Season 13 Episode 8

Reason to Believe

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • Luka recieved a package from Ames. Abby meets a stranger. I group of homeless kids comes to the ER because one of them as rabies.

    Great episode! Neela is the blue lady. Very good name and that kid likes her. He ran into a room where she was doing surgery! Gates tells that girl he doesn't want to live with her anymore. Oh My God! Are those to guys gay Pratt's brother?!? Because he was in the shower with this other guy and they were touching each other. That was so funny because Pratt got angry and kicked his gay friend and him out! The got the crap scared out of them! Alot of the people in the ER work so late and they sleep there!
  • Really good episode

    I do love the story of this episode. The whole thing with that homeless with rabies... I do not know - maybe you have to know more about the illness to see the beauty of the storyline but it was really well done and very thought provoking too. And Neela as a blue guardian was something new and worth watching.

    Also, this is the first episode I really liked that intern. When she first came, I think she was some fanatic but she is really developing and Bratt and she getting those medicines to the church. It was also very beautiful.

    Kovac and that patient of his.. Amice (?) I think this will be very interesting. The storyline is still not over
  • Great episode!

    Best scene: Abby & Luka going home together, after having had an argument earlier in the day. Luka reaches out his hand to Abby and she takes it. The beautiful blue neon light adds to the atmosphere of the scene. So sweet....
    Saddest story: The street kids. I feel really really sad about them. Their story makes you think: Is this really happening in the wealthiest, most advanced country in the world? Or is this a story from a third world country? The weird sort of mythology that they have created for themselves is probably their way of dealing with a harsh reality. It's heartbreaking.
  • Another great episode i reli enjoyed.!

    I'll start with my favourite's luka and abby , to start with luka was a bit harsh looking down on abby just because she did't agree with his decision was petty but hey i forgive him because we got to see them walking away and holding hands made me giddy lol

    The storyline with the homeless kids was well written the fact that the young boy saw neela as the blue laddy was adorable and i thought for a second the boy with the rabies wasn't going to make it but i was relieved when hope revealed otherwise.. on the subject of hope she's growing on me i think if they tone down the wisdom just a tad she could be a great character .!

    I didn't like the scene with gates and meg she seems to be clinging on to him but maybe she just wants what's the best for sarah which is understandable and the scenes with pratt i never saw him as the type to get angry over that but i'm glad he thought about it and ran after his brother..!

    Overall another great episode with a lovely luby moment..!
  • ive watched the episode and i LOVED it! Alcoholics and mystery men, wot more could i want :)

    Abby- loved her, as usual. i liiked how she connected with the alcoholic, and really tried to help him. thought it was soooo cute when we saw her and luka walking off, and he held her hand!

    Luka- omg how amaazin, he refered to abby as his wife! really worried now tho, specially with the frog in the package! he was right to take action now and speak to the police! haha i laughed when he shot that filthy look at eddie! protecting his woman!!

    Eddie- well if the spoilers are right, then i no wots goin on with him, but i wont say Neela- really enjoyed her scenes, we saw alot of her, and i thoroughly enjoyed her work in the ER and her interactions with the homeless children!

    Gates- im warming to him, i thought he was more grown up today, and it looks like hes really serious about neela! but i dont think he should just completely ditch sarah, and the mother! he shud keep in contact!

    Kerry- WOW, i love how we are seeing more of her, and a relaxed kerry! great to see her, and did i sense a new relationship coming on with the news lady, with the curly hair?

    Pratt- im liking his work with the church, but i didnt see him as the homophobic type.. i dont know where TPTB are guna go with his church work, to me its just background scenes, nothing important.
  • At last a new episode ! Two good things about this epi 8: Hope's line at the end and Luka + Abby holding hands...

