ER.
      Greene: Oh, that advice is only about 9 years too late, but thank you.
      Lewis: No seriously. You never used to talk to patients like that.
      Greene: I had an epiphany...

    • Gallant: He [Romano] also told me to stay away from you, if I am going to survive medical school.
      Weaver: Well, nobody actually listens to Dr. Romano down here.
      Gallant: Yeah, I kind of figured that.

    • Weaver: Some days are good days.
      Gallant: I like the good days.
      Weaver: Enjoy them when they come.

    • Romano: (to Weaver) Go back to the ER and stay dry. We don't want you to die of pneumonia before your public flogging.

    • Greene: Do you think I'm mean to patients?
      Lockhart: Only the ones who deserve it.
      Greene: What about the ones who don't?
      Lockhart: You're nicer than I am.
      Greene: That's not much solace.

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