Season 13 Episode 18

Photographs and Memories

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 2007 on NBC

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  • Sam's birthday

    So.. we have Sam's birthday and I think the most memorable present is the camera from a woman who comes in with a patient. She is following people who are dying and taking pictures of them and their struggle. Those photos Sam founds on her computer and then a picture of herself and we learn her story - it was really moving.

    Neela and Dubenko tension is rising and there is patient life in risk and then Neela confronts him and learns the truth what we all have been thinking quite a long I guess.

    What else.. Sarah learns about the secret and is ready to take a test.
  • Not the most memorable of episodes but a good one anyway. Something fun and something tragic, some awkward moments and some friendly moments. All in all, a well done episode of ER.

    Best scene: Luka and Abby telling off Hope and Morris for being nosy about their wedding plans. Funniest scene: I can't decide .... Either the scene when Abby "accidently" makes Hope drop her wedding book, or the scene when Abby and Sam are being dissed by the two strangely coloured "raisins". Maura is excellent in comic scenes.
    Saddest scene: Dyslexic trauma patient Derek losing his wife, knowing that he caused her death. A very tragic story, and well played by Steve Bacic.
    On a happier note, it's nice to see some good things for Sam. First getting a new friend (Diana, the photographer) and then having some fun with her work mates, celebrating her birthday after work, and getting a phone call from Alex. Sam is growing on me this season!
    And I have to make a comment on Ray and Neela. It's really good to see the two of them together. Let's hope it's for good!
  • Sarah finds out the truth.

    Great episode!! Neela is tied up in some square. Abby and Luka continue to keep their wedding a sercret and must deal with Hope and Abby. Its Sam's birthday. The end was great when everyone was celebrating Sam's birthday. The song was so great at the end. I love that song!!! Tony(Gates) finally tells Sarah the truth. First she doesn't take it well but then she is ok with it and wants to stay and not move.
  • Life has a start and an end it's what happens in the middle that really matters!

    Sam celebrated her birthday without the only stable thing in her life;Alex.This episode was really about her development and her struggle without Alex.A photographer held some answers for Sam, with the Life is short speech and yet the writers didn't state it that simply they used the photographer's work as a symbol.Pictures of terminally ill patients who evidently would give anything to have their freedom of good health for one more day and the inclusion of the photographer's illness and her refusal to give up.The interaction between their two characters was easy and she encouraged Sam to take a hold of her life with the gift of camera! "Don't put your finger over it" A hidden meaning for don't take you eyes of what really matters..? Good to see her so happy to have Alex call, it sounded like he had developed his attitude.

    Abby and Luka had to deal with the borderline obsessive Hope and Morris.I liked Abby's theory of hitting them with oranges hehe! Hope's scrapbook and Abby's reaction were classic!In the end Abby and Luka politely told them to "bugger off". Some more Luby scenes in this episode ; those little scenes that just make you gush!

    Ray and Neela were dealing with some akwardness after their kiss.Neela eventually made it clear she was interested but needed time to clear her head!
    In connection with Neela, Mai ling - what was that she was clearly out of her depth then she goes and takes credit for everything Neela did? Slightly confused as to why? It also seems that Neela is in some kind of square after Dubenko revealed his feeling much to her dismay.

    The final scenes were great , the staff dancing and letting their hair down! And to a great song the Killer read my Mind! Personal favourites have to be Ray dancing and Luby dancing together!
  • Abby

    Hahahahha I laughed soo much when Hope was talking to Sam and then Abby hit her =)

    It was to little Luka in this epi to .. I think they are cutting he's role!

    I want Luka and Abby to get married in Croatia , or on the beach ,, but why is Morris keep saying Las Vegas ? I hate him, he's so annoying . It was so cool when everybody danced on Sams birthday party , how many years is she now ? Neela is annoying to , just pick one, and dont pick Gates.
    OMG !!!

    byebye , cya .. =)
  • Abby and Luka try to keep their engagement a secret but to no avail two people already know..Hope trying to get abby to look through her binder and Morris telling Luka to elope to vegas. Ray and Neela share a few moments in the breakroom and at the bar.

