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  • The greatest show ever

    I really do wish it was back on tv again I really do miss watching er show please put it back tv please
  • Enjoying the DVDs

    I like Seasons 1-4; some episodes more than others (I am not enjoying the 'Ambush' episode right now), but overall I really enjoyed those seasons. I watched beyond that but lost interest when all the old cast was gone and, from what I remember, they started to focus on a very narrow group of characters whom I didn't care for or about.

    I liked the soup-to-nuts characters of the earlier seasons from the gruff, older chief of staff to the younger staff just starting out.

    I think my favorite season is the first, with the original cast--nothing added or subtracted yet. I was amazed when I started watching the DVDs that so much of what I remembered was from Season One.
  • About the series

    It got great writing episodes in season two, casting in season one & three, main title design in season one, acting for Julianna Margulies in season one & sally field in season seven.
  • New Fan-BIG fan!

    Hi, I'm new to the show here in the (believe it or not), and I love the show completely. I am mid stream with the story demise-blubb!!), but I am enjoying it immensely, and want to thank you guys for first class acting, script, production, story line, and hard work. Loving it all, so much so I am tempted to buy the whole series and watch it all from the beginning!! Considering the amount of rubbish thrown on TV these days, this series makes a refreshing change, so thank you all once again!! New fan, big fan-always!
  • best show ever!!!

    I have watched every episode from every season and continue to watch them till this day. I am not a big tv watcher but this show has been the only one to keep my attention for such a long time. I still miss it! Have all the episodes and watch daily. My husband cannot fall asleep at night unless he hears the theme music in the background. He thinks something is wrong if it is not playing! LOVE IT!!!!
  • Didn't watch after George Clonney left.

    but I did enjoy the first couple seasons and I watched the Series Finale.
  • One of the best hospital dramas I have seen. A long show which has introduced us a lot of people and situations - medical and personal.

    I used to watch this show years ago, back in the day when George Clooney and Noah Whyle still starred the show with Laura Innes. I was pretty young then, but I remember watching this with my mom late every Thursday night.

    I have seen glimpses of the show afterwards, these last few years, and although it didn't hook me, this is definitely one of the best hospital shows there is.

    The personnel is interesting, there is drama between them and in their lives, but still the hospital life itself is given room to flourish.

    While I'm sure there are many medical inaccuracies in this show - like in any other such show - they make ER believable, and in the end that is what guarantees a hit show, which this one definitely is.
  • Same old story, time and time again.

    Alright people I usually do not write reviews on Television Episodes/Series but this show has bothered me for quite a while. I started watching this show a few years ago and I have to admit I liked what I saw, so I continued to watch but oddly after the first 50 or so episodes it began to just be the same old story . . . or rather a lack of one. The second the show started a "new" episode it had already become quite predictable. I knew alright this patient is in critical condition (what a surprise it never happens) and I figured they would die because most of them I've seen have died, and I was right they did. I need a good solid story to keep me and this show could not provide that, it was all over the place and never really gave a story or at least a consistent one. Every day a new episode came on you knew . . . alright same doctors, same drama, and of course the same ending . . . doctors would go home and it would all start again. Again this is just my review you can take it or leave it.
  • Have watched so many medical dramas on TV but nothing compares to ER,John Wells and his team should revive the series or gives us a Spinoff with characters that left County such as Abbey and Luka or Neela,

    The Series finale was brilliant and also a back door entry to revive the series with a cast of old and new characters. Even if John Wells does not want to create a weekly series at least create a mini series or look at the possiblity of a spinoff series , You had a winning formula , fans loved ER now is the time to bring it back and sure the actors will jump at the chance to bring back series, as they tried other things that did not work , excpect for the magnificient Noah Wyle on Falling Skies.
  • Best Medical drama I seen.

    I love that show. It's got a lot of amazing characters, like Greene, Ross, Hathaway, Carter, Lewis, Benton, Abby, Luka, Corday and Romano (a character you love to hate). I think my favorite on-screen couples are Doug & Carol and Luka & Abby. What I also love ER is that it's intensity and most of it's complex stories on each episode that aired. It was too bad it got cancelled, but it's got all sorts of records and awards that we're well deserved.

