Season 5 Episode 21

Responsible Parties

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 13, 1999 on NBC

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  • Mark and Elizabeth get chummy.Lucy comes in very tired to work.One of the nurses is flirting hot and heavy with Carter.Romano warns Kerry to not poach any more of his surgeons.G-men with shot hooker.Alcohol+teens+prom+driving=disaster!

    G-men are a little overdone but then they kinda are in real life and in the cinema too. The badly-burnt teen scene was gut -wrenching. i knew he was going to die when they brought him in even though he didn't seem that bad but he went downhill fast. The prognosis is grim when you have full-thickness burns (3rd degree) over 20% of the body and he had them over 80% of his body. The scene where he talks to his parents on the phone for the last time before he's iontubated is what made this a tear-jerker.This show does do a pretty good job on most of the medical stuff in the 15 or so episodes that I've watched thus far. Mark and Elizabeth's relationship is deepening. Will go from friends/colleagues to romance probably pretty soon. They are both pretty cool characters on this show especially Mark. Carter getting freaked out and then squashing the cockroach that was in theat lady's ear was pretty cool. She gave him this look like ..."My hero!" he walks out of the room with the guts squishing on his loafers. Benton gets the trauma fellowship, which sucks. His character is one of the few that I am not really into so far. he's kind of arrogant and somewhat one-dimensional. Only the interaction with his son seems to somewhat humanize his otherwise flat character. I thought Chuny was hot for Carter but I guess she was just trying to fix up one of her friends. I was little puzzled by Carter's reaction to Lucy being on the ritalin. She probably is abusing it but it is routinely prescribed to adults. Maybe it shouldn't be but it's not unusual. Romano is really insulted by Benson thaking that fellowship. Elizabeth makes a play for it. Mark comforts Carol after her phone call to tell Doug about her pregnancy,. Good scene.