Season 13 Episode 18

Photographs and Memories

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 2007 on NBC
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Luka, Abby, Morris, and the team treat the victims of a collision between a big-rig and a family car, including the wife of the truck driver and the son of the car's driver. Sam celebrates her birthday in the ER and meets a photographer who changes her outlook on life. Neela and Ray share some subtle signals. A medical student shadows Gates. Wedding plans continue as Luka and Abby try to decide where to be married and how to cope with a too-helpful Morris and Hope.moreless

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  • Sam's birthday

    So.. we have Sam's birthday and I think the most memorable present is the camera from a woman who comes in with a patient. She is following people who are dying and taking pictures of them and their struggle. Those photos Sam founds on her computer and then a picture of herself and we learn her story - it was really moving.

    Neela and Dubenko tension is rising and there is patient life in risk and then Neela confronts him and learns the truth what we all have been thinking quite a long I guess.

    What else.. Sarah learns about the secret and is ready to take a test.moreless
  • Not the most memorable of episodes but a good one anyway. Something fun and something tragic, some awkward moments and some friendly moments. All in all, a well done episode of ER.moreless

    Best scene: Luka and Abby telling off Hope and Morris for being nosy about their wedding plans. Funniest scene: I can't decide .... Either the scene when Abby "accidently" makes Hope drop her wedding book, or the scene when Abby and Sam are being dissed by the two strangely coloured "raisins". Maura is excellent in comic scenes.

    Saddest scene: Dyslexic trauma patient Derek losing his wife, knowing that he caused her death. A very tragic story, and well played by Steve Bacic.

    On a happier note, it's nice to see some good things for Sam. First getting a new friend (Diana, the photographer) and then having some fun with her work mates, celebrating her birthday after work, and getting a phone call from Alex. Sam is growing on me this season!

    And I have to make a comment on Ray and Neela. It's really good to see the two of them together. Let's hope it's for good!moreless
  • Sarah finds out the truth.

    Great episode!! Neela is tied up in some square. Abby and Luka continue to keep their wedding a sercret and must deal with Hope and Abby. Its Sam's birthday. The end was great when everyone was celebrating Sam's birthday. The song was so great at the end. I love that song!!! Tony(Gates) finally tells Sarah the truth. First she doesn't take it well but then she is ok with it and wants to stay and not move.moreless
  • Life has a start and an end it's what happens in the middle that really matters!

    Sam celebrated her birthday without the only stable thing in her life;Alex.This episode was really about her development and her struggle without Alex.A photographer held some answers for Sam, with the Life is short speech and yet the writers didn't state it that simply they used the photographer's work as a symbol.Pictures of terminally ill patients who evidently would give anything to have their freedom of good health for one more day and the inclusion of the photographer's illness and her refusal to give up.The interaction between their two characters was easy and she encouraged Sam to take a hold of her life with the gift of camera! "Don't put your finger over it" A hidden meaning for don't take you eyes of what really matters..? Good to see her so happy to have Alex call, it sounded like he had developed his attitude.

    Abby and Luka had to deal with the borderline obsessive Hope and Morris.I liked Abby's theory of hitting them with oranges hehe! Hope's scrapbook and Abby's reaction were classic!In the end Abby and Luka politely told them to "bugger off". Some more Luby scenes in this episode ; those little scenes that just make you gush!

    Ray and Neela were dealing with some akwardness after their kiss.Neela eventually made it clear she was interested but needed time to clear her head!

    In connection with Neela, Mai ling - what was that she was clearly out of her depth then she goes and takes credit for everything Neela did? Slightly confused as to why? It also seems that Neela is in some kind of square after Dubenko revealed his feeling much to her dismay.

    The final scenes were great , the staff dancing and letting their hair down! And to a great song the Killer read my Mind! Personal favourites have to be Ray dancing and Luby dancing together!moreless
  • Abby

    Hahahahha I laughed soo much when Hope was talking to Sam and then Abby hit her =)

    It was to little Luka in this epi to .. I think they are cutting he's role!

    I want Luka and Abby to get married in Croatia , or on the beach ,, but why is Morris keep saying Las Vegas ? I hate him, he's so annoying . It was so cool when everybody danced on Sams birthday party , how many years is she now ? Neela is annoying to , just pick one, and dont pick Gates.

    OMG !!!

    byebye , cya .. =)moreless
Julia Ling

Julia Ling

Mae Lee Park

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Steve Bacic

Steve Bacic

Derek Marchak

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Annabella Sciorra

Annabella Sciorra

Diane Moore

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Marc Jablon

Marc Jablon

Larry Weston

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Laura Cerón

Laura Cerón


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Montae Russell

Montae Russell


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    • Abby: We could go to Croatia.
      Luka: Really? No one from work would be able to be there.
      (they look over at Hope and Morris drinking)
      Abby: Would that be so bad?

    • Abby: You know, tanning puts you at serious risk for cancer. Did you ever think about self-tanners or spray-on tans?
      Sam: Yeah, you don't want to have skin like leather when you're in your forties.
      Tan girls: We're still at an age where we care how we look.
      Abby: Okay! Ah, we're going to need to keep you here while we wait for your labs.
      (Abby and Sam turn and walk away)
      Sam: Ouch! I cannot believe we just got dissed by those walking raisins.
      Abby: I hope it rains everyday on spring break.

    • Ray: Geez! Could you find a bigger card?
      Chuny: Despite what you've been told, Ray, size does matter.

    • (Neela puts in a song number at the jukebox)
      Ray: B-10. You didn't actually mean to put in Get Down Tonight?
      Neela: I like KC & the Sunshine Band - (Ray groans) - besides, it's a hell of a lot better than the choice that you made.
      Ray: Oh, hey, hey! Woman by Wolfmother, that is destined to be a classic.
      Neela: On what planet?
      Ray: You know - (chuckles) - I know we're pretending to be normal and I know we're pretending this isn't awkward, but, uh, it's kinda awkward, isn't it?
      Neela: (nods) Yeah, kinda.
      Ray: So, what are we...are we gonna say that this never happened?
      Neela: Look, I know we should talk about this, but these days I just feel like my head's going to explode. It's just a lot of stuff going on.
      Ray: Gates. (drinks from beer)
      Neela: I'm trying to figure it out. I want to figure it out, it's just...I just need some time.
      Ray: I've been there once before. Didn't turn out so good for me.
      Neela: But you won't have to wait long. Okay?
      Ray: Okay.
      (song starts to play)
      Neela: Oh, yes, B-10!
      (takes Ray by the hand and drags him out onto the floor)
      Ray: Ahh, somebody make it stop!
      Neela: Sam, come and dance with us!
      Ray: Please.

    • (Neela walks into break room and looks up as Ray enters)
      Neela: Oh, hi. I'm getting coffee.
      Ray: Hey. Uh, tea. (he moves around her) Excuse me. (he picks up the hot water pot) Honey?
      Neela: (looks up) Yeah...? What? Sorry. (she puts her hand over her face, then hands him the honey) Here.

    • Frank: (watching everyone dancing) Times like these, I see all these young people together, makes me fear for the future of mankind.

    • Tony (answering the phone): No, there's no Seymour Butts here. Hello, Sarah. Where are you?

    • Luka: Morris knows we're getting married.
      Abby: I'll bet Hope told him.
      Luka: Hope knows?
      Abby: She has this weird ESP wedding thing.

    • Diane Moore: You like photography?
      Sam Taggart: Oh, please. I'm lucky if I don't put my finger over the lens on a disposable camera.

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