    Grey's Anatomy can never compare with ER because I don't like Grey's because it doesn't have the feel to it that ER had in the past. Grey's Anatomy is too much of a soap opera (no offense to the fans of Grey's Anatomy).

    ER is the best medical drama in the world. A true legend.
  • the best show ever on television and the reason I'm in the television industry.

    ER revolutionized television with its large ensemble, long 'runners' that extended across the entire ER and included many people and it's use of the steadicam to make the viewer feel as if they were in the room with the characters. It had the amazing ability to talk up to the audience and make them feel smarter, more like doctors themselves. They didn't water anything down, they spewed out the medical jargon exactly as it would be said and the audience was forced to keep up. Their character development is the quintessential example of what character arcs should be. The characters were all tragic heroes and had arcs that spread across several seasons instead of being resolved in one, much more like real life in that way. Abby was an alcoholic from before she started on the show (season 6) and the final climax of this arc did not occur until season 14: brilliant. These characters were real, their drama and angst was appropriate to the situations they found themselves in, and the show was written and directed beautifully.
  • The best show I ever seen!!

    I stated watching ER at the begining of the 12 season and in the first episode that I saw I become a huge fan of ER. The first episode I saw it's 'All about Christmas Eve'
    My favourite couple is 'Abby and Luka'. Since the season finale I can't think in anything else. I hope that the baby Kovac'll be Ok. According to the spoilslers that I read Abby'll meet her father, that would be intersting. I prefer 'Neela and Gallant' I guess that I'm the only one that things that Gallant shouldn't have dead. I hope Neela won't be with Ray. I don't like him at all. And Luka CAN'T be fire. If they fire him I'll stop watching the show:(
  • Growing Up with ER...

    They were 15 years!!!!
    This tv show brings up to me the most amazing, touching and emotional moments of my life watching every single episode on the "night-slot" every single night at 10 PM with my mother in her bed whan i was just 5 YO!!!!!
    ER is amazing no question the best, best, best really best tv show medical drama in TV-history and now there are thosuands House, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice a lot oh yeah but none can match ER its like with The X-Files some shows "mark" THE classic of every genre and for medical drama the classic its ER if someone tells you otherwise he never, never saw ER

    Thanks ER for being here for me you made me grow with you and now, from my own ER room in the Hospital were i work with my dad i watch the halls every day trying to see Carter, Hathaway, Benton or iven Clooney showing up!!!

    Touching, emotional, real and the best at its best well done Mr. Crichton for teach me that being a nurse can be hard because of the long hours, injured/sick people all the time, risk patients but the job realy worth my time and i love to help people and ill continue doing it as long as i can... Well done...

    XO XO

  • What a show! 15 years of History is too much for me to chose from, indeed.

    Absolutely beautiful and specatacular... This is one of the most beautiful shows ever made for television, not only because of the pace of the action, but because we get to see the drama in which hositals usually have. If I had to compare it with Grey's Anatomy, I would say that this show is amazing in everything, while Grey's Anatomy sucks! (Yeah, I hate Grey's Anatomy... too much dialogue between characters and almost no action).

    And then, of course we have to say that the cast over the 15 years of this shows running has been exceptional From George Clooney, to Paul McCrane... From Eric LaSalle to Linda Cardellini, just to mention a few, it has been a privilige and an honour for me and for all fans of this series to watch it, and to see that even in its last episode, it still delivers that fresh sensation that we experienced in the first episode.

    Congratulations to all actors who made this series a must for all those who like this kind of shows!

