Season 5 Episode 18

Point of Origin

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 1999 on NBC

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  • Mark fights for Mobalage and his wife staying and Carter has the day in charge.

    The beauty of this episode is the focus on Mark struggling to help Mobalage and his wife from sending them back to Nigeria. Mobalage has to remember how and when he was tortured but he does not remember. So in the end, Mark tooks him to the men's room and tells him his story what makes him to remind. The way they have portrayed the two stories, the way it was hard for both but they needed to get it out. It was so well done.

    The other very good storyline is Weaver and her mother. Her struggle to make her better, but she is dieing but in the end to learn the truth.

    And also Carol - she and her baby.. and the baby of the patient. The scene when she attacks Weaver and Carol takes the baby and protects the little one - so brave and moving.

    And Cartre.. his day in charge.. and he is so full of pride that he makes a mistake - not big but he accuses a mother of treating her children bad but the real problem is - that the girl has rare and bad illness. It was good episode.