    Finally Ray and Neela are sharing some moments together--Thats a definite plus! Abby and Luka are engaged which was hilarious when abby knocked Hope's binder out of her arms! Sam has a hard time while alex is in boarding school!!! Hopefully Ray and Neela get together....they should be together!!!!!!!!!!!!! This episode was hilarious especially when Hope was trying to go through her binder with Abby and Morris telling Luka to take abby to vegas and elope!!! great episode
  • Its back finally!!

    ooo what a great episode!! I really enjoyed the trauma scenes, i tinhk there was a good balance between trauma and character stories! The photographer story was nice, i like stories concerning Sam, she never gets enough stories! Hope, wow is she growing on me! When she had the jammm packed wedding book, and was telling sam about it, i was in stitches! i think Maura really helped that scene, with her facial expressions! like when hope said shes been collecting since she was 10, and Abby laughed/ smirked Gates- i didnt mind him today, i liked the scenes between him and sarah! I think im going to like this guy Larry, he seems genuine and quite sweet, i just hope he doesnt get used by people!

    Luka and Abby!- loveeeed it! i would watch the dancing scene over and over, any chance to see Goran dancing again! YUM! I loved the little chat with hope and morris, very cute, and their chat about aloping.. i reallllly hope they go to Croatia! would be the perfect story for luby! i liked the ending to the episode, abby and luka have come so far, and it was so romantic to see them swooning together, her arms wrapped around his neck, whispering sweet nothings to one another.... lovely Cant wait for next week! thank god were not on a hiatus again! i dont know if i could take it haha! bring on next week yayyy!
  • What is Neela in? A square! Besides that, I loved the way film was used to encapsulate a person's life, to make it worth something, to catalogue life's good moments.

    This episode was good. I've been waiting, like Ray, for Neela to get her act together. Even though they're complete opposites, they need to consummate their relationship and put us all out of our misery. Her dalliance with Stamos was forced, at least that's how it felt to me. Dubenko's love for her is over the top. Enough already! She's a beautiful girl but we don't need every doctor in the hospital in love with Neela. Two is enough to create the triangle tension. Three+ and I'm annoyed. The storyline with Sam was really touching. I'm not a big fan of Sam. She could go and I wouldn't miss her. However, the whole birthday, life and death, story with the photographer was beautiful. I love taking pictures. I just want to make my memories last, the make the most of those good moments. What I liked about this story, though, is the emphasis on living. As long as you're living, every moment is a good one, every moment is one spent smiling, crying, laughing, yelling, etc. Enjoy every moment...
  • Nothing much happened, nothing exciting anyway.

    Dubenko finally expressed his feelings for Neela - seems like every guy there has the hots for her. Shes not bad looking, sort of exotic, but still not the usual type that has guys tongues dragging on the floor. When is Morris going to start hitting on her?

    The main focus early on was the battle to save a woman whos husband wrecked his truck killing her because - he couldnt read. Theyve done this sort of storyline before. Though this was probably the most interesting part of the episode. But once it was over it was ho-hum. Ok, the guys life is totally FUBAR - moving along... The breast cancer victim with the photos was ok but not great - if I were a woman Id probably appreciate that segment more. The guy who worked the WTC cleanup and the usualy "issues" segment was flat. Then there was Sam getting a call from her son Alex while she was celebrating her birthday - zzzzzzzzzz.Next there was the whole deal with Kovac and Abby leading to the wedding. Just get married already...geesh, they already have a baby. And finally there was the Maury Povich "Whos your Daddy" segment where the Tony and Sarah take the DNA test. Overall the series is becoming like a prime time version of the soap opera "General Hospital" (ok, Ive never actually seen GH, but this is what some people I know compare it to) or perhaps Grays Anatomy. Im starting to long for episodes like the one where Forrest Whitaker was terrorizing Kovac and Abby....................... ......... ......... ............

    ER is become tired and it seems like the cast is sleepwalking towards its conclusion. The dynamics between the ER and the administrators is even gone now that Laura Innes has left the show. Once Noah Wyle left the show the writing was on the wall as he was the last of the originals from the groundbreaking first season. I know alot of people still love this show, but for me its like seeing an old beloved family member or friend on life support slowly fading away.
  • Sam copes with Alex being away, Hope and Morris continue to badger Luka and Abby and a photographer and an illiterate car accident victim enter the ER

    This wasn't an epic episode, not exactly one that was pivotal to the plot but it was still extremely interesting. It wasn't the best written, the title wasn't as incorporated into the plot lines as seen in past episodes but it brought a balance to the show: taking both the trauma side and the personal of the ER and putting them up against each other.

    Sam was the focus and I really enjoyed her as the focal point because it was important not to forget about Alex being away and how that would affect her, he is her son and an integral part of her life. She learned a few things from that photographer, about how to live her life and essentially love what she has and that was important. Though I thought the photographer was a bit weak, if she really is "annoyed and pissed off" as she stated it didn't come off. Even if she was trying to hide her emotions there is a cynicism that will often come through because she has been through so much, and I wish we could have seen more of that.