    And of course, R.I.P. Michael Chricton... Nuff said.
  • Good idea, poor execution

    While I thought the premise of the finale was good, with the ER team continuing to do their jobs as they always have and us, the viewer,being the ones going away, much of the execution was clumsy or downright boring. On the plus side, seeing more of the original characters back together is always a good thing. Their interactions with each other, and the stories they shared, was a nice reminder of the shows glorious past. Bringing back Rachel Greene as a perspective med student was also a good storyline to bring everything full circle. Unfortunately, instead of an iconic return of a possible new Dr. Greene, we got Rachel walking around unnoticed by anyone, just another face in the crowd. Though Franks facial expression when Rachel told him her name was well done and touching, this was a wasted opportunity to create another timeless moment to remember, but it was not to be. The focus of much of the show was on Gates and Sam, always a downer, and an utter waste of time. Their chemistry together is tepid at best, and using up the precious final minutes of the series on them was time poorly spent. An ongoing heart transplant story of Dr. Brenners, a centerpiece of several of the previous episodes, is dropped stone cold and goes unmentioned and unresolved. The worst part is the inclusion of two characters that up to this point were either rarely seen, or never been on the show at all. Chaz Pratt is treated as if he has been working in the ER forever, though the last time we saw him was at the death of his brother in the season opener, when he was a first year med student. Somehow he is now working in the ER as if he were 3rd year or intern. Worst of all, an until now unknown character, Dr. Wise, is treated as if she too is a long time cast member, though she has never before been seen or mentioned. For some reason the PTB's made two of the regular interns disappear (Grady and Daria)and replaced them with this stranger, with no background story or explanation of where she came from. Characters unseen for years suddenly appear with weak explanations of where they have been (Lydia on the night shift for 7 years???), or no explanation (Malik, gone for months). Angela Basset is seen very little, and goes out with her usual angry black woman act. While paying homage to some of the original ER episodes,notably 'Loves Labor Lost' and '24 Hours'. I could only think how unoriginal this one was, how good it could have been, but how fitting it was for the series to go out on such a mediocre note after so many mediocre episodes over the last 5 or 6 seasons. On one hand terribly disappointing, but on the other, quite a fitting end to a once great show.
  • Hands down, the best medical drama series in the history of television.

    From it's very beginnings to the present, I've never seen a medical drama series that was better than ER. Consistently well written and unrelentingly intense, I've never once been let down or left to feel that my intelligence has been insulted by an episode of ER. My biggest criticisms of most legal, police and medical dramas to date is that T.V. doctors, lawyers and cops are light years away from the real thing. I don't have that problem with ER. Another big criticism that I have of medical dramas in general is the unrealistically high degree of boinkage going on between colleagues in the old linen closet as compared to what might be expected to go on between real members of the medical profession. ER has some of that, but just enough to keep things interesting without putting a strain on it's believability. ER is one of Michael Crichton's crowning achievements, something for which he will always be fondly remembered.
  • ER is a thrill raging show!

    ER is an awesome show that has changed alot through the years i love it! my fav. ppl in the show are noah and maura!they are awesome! i love how through the years they have kept some old ppl through the years and got some new ones!the new ones are awesome and the old ones are great too! th enew intern jane is picking up fast i think but she seems to have a slight memorie prob. and neela is awesome! i hope the two of them stay on the show and noah is sooo hottt!!

  • This long running NBC show ER is truly amazing. It is about the crazy life of doctors and nurses in this urban ER of Chicago

    This amazing show is about the hectic life in an urban ER in Chicago. There are so many amazing characters and storylines. This ER is very different just like the show, it involves everything, love, hate, jealousy, hard work, sadness, excitment, fear and almost any other possible emotion a human being could feel. And I cannot even explain in words how gret all the characters' personalities are, it is almost like real life. The characters are very real because they have bright and dark sides, and to the girls, the guys on this show are, well really, really hot. I think ER proves itself by being one of the most favored Amarican medical dramas, so many famous actors guest star on this show. And what else can I say, once you start watching it you can never stop. ER can bring tears to your eyes and eventually laughter. For the once who haven't watched this show, I suggest you do, because believe me, you are missing out on a lot, but its not too late, get started now. Belive me, ER has some of the best actors, it is especially amazing how each character has a unique and different personality. And guys, don't worry, ER has some pretty good looking girls too. So start watching now. ER seriously helps me relieve my stress because it helps not just me, but everyone understand life, there good things and some, not very good. This line from the show, I will always remember, because I would have said the same thing. "We've all cried, sometimes thats all you can do" this line was said by my favorite character Abby Lockhart played by the very talented actress Maura Tierney. My friends say I am like Abby Lockhart, actually thats why I started watching ER. Anyways, I highly recommend waching ER. The show is so amazing because, it is truly incredible how many events can happen in this crazy ER. Trust me, you can learn many lessons, good or bad. Another really great quote was "You know people think kids don't listen to their parents, but ther do. And if you tell them they are nothing, they think they are nothing". This line was said by Dr. Mark Greene played by the great Anthony Edwards.The qoutes that I put here may seem pretty serious, but they hold a true meaning in them. And like I said before ER has many, many funny sayings and episodes but now, if you don't watch this show, pick up your stethoscope, and caffeine, go straight to the TV, turn it on, put on TNT, at 10 AM from Monday through Friday and make a major change to your entertainment. You will never get bored of ER, trust me, very rarely does anyone not like ER, so just try watching one episode and send me a message about if you like ER or not.
  • It's the beginning to the week where ER ends forever!

