Season 12 Episode 14

Quintessence of Dust

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 09, 2006 on NBC

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  • Another really moving storyline...

    This episode.. and previous one - they both where so emotional, leading into so great emotions, having well written stories and also some humor too.

    But this one.. it is always hard when someone we know is hurt and even thought Clemente is not my favorite char, he is part of the show and to see him suffer.. to see the thing happening and the result - he is thought to be guilty and only person to prove otherwise is on coma, in serious condition. That most be so hard. And the Ray's storyline with the musician and the ending - the song, those pictures.. and the title - what kind of concept that adds.

  • Clemente is not one of my favorite characters

    In this episode Clemente and his girlfriend Jodie are shot by Jodie's husband. Now they police think Clemente is the one who shot Jodie. A bit of a tricky situation to be in. Jodie's husband seems to be a bit of a nut and I don't think this will be the last we have seen of him.
    I am not a fan of this storyline and I don't really like the character of Clemente.

    I am glad that everything is OK with Abby and Lucas baby and I hope that things work out for them. I would like to see a bit more tension with Sam just to keep things interesting.
  • Wow!Pratt gets a date with a guy? Abby threatens Morris with a stapler,Albright gets nasty and cranky,Luka and Abby Kiss again and Clemente is in deep trouble!

    I liked the interaction between Luka and Abby and how supportive and encouraging he was towards her when she was obviously nervous about the amnio results.
    The kiss capped off a nice moment.
    Clemente\'s arrival with Jodie certainly got things stirred up again and kept the episode going -can\'t wait to see how that turns out.
  • really good plot line

    i liked the fact that they got jodie shot and trauma for Clemente, but that wasn't me favorite part of this episode.

    i really enjoyed Abby and Luka. He takes her aside and asks her if everything is ok. she says no. the babys amnio test results come back and shes scared.

    They come back with great news and Morris finds out about the baby. So funny.

    Abby tells her mother. That proves that Abby really wants this.

  • Jodi gets shot by her husband, Bobby. Clemente is shot in the arm as well. For Clemente it's not looking good. Luka and Abby find out that their baby. Albright runs a muck through the ER and teases Morris throughout the day.

    This episode was one of the best so far this season. I am just glad that Abby and Luka are together. But, I wonder how long that relationship will last. It looks like their baby is going to be healthy. I thought that all scenes with Jodi and Clemente were very "edge-of-your-seat" scenes. I hope Jodi will pull through, I like the humor that she adds.
  • An episode centered around County General, with all the characters we want to see...

    Although James Woods was great last week, I loved seeing a “home team” episode.
    It’s all about Abby and Luka for me, so I’ll start there.

    We learned this week that there isn’t going to be a “who’s the daddy” question—everyone is aware that Luka and Abby are an item. I know there’s only so much airtime to go around, but I wish that realization hadn’t happened completely off screen. Oh, well… I really should be happy, because we have gotten some nice pregnancy reveals in this storyline: Dr. Coburn, Morris, Sam, and Maggie (Abby's side only). Would Neela be next? I’m a little wistful, because with the break for the Olympics, I expect that Abby will be showing when ER returns, the pregnancy will have long since become general knowledge, and they probably won’t bother with flashbacks for any other reveals.

    I loved the scene where Abby called for the amnio results. While waiting to hear, Luka took her hand and drew her close, and then they embraced in joy and relief that the news was good. It was quite tender, moving and sweet. Maura Tierney and Goran Visnjic are doing a lovely job of selling this pairing; they’ve packed a lot of chemistry and rooting value into even brief scenes.

    I was amused by their discussion of X versus Y chromosomes as they walked to the food cart. It appeared to me as though Luka was fishing to see whether Abby wanted to find out ahead of time.

    Morris made a chance remark about Abby’s noshing and her reaction brought him the realization that she *is* pregnant. Given that this was Morris, after seeing the preview I was fully prepared to be irked with him for snooping, but it wasn’t so. The scene was played very nicely as light comedy with a surprise double reveal. Abby blackmails him into keeping her secret by keeping his secret: he’s in love with Albright.

    I also liked Luka and Sam’s scene. It was very well done, with just the right amount of awkwardness. It made a nice counterpoint to the Morris and Abby scene: a funny, accidental, childish reveal versus a serious, purposeful and adult one. Linda Cardellini was very good here.