    - Greg - the writers had courage to show there is still so much prejudice agains homossexuality. If Chaz were with a girl, Greg's reaction would be entirely different. It is ok to be in the neighbors, but not at home, Greg??? - The homeless boys - fantasay as self-defense against the worst conditions of life. Loved the songs of this storyline. - Gates - that is a way of handling the truth, isn't it, doc ? Hard to speak up the truth and risking loose Neela, right ? - Now, the boy eating the snack lunch on the floor of the room? The same floor once dirty with blood, contagious material, people walking in and out all the time ? This kind of mistake and the scenes with families inside the room watching the cuts and shocks are the only faults in this amazing show. - Neela - she was really beautiful in this episode. The Blue Lady title suits her fine. - Ok, Greg, you are forgiven - take your brother home, support him and love him the way he is. - Abby - good scene with the alcoholic old man (yes, JD, we all get old) - she knows what is like to be in the bottom side of the problem. - Gates - you are right: keep faith and miracles happen. - Bad decision, Luka. Abby will be really p*ssed when she finds out. - Luka and Abby - last scene - sometimes words are completely unnecessary - all we need is just the touching of hands. - Best line of the whole season - everybody needs a reason to believe. Well said, Hope !
  • Neela saves the day!

    I love this episode, i can't watch the series as regular as i wish since the new season began, so i'm kinda lost.
    Anyway i love this episode because of the boys, the believe in Neela(btw i like her hairXD), they believe in the Blue Lady and that was cool because they have something to hold on. I really like all the tension between Neela and Gates but kinda feel bad about Ray i mean i really don't know who should she choose, they are soo hot all of them jaja.

    Then Luka was really paranoic about the frog, i mean, is nothing wrong if a guy wants to give back his babys toy??
  • They certainly focused on more than one of the characters thank goodness.

    I was glad to see that each character had a prominent role given their life that is portrayed on the show. Some were uspset because Morris and I think Ray were not in this one. I can't remember. Anyway I like the weird story line of the kids thinking the other homeless people were demons and what not. And they kept with the belief that Neela was "the blue lady". It was nice to see the innocence in those kids. We see alot of grown up things on the show and to add this totally bizarre story that they would not let go kind of threw you for a loop. Which isn't bad every now and then. Also seeing that Kerry has the possible new love interest I am sure has caught some peoples interest. All in all I think that being they covered each characters stories well (at least the ones that were in it)and left us with some shocking stories to wonder about it was a good one.
  • So many things to believe in......

    This was an interesting show on a number of levels. There were a LOT of story threads left open to explore in future apisode. The homeless kids situation was heartbreaking and a little creepy in what children can conjure up when left to survive on their own. Stories of demons and God leaving Chicago in a boat and Bloody Marys and the Blue Lady gave fascinating insight along the lines of 'Lord of the Flies'. All the slow motion and 'from their eyes' camera angles portrayed Neela as a surreal 'Blue Lady' expected to cure Paulie of his rabies. Nicely done camera work. Paraminder has never looked more beautiful. Rabies?? In this day and age in Chicago? I never would have thought. Pratt's misdirected initial homophobic reaction to the discovery of Chaz's love life only served to heighten the anonmosity toward Gates. Like we needed that. And his enlisted Hope to help with the church clinic was a nice move. Anyone else get the creeps from that minister when he was checking her out as she gushed about the beauty of his church? I do not like what I can see coming. Kerry at work in front of the camera with a kitchen knife in a middle school cafeteria?? Eeeeww. How....heroic. Glad to see her in front of the ER camera more however. I am warming up to Stamos in his role as Gates. I am even warming up to his relationship with Neela. The opening sequence in the lounge where he was telling her about his buddy and the women he shares a house with was was Abby's interruption. His conversation with Meg about 'moving on' bodes for BIG time trouble in his life. Just what we need. More angst. And Abby makes a new friend in the bar. Another story to be told in later episodes I'm sure. There was too much time spent on that particular encounter to not have it play out at some point. I wonder if he is connected to Ames? I am on spoiler boards fairly frequently and I still can't quite figure out where they are taking the Ames story line. Knowing that Luka's temper can be a terrible thing to behold - especially where Abby's safety is concerned - I am wondering who is going to be the insignator of the inevitable confrontation...and how will it play out? I did love each of Luka's encounters with Abby in this episode. Putting her in her place as a resident, being reminded that she is an alcoholic, snapping at her when she asked about talking about what was bugging him....and especially reaching for her hand as they walked the streets toward home each spoke to the depth of their current relationship. Nice job.