Season 13 Episode 18

Photographs and Memories

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 2007 on NBC



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    • Abby: We could go to Croatia.
      Luka: Really? No one from work would be able to be there.
      (they look over at Hope and Morris drinking)
      Abby: Would that be so bad?

    • Abby: You know, tanning puts you at serious risk for cancer. Did you ever think about self-tanners or spray-on tans?
      Sam: Yeah, you don't want to have skin like leather when you're in your forties.
      Tan girls: We're still at an age where we care how we look.
      Abby: Okay! Ah, we're going to need to keep you here while we wait for your labs.
      (Abby and Sam turn and walk away)
      Sam: Ouch! I cannot believe we just got dissed by those walking raisins.
      Abby: I hope it rains everyday on spring break.

    • Ray: Geez! Could you find a bigger card?
      Chuny: Despite what you've been told, Ray, size does matter.

    • (Neela puts in a song number at the jukebox)
      Ray: B-10. You didn't actually mean to put in Get Down Tonight?
      Neela: I like KC & the Sunshine Band - (Ray groans) - besides, it's a hell of a lot better than the choice that you made.
      Ray: Oh, hey, hey! Woman by Wolfmother, that is destined to be a classic.
      Neela: On what planet?
      Ray: You know - (chuckles) - I know we're pretending to be normal and I know we're pretending this isn't awkward, but, uh, it's kinda awkward, isn't it?
      Neela: (nods) Yeah, kinda.
      Ray: So, what are we...are we gonna say that this never happened?
      Neela: Look, I know we should talk about this, but these days I just feel like my head's going to explode. It's just a lot of stuff going on.
      Ray: Gates. (drinks from beer)
      Neela: I'm trying to figure it out. I want to figure it out, it's just...I just need some time.
      Ray: I've been there once before. Didn't turn out so good for me.
      Neela: But you won't have to wait long. Okay?
      Ray: Okay.
      (song starts to play)
      Neela: Oh, yes, B-10!
      (takes Ray by the hand and drags him out onto the floor)
      Ray: Ahh, somebody make it stop!
      Neela: Sam, come and dance with us!
      Ray: Please.

    • (Neela walks into break room and looks up as Ray enters)
      Neela: Oh, hi. I'm getting coffee.
      Ray: Hey. Uh, tea. (he moves around her) Excuse me. (he picks up the hot water pot) Honey?
      Neela: (looks up) Yeah...? What? Sorry. (she puts her hand over her face, then hands him the honey) Here.

    • Frank: (watching everyone dancing) Times like these, I see all these young people together, makes me fear for the future of mankind.

    • Tony (answering the phone): No, there's no Seymour Butts here. Hello, Sarah. Where are you?

    • Luka: Morris knows we're getting married.
      Abby: I'll bet Hope told him.
      Luka: Hope knows?
      Abby: She has this weird ESP wedding thing.

    • Diane Moore: You like photography?
      Sam Taggart: Oh, please. I'm lucky if I don't put my finger over the lens on a disposable camera.

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  • Allusions

    • Morris recommends Las Vegas as a destination wedding spot for Luka and Abby and uses Celine Dion as a selling point. She performed at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace five nights a week from 2003-2007.

    • Title: "Photographs and Memories"
      This episode shares a title with a Jim Croce song from the early 1970s.