Season 7 Episode 22


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 17, 2001 on NBC

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  • Gun day...

    A beautiful episode with so many action and so many critical cases. Such a good motion and movement.

    The main thing was the man, who we saw last episode, taking down everyone who had connections with his son. Starting with shooting kids, then his neighbor, then going after social worker and.. Elizabeth. To add that worry about Elizabeth well fare into this episode - it was good addition. Brought up Romano's good sides and adding much more tension.

    And the way those cases were handled and on the back stories between Abby-Luka-Carter and Cleo-Benton. It looks like so much left for coming season.

    Plus the last scenes on elevator - I do not know what to say. I understand Mark and somehow it was brave but somehow...
  • A gripping and outstanding finale to yet another amazing season!

    I'll get right to the main plot of this finale: The crazed father of a child Dr. Greene had treated prior. The man had gone on a shooting spree throughout Chicago, notably endangering Greene's wife, Elizabeth, and their daughter, Ella. What made this so gripping was the suspense of not knowing whether or not Elizabeth was aware of the sniper. Mark had time and again paged her, but with little luck. Luckily, Elizabeth and Ella are discovered safe, and the crazed-killer caught and treated--by Greene himself, causing for an emotional last couple minutes of the episode. Also, the Kerry-Romano-Legaspi controversy was a dramatic and high-tension plot. Overall, this was one of my favorite season finales of ER, and this was, again, an amazing example of great story writing and acting.
  • just great!

    i absolutely loved this episode! has to be the best episode of the series easily and a perfect finale! what with all of the gun shot victims coming in and the dramatic ending, it was full of action and is a perfect example of why i watch er - i am excited to see where the carter and abby story line will go ( i no im watching repeats bt i didnt watch it when on tv ) I dont want carter to go to another hospital though which i no he wont bt still he and abby make such a good couple -excited to see wht will happen! - with mark and elizabeth as well of course! overall jst a gr8 episode
  • This was probably the best episode of the whole season.

    This was probably the best episode of the whole season.

    I was on the edge of my seat wondering if anything happened to Elizabeth or if she was just out. I'm glad she made an appearance in the season finale, even if it was only a scene.

    I had a feeling when the elevator doors closed that Mark was going to do what he did. I was surprised though, I didn't think that Mark had it in him, but he probably did what he did because he was under alot of stress at the time especially after seeing the little boy who's mother was killed at the hands of the shooter & to keep Elizabeth & Ella safe.

    It love how Cleo defied benton and wanted to respect her patients wishes, and benton was a real jerk for not listening to her or respecting his wishes. I'm left wondering what will happen to Cleo after she got cut while treating the HIV patient.
  • A man with a grudge causes many injuries.

    This was one heck of an episode. When an abusive father has his son taken away from him, he gets angry. Because this was a continuation of the previous episode, it takes the staff a while to realize their connection to the string of injries that come ito the ER. Marks final scene was both understandable and frightening.
  • very dramatic and sad

    This is one of those episodes that keeps you hooked to the end. You wanna know if they're gonna catch the shooter, if Dr Greene's family is gonna be in danger and what will happen when Derek Fossen comes to the ER. Derek Fossen was a psycho and probably the worst person ever on ER, and it was absolutely right for them to take his son away from him. If the fact that he broke his son's wrists as a punishment wasn't enough proof, the fact that he shot 14 people is. As bad of a person as he Fossen was, it was wrong of Mark to let him die. It is not something that would warrant Mark going to jail or losing his liscence, but still wrong. I can understand that Mark was under a lot of stress and angry over what Fossen did, so his actions were somewhat understandable.