Season 15 Episode 0

Previously on ER

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • Amazing Goodbye to Er, that made me laugh and cry!

    In this ER Special, we say goodbye to a show that the world has loved and watched for over 15 years. We open with a look/tour through the empty ER and we see scenes that we have loved from the past 15 years. We then have past and current members of ER describing how they saw ER, as a programme. We have the members from the pilot episode, explaining to use how they felt when they received the script and shorting the first episode. We learn how NCB were at first unsure about the show and how after they had the ratings from the pilot, they realised how big the show was, and how big it could become. Certain characters are discussed, by the past and current cast, such as Ross, Romano. They also discuss big events that happened, like explosions, car crashes and helicopters crashing. The guest stars are also discussed, with actors such as Sally Field (who I love!) and Mariska Hargitay (who I also love!). We also discuss the death of Mark Greene and the effect it had on the show as a whole. When Corday (the actress), talks about the end scenes with Mark, she starts to cry and in return I began to cry. Then we have the cast talking about the death of Pratt, and how everyone worked on him and how the whole cast got upset by his death, as they knew the show was ending soon and that he was the first to go. Then the cast tell us that as soon as the cameras stop rolling, the laughter begins. Then Michael, the creator of the show, who died in early 2009, is discussed. That made me cry, again. We then end with a montage of clips from the show. In conclusion, I laughed and cried during this special. It brought back a lot of memories and took us on a journey from the beginning until the end. We revisit old past storylines which everyone loved and amazing characters, who everyone loves. This special made me remember things that I had forgotten and made me realise why I feel in love with ER in the first place. My last words on the special, ER will live forever in the hearts of us true fans, and this special made us remember why we love this show so much.
  • A one hour confirmation of why I've been watching and loving the show all the way through.

    A great recap of the show with old and new clips, interviews with former cast members and producers... basically a one hour confirmation of why I've been watching and loving the show all the way through. I adored seeing some of the old faces again, people I've missed and whom I've also enjoyed watching re-appear in some of the episodes this last season. Dr. Corday was always my favourite, and the relationship between her and Dr. Greene was heartwrenching and beautiful. I'm going to miss the show more than I think I have yet realised, and I applaud their work, the whole cast, producers, doctors who've been advicing them, prop makers, camera crew... everyone! I salute you!