    Abby’s phone call to her mother at the end was a nice moment, right in character, but hinting at her character development. Abby first addresses her as Maggie, but then calls her “Mom” as she says she has good news.

    Nice cameos for Kerry, Chuny, Jerry and Frank.
    The only regular I don't recall noticing was Malik.

    I was glad to see Neela. She was definitely back to having to prove herself in a new milieu, but after some initial tentativeness she battled through by saving Jodie’s kidney. Wow, is Albright psycho about her operating room time or what? I see trouble ahead there and speaking of trouble ahead, I noticed her discussion with Dubenko managed in very few words to say tons about what’s going on with her marriage to Gallant. So, Dubenko’s mentoring her, she’s giving him a view into her marriage, and Albright’s already jealous that he sent her out of the OR, but kept Neela there.

    Albright and “Red” were very cute. Sure there’s a lot of yelling, sniping and feigned exasperation, but I notice they both keep seeking each other out for another round. I’ve always loved watching the fight-fight-fight-right-up-to-the-moment-the-walls-tumble-down relationships.

    Pratt and the bachelor auction didn’t do much for me. Pratt irritates me most of the time, so I can’t see him as someone for whom you’d want to bid hundreds of dollars for a dinner date. I admit the other fellas joshing him about being won by a man was amusing.

    Usually Ray irritates me as well, but I was pleasantly surprised this week to find that I enjoyed his storyline with the elderly homeless blues musician. I loved the song at the end.

    ER showed us the collision between Clemente, Jodie and her jealous husband coming from miles away. I thought it was reasonably exciting. It was rather, dare I say, Shakespearean, the way they built up the dramatic tension and then had it appear that her husband had left peacefully. The characters and audience started to relax...and BAM...he rushed back in and fired several shots! This idea that Clemente will be thought guilty of the shooting is a bunch of hogwash though. As soon as Victor and Jodie are tested for gunpowder residue, which is one of the first things that would have to happen when Vic says they didn’t fire the shots, they’ll come up negative. The shot in Victor’s shoulder came from too far away to be self-inflicted in any case. They also showed us that her husband was smoking and drinking in the room, so his saliva will be on the cigarette butts and the glass. Now I would think that what could get Clemente in trouble are all the drugs that were found in the room. As soon as he’s tested for drugs, he’ll turn up positive. Near the end of the episode, Weaver told him he’s not fired yet, but how long will that last?
  • For me, one of the best yet this season! Writers keep developing s/l's, playing off the right characters chemistry & making these s/l's believable. I have a stake in watching, most especially Abby and Luka! A true drama!

    Another episode where all the characters were visible & interacting. We finally got to see where Clemente's been, & just how complex of a guy he is. I'm glad we finally got to see a s/l centering around him.

    Loved watching Neela in the OR w/ Dr. Dubenko mentoring her. Dr. Pratt's being "bought" by a man (supposedly) was some nice comic relief, & I even enjoyed Morris' love/hate relationship w/ Albright .

    My favorite part of the episode, & my ultimate stake in this show, were Abby & Luka. I got teary eyed watching them make the doctor call together. True chemistry! And I am so glad that the writers had Luka interact with Alex & tell Sam personally about Abby. For a while it was almost as if they were never even together. Now I feel like they've addressed this important issue, & made Abby & Luka even more real & believable! Sam's reaction was not too surprising, it must've been awkward. Time for LUBY to move on!

  • A great episode of "ER". In terms of a great drama tv show like "ER", what more could an episode have? This episode had so many storylines- and all of them were great! All of them!

    A great episode of "ER". In terms of a great drama tv show like "ER", what more could an episode have? This episode had so many storylines- and all of them were great! All of them!
    I loved this episode. Luke told Sam that he was going to have a baby with Abby- that was so sweet. I felt so bad for Sam- she seemed like she wanted to cry! I hate the new actor they got to play Alex, but we'll live. The story regarding him is still okay.

    I am glad that everyone still doesn't know that Abby is pregnant (altough Morris does now- that was so funny!). I love how Abby and Luka may not know the sex of their baby- surprises are better. I'm glad that Luka convinced Abby to tell her mom (Maggie) about the baby.