    It's the beginning to the week where ER ends forever! I can't tell how sad I'll be to see it go. It has been a staple in our home for years. The scripts are well crafted. The stedicam work has been ground breaking, to say the least, and the acting impeccable! There hasn't been a story line or even a character that didn't grab hold of me and move me in some way. What I'll miss the most are the holiday themed shows, that always see more like family, than just a show. Thanks to all who worked on ER -- cheers!!!
  • There is a legitimate reason behind ER's extraordinarily great success, and its ability to last 15 years. It is no doubt one of the best, most compelling dramas on television.

    ER started out as a show that was definitely ahead of its time, but proved itself to be one of the best dramas on TV during its first couple of seasons, and it has not backed down since. The original cast is the best batch, among all the new doctors that have come in, though I did admire Morris, Kovac, Abby, Corday, and Neela. Dr. Greene was my favorite actor--he was the backbone of the ER for the duration of his time on his show, and his death in the 8th season proved to be one of the saddest moments I have ever seen on television. After his death, I wasn't really able to watch ER as religiously as I used to. However, even after his death, ER never ceased to bring amazing stories and character arcs, like Abby/Luka's relationship, Morris' development into a mature leader, Sam's struggles as a single mom...despite not having the same characters they did 15 years ago, ER was still able to bring out the same compelling performances that make it a truly amazing drama. One of my biggest disappointments, however, was Romano's death, which I found to be pointless and inappropriate. I definitely expected better than that. Anyway, it is sad to see this legacy come to an end, but I feel that now is the perfect time to wrap things up. ER will be one show I will never forget, since it is one that I have grown up with since I started watching in 6th grade.
  • Maybe the best ER episode in over a decade!

    ER is down to the final four episodes, but is the one people will be talking about. If having Clooney and Marguilies back isnt good enough, they are woven into Carter's kidney transplant story without ever knowing it. We get a glimpse of the Ross' life in a Washington State hospital as both are involved in transplants. Ross meets two doc's from County and they reminisce though they barely know the same people. Benton is working at the same hospital as Carter's transplant in taking place. After relaizing that Carter has no family there, he stays with him all the way - through the operation (to the chagrin of the transplant doc)and after. He is typical Benton, but is as close to endearing as he has ever been. Add Susan Sarandan as a bereaved grandmother and 90+ Ernest Borgnine dealing with a dying wife and you have an amazing episode. The last scene shows Ross and Hathaway in bed when she get a call that both transplants in Chicago were successful. Apparently, some doctor in Chicago got the kidney. Phenominal episode all the way through.
  • Hathaway and Ross, Benton, babies, reggae and 'some doctor in Chicago.' It's all good. Very, very good.

    The relationship between Peter Benton and John Carter was always one that rang very true on our television screens. Benton treated Carter like a gnat he couldn't swat and Carter was the proverbial puppy dog lapping after anything his mentor dropped. But in the end there was a true affection for one another. An affection that came to light and played out so very well in this episode from Wells and Co. Carter needs a kidney. He chooses to have his surgery at Northwestern. Benton is on staff and notices his name on the surgery list. They connect and they chat. We learn about Kem (and it may be over?), Reece (he is 13!), Carter's parents (back together and wintering in the Bahamas) and Benton's position as a general surgeon. What the? Ah, but never fear. He follows Carter into surgery to 'observe', insists that a testy transplant surgeon follow safety protocol and saves the gnat's life...again. And rubs it in. CLASSIC Benton! The only thing that would have made the moment perfect would be to have the surgeon whip off his mask and be an apopolectic Romano but alas...a helicopter took away that possibility seasons ago. Sigh.

