Season 8 Episode 9

Quo Vadis?

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2001 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Abby: So Nicole... They let her go? I'm sure she'll find another job.
      Luka: It's not important. She'll wanna take it easy now, with the baby coming.
      Abby: She's keeping it?
      Luka: Thought she would'nt?
      Abby: Ah... I don't know. It's, it's tough being a single mother.
      Luka: Maybe she won't be. Ah, I need some Versed to.
      Abby: You can't be serious.
      Luka: She's a good person.
      Abby: You met her like 5 minutes ago!
      Luka: It's the right thing to do.
      Abby: Did she take a pregnancy test?
      Luka: 'Course.
      Abby: Did you see it? I mean, in front of you?
      Luka: I trust her!
      Abby: What exactly has she done to deserve that?
      Luka: How can you be so...?!
      Abby: And even if it is yours, there's other ways to help! (pause) How much Versed?
      Luka: I'll do it.
      Abby: No, I'll do it...
      Luka: I said I'll do it!