Season 5 Episode 20


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 06, 1999 on NBC

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  • The power goes out at County General Hospital, and the doctors and nurses battle to save their patients.

    I just watched this episode for the first time (seven years later), when I got ER Season 5 on DVD (yay). This was my favourite episode of the season! It was so exciting, especially when Corday found the woman's body abandoned in the hallway of the ER. I love it when everyone works together in the ER. Overall, fantastic, exciting episode which I could watch over and over again!
  • surreal

    This was unlike any other ER episode, definitely the most surreal. The set-up is good with the patient being beaten up, then seeing the power go out. It does seem a little dream-like with the way the lighting is done for most of the episode. It is certainly a dramatic episod with a dramatic ending. You can pretty much expect that something will happen with Carter's older patient, who we find out was shot. The patient who was attacked in the ER was one of the more shocking storylines in ER history. The mystery of her attacker adds to the surrealism of the episode. The most dramatic part of the episode is the patient hit by lightning. I really enjoyed this episode for the drama and the way it was filmed.
  • Power off... Power on.. and off again...

    really good motion and action trough all the episode. It really had the action and excitement and all the nerve wrecking heat. For a change it was such a great interlude. The power thing - this episode really showed the way how important electricity is. All the cases - more interest and action as the power goes off. The way they try to get the patience in - through the window. And the way things just go wrong. All the little humor too. Almost a perfect episode, I would say. It really had the excitement, the nerve wrecking... and the assault on hospital.. it added more... the camera work too.
  • A hospital could be a dangerous place without power.

    The staff is on alert after a raped and beaten patient is found in a hallway. You tend to think of a hospital as a safe place and you would not expect something like that to happen. I think it was a good thing that the patients didn't find out because it would have caused a major panic. Especially with the power out.

    Carol's decision to send Doug a fax about her pregnancy I thought was a bit stupid because you never know who will pick it up on the other end.
    I was surprised that Jerry didn't take a look at it when he unjammed it from the fax machine.