    I enjoyed the banter from Hope/Morris and Luka/Abby, they helped lighten the episode against some harsh and touching stories, and it was good to see a lighter side without losing the intensity, because I think intensity is what defines ER, it is what I often think of, and I don't want that to be lost in favour of laughter; because its intensity is what makes it different from other medical shows, such as GA IMO, that's what makes it amazing to watch.

    The ending was fantastic, left me grinning and wanting more, I could have watched them all dancing for another five minutes, just so nice to see it end off that way, with Sam growing as a person and the others leaving the ER behind for a little while. :D
  • A refreshing episode. Not too heavy on issues. Not too light for character development, but just right for Sam's storyline with Alex.

    Jim Croce’s song, “Photographs and Memories” fits this episode perfectly. “Photographs and memories… Christmas cards you sent to me, now that I have all these to remember you. Memories that come in time, take me to another time back to a happier day when I called you mine…..” It is reflective of Sam’s relationship with Alex. She misses the relationship they once had and regrets having to send him away. It is most profound on her birthday when she meets up with a photographer who takes pictures of hospice patients’ life and last days. You can just see Sam thinking about her teenage motherhood as the photographer talks about carefree teenage years. It made me wonder, if, upon reflection, Sam regretted having Alex or considered it a happy experience. As is typical on birthdays, one thinks of the years gone by and the years to come. Sam is at a crossroad in her relationship with her son. She can let the bad memories go, hold on to the good ones and proceed to appreciate and develop the future she has with her son. It seemed as though the photographer was telling Sam to cherish the times of her life, that life only comes around once and when it’s gone, it’s gone. The camera gift was meant to give Sam the means to capture the moments of her life. Her birthday party was a special moment in time- she would have wanted Alex to be with her and to have a picture of the two of them together on her special day. She had to settle for a memory of talking to him over the phone, of hearing him say he loves her, misses her and wants her to visit. Morris didn’t miss the opportunity to capture Sam’s birthday. He took the picture.
    There were other events/issues but Sam’s storyline seemed to be the prominent one.
  • Now THIS is the kind of show they have been searching for all season!

    It has been a good long while....well, at least six weeks anyway....since an episode of of ER has left me this satisfied. Bravo! There was just enough action, angst, public service and character ploys to bring the show BACK to the temper of it's beginnings. THIS is what they have been searching for all season. A well written and well acted episode. The camera's action during the major traumas (a truck jack knifing at an interstate exit) was just like it was in the beginning - a technigue that used to make this viewer nuts. The running thread of Sam's birthday wove it's way through almost every story and culminated with a seriously sad/happy phone call from Alex in the end. The photographer's gift of a camera to her was were the photos of the photographer's work documenting patients' life endings in the hospice. It made one want to see her again....and I hope that we do. Dubenko has a crush...on Neela. And so does Ray. Gates was far, far away from both of them, discussing her mother's declaration that he - not Keith - is Sarah's father. Sarah's reaction surprised me. Since she practically considers him her dad already, why would she turn away from him? Nice scene later of the two of them swabbing their cheeks for a paternity test. LOVED Abby's interaction with her anti-buddy from the chopper in 'Scoop and Run'. Hope didn't grate on me this time. That character tends to rub one one way or the other. Morris was a funny pest suggesting Las Vegas nuptuals to a dismayed Luka. And Frank...ever curt and cutting, did not disappoint tonight. My favorite moment? Abby knocking Hope's wedding planning binder from her arms with an 'Ooops...sorry'....not! And the looks on Morris and Hope's faces when they were told NOT to talk to them or anyone else about the wedding. Interestingly enough, there were enough cute and happy Luby moments throughout the eisode to keep me satisfied....till next week.
  • So Close, yet so far!

    This episode came so close to seeing some action between Ray and Neela. They were so cute, being awkward together. But of course she copped out and said she needed "time." (sigh...) Poor Ray. Turns out everyone is in love with Neela: Gates, Ray, and now officially, Dubenko (no shocker there). Neela is the character of Elizabeth to a tee. If she were to ever make a return to the show I think it would rip a hole in the time space continuum. Other happenings on this episode, Abby and Luka have some spat with Morris and Hope who are overenthusiastic about their wedding. It's Sam's birthday and she gets a nice civil call from Alex. Then they have a dance party at the bar. Where was Ben? This episode was mostly about Ray and Neela for me...she said she wasn't going to make Ray wait long. The writers better not make me long either.
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