    The story with the homeless musician was excellent. I wasn't sure of exactly what was going on, but by the end I loved the story, and the song on the piano (Reggae was it?) was superb.

    Clemente. Wow. What to say? I think the fact that everyone thinks that he did the shooting, and his pain, and other problems (like drugs) are all very intriguing, and while you're not supposed to like Clemente, you do feel kind of bad for him. He obviously does love Jodi (Jody?) despite what serious issues he has.

    Oh yeah. I knew I was forgetting something. The 50 hottest bachelors = Pratt thing. I know this isn't proper english, but LOL. That whole thing was great. The guy bidding on him- "What was that about?", we all wondered. But the guy was just setting another girl up... and the relentless teasing of Pratt was great. Cute side storyline.

    And I almost forgot Neela. Well, her character certainly seems to be developing. I hope she becomes a good surgeon. I think the scenes with her in this episode were pretty good.

    I don't think I'm forgetting anything. All in all, a GREAT episode!
  • I am really not sorry for Clemente!

    I saw this coming a couple of episodes ago, when Jody's boyfriends cop buddies came snooping around. I never really liked Clemente and the whole doing drugs deal and missing work to be with Jody was not a shock. Glad Luka told Sam about him and Abby and the baby. SHe really looked shocked and kind of upset. But, I dont really like her eeither.
  • good show

    This was a great episode.. I liked it all, the Clemente angle was good, I was dissapointed with the Drug angle again, but the whole story was well done. will they railroad him, the evidence says he didn't do it, but who knows, Luka and Abby were great, glad that Luka Told Sam, andthey didn't the soap opera thing, so glad they are giving the charecter of Ray a real chance instead of the guy in the band cliche.. he turning into a good charecter, glad we have more OR action too great episode
  • Good episode, great music.

    ER continues its tradition of having great soundtrack. Just like in "All about Christmas Eve", when Yvette Freeman and Scott Grimes wowed us with their rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", this episode ends with the very heartfelt "Many Rivers To Cross", and snippets of Abby calling Maggie to tell her the good news, Clemente realizing that Jodie's husband's buddies will finally have it their way (as he gives Jodie what looks like a good-bye kiss); Kovac looks as Sam and Alex walk out (interesting the use of Sam's son to reaffirm Kovac's desire to become a father once again); contrasting displays of happiness and sadness, a formula that always seems to work for this show.
    I wish I had seen more of Carter, though.
  • Very good episode. How about Sam's reaction to the news? Interesting.

    First of all. NBC, I saw it coming, but we get a glance of carter for about 20 seconds! Once again they mislead us w/ the promos.

    A few things stand out and I'll address them in no specific order:

    Clemente and his girl: I found it to be sort of comical that everyone was accusatory of Clemente and thinking he was the shooter. I'm a rotten guy from time to time, but seriously folks!

    Also, wouldn't there have been a time in the past when things such as this happened and the person asks Weaver if they are fired. She would just respond by telling them to go clean out their locker. I think so.

    Kovac to Sam: So Kovac tells Sam he and Abbey are having a baby. And cue the awkardness. As I watched that segment I couldn't help but wonder if Sam was still hoping Kovac would come back. Or rather she was regretting that she let this good man slip away from her. Though we know she didn't want to have a kid. Her reaction almost spoke that she would have rather been the one with Kovac, at the least. And maybe even having his baby. I dunno just a guess.

    Oh, and Morris is an idiot. He annoys me.

    And I believe that Joanna Kerns directed this episode? Think Mrs. Seaver.
  • This was the best show of the season so far.

    I like the whole Clemente and his girlfriend part of the episode. It was soo funny what they were doing in the food mart. They were acting stupid and he started kissing her. This was becasue they were using Drugs. I thought it was funny that Morris had a crush on the surgical chief resident. He acted like he hated her but that was his way of showing his affection towards her. I thought is was kind of sad the way that poor-actually poor-guy who got beaten up becasue of some stupid punks. I thought it was odd that Sam seemed a little sad when Luka told her that Abby and him are going to have a baby. I thought it was funny that the guy Pratt thought he was going to have to date was really a woman. I thought this show was great and well written.
  • I swear this is definitely one of the best seasons of ER period. ER continues its awesome 12th season with another unbelievably awesome and pivotal episode, the last episode before the return of Dr. Carter.