    It was so, so comforting to see Ross and Hathaway working together to set the Seattle transplant machine in motion. She was with UNOS and involved in cooridnating the harvest of organs from a teeneager killed by a car. He was the physician with the job of convincing a grandmother (Susan Sarandon in an understated and effective performance)to release those organs. She is still Carol and he is still Doug. Welcome home.....

    Short little bits with other patients at County - Banfield with an abandoned baby and Gates with an elderly couple refusing hospital care in order to die at home. Nice stuff. Quick and careful character development. We also saw Brenner with Lucy (and no mention of any repurcussions from his encounter with the foster dad from last week). And Neela and Sam in Seattle with the responsibility of transporting a heart and a kidney to Chicago. Missed their private flight and hopped aboard another one. Hence the reggae reference.

    Had a little scare though. While Benton talked periodically about Reece, his mention of Cleo came at the end of the episode. And Doug's wistful mention of missing the girls at breakfast kind of made it appear that he was out of their daily life. Ah...but never fear. All is good. A little Carol/Doug sugggling at the end put any fears to rest. Sigh. The heart worked and the kidney went to 'some doctor in Chicago.'

    It is amazing how seamlessly actors who have taken their leave (Clooney -season 5, Margulies - season 6 and LeSalle - season 8) could slide right back into character and stories as if they have never been gone. They quietly gave long time fans of 'ER' a gift in this last season episode. A very appreciated gift.
  • I love this show! Have been watching faithfully since it began in 1994. Started watching with my mom who is now passed away & kept on originally in memory of her but now I truly love it. Sorry to see it go, but after that many seasons it probably is time.

    In this day & age when so many shows come and go within 1 to 2 seasons, it is a true testamant to the writers, producers and actors of ER that they have been able to keep this show fresh and current. It will truly be missed. NBC new a good show when they saw it. However, they've missed a few good ones and let them go inexplicably. ie. Las Vegas, Windfall, Scrubs etc. I will forever be a fan of ER and am considering starting to buy the seasons. By far, my favorite seen was when Dr. Ross and Nurse Hathaway reunited in Seattle. I cried buckets when Dr. Greene finally passed away. These people have been part of my Thursday night for more than a decade and they will be missed.
  • :)

    I used to watch ER all the time a few years ago, usually reruns. I had watched the entire first season on DVD, and watched the season with Maria Bello (I don't know which season that was?) as Dr. Del Amico. I've watched a couple of episodes with Maura Tierney, too, the earlier ones in which she was in. If I had a snow day or for some reason school was out for the day, I watched ER that morning on TNT. Always. Despite this, I never really watched the new episodes of ER. I enjoyed the old episodes of the show, but never really caught on with the new characters. However, since this year was going to be the last year, I figured what the heck, might as well watch it. I can honestly say that I'm glad I started watching again. I love the new characters and they're really growing on me. I'm always looking forward to Thursday nights now! But I'm pretty sad that ER is having its final season...
  • hello my name is suyane

    I love the episodes of ER I see every day, but I do not have time so want to see the internet because I can see well anywhere and not miss any episode.I hope through this site to see the episode of this series because the accompanying desire to end. I can not see it as work at home at the time it is on television.well is all I can say for now promise evaluate all videos on a positive note because I think any series is bad. And the rest I can say that is one of the best series made in the world. thanks
  • A fond, yet heartbreaking farewell.

    "On the Beach" is without question one of ER's strongest episodes, which is interesting considering it in no way resembles the tone and formula of the show. No doctors, no patients, no County General... just a man spending what time he has left in paradise.

    Presented as a flashback of Dr. Greene's final days, as he desperately tries to reconnect with his daughter, the episode also serves as a well-deserved goodbye to the heart of the ER.

    Anthony Edwards' performance is wonderful