    Episode #260 - Quintessence of Dust - 2/9/06

    Wow ... most of us are still reeling from last week's incredible, amazing, and heart-warming episode. If you missed last week's episode, you missed a serious tear-jerker. I swear this is definitely one of the best seasons of ER period.

    But finally getting back to the main story archs this week, ER continues its awesome 12th season with another unbelievably awesome and pivotal episode, ending in total disaster for Dr. Clemente, the last episode before the return of Dr. Carter.

    Clemente has been absent from work for a long time and is seen hiding out with Jodie in his rundown apartment, obviously trying to avoid contact with her psychotic cop husband. After shopping for groceries they return to Clemente's place in the dark and start screwing around. They don't hear or see Bobby the husband, who is sitting in a chair not far away. They exchange words, and he finds out that Jodie has filed for divorce. Clemente finally gets him to leave, but moments later he busts back in and fires three shots, sending Jodie crashing through the window.

    A tense situation follows as Clemente desperately tries to race against the clock driving Jodie to the ER, crashing into multiple obstacles along the way. The screaming Clemente rushes Jodie into the ER, who has already lost over a liter of blood from three exit wounds. Kovac, Abby, and Sam immediately start to work on her, but after Jodie mutters something, the three of them begin to eye Clemente suspiciously, wondering if it was HE who had short her.

    He desperately tries to convince them otherwise and also take over the operation himself, but he then collapses just as Pratt gets there, who discovers that he'd been shot as well. Dubenko and Neela (my favorite ER doctors) are called in, and Dubenko works on Jodie along with Pratt, Sam, and Abby before taking her to OR, while Weaver, Pratt, and Neela try to treat the resisting Clemente, who tries furiously to break away and to get to Jodie.

    Eventually, Clemente is released and he visits the operating room and protests as Dubenko allows Neela, still a resident, perform the surgery in an attempt to teach and to test her. Dubenko shuts Clemente out, and later, Pratt has a one-on-one with him, telling him that they found evidence of cocaine in Jodie's system, and also that Clemente is now the only suspect in this shooting - meaning the only person who can clear his name is Jodie.

    Unfortunately, Jodie never wakes up, and Weaver breaks the news to Clemente - the cops found drugs in his apartment, were unable to find the gun, and now take him into custody as he is the #1 suspect in the attempted murder of Jodie. What will become of Clemente is currently unknown ... and he has not yet been fired from the ER as Weaver tells him.

    Meanwhile, Pratt participates in a bachelor auction for a good cause and ends up getting very high bids from a number of women ... with the winning bid coming from a guy! The next morning at the ER everyone makes fun of Pratt, who now has to have dinner with another man. In the end though, it turns out Pratt was joking after all - the "man" who made the winning bid had bought Pratt for a friend of his - a blonde woman.

    Abby continues to be paranoid as she worries that her amnio may be abnormal. She calls the hospital for her results to confirm that indeed she has a healthy baby. Meanwhile Kovac breaks the news to Sam first, telling her about his baby with Abby, causing an obviously painful and awkward reaction from Sam, who congratulates him, despite obviously having mixed feelings.

    Also, Ray treats a homeless black man who loves playing the blues who had been attacked by a group of punk kids, his keyboard destroyed. Even after he locates his daughter for him, and she invites him to live with her family, he rejects her offer. After he leaves the hospital without being discharged, Ray finds him outside and realizes that he will remain a vagabond in the streets of Chicago, refusing to move into his daughter's house. Ray offers to buy him a sandwich and in the cafe, the old man finds a piano and begins to play a wonderful blues tune, causing everyone to listen intently.

    And Morris acts like the stupid prick he always does when he feuds with a new female attening/resident/doctor/whatever named Albright. Albright acts like a serious b*tch, and even threatens Neela.


    And finally, the final scene shifts from Kovac holding a postcard sent to the ER from Carter in Iraq ..... to the actual sunrise in the picture, with Dr. Carter flying in a copter ... on his way back to the show.

    Next time on ER, Noah Wyle reprises his role as Dr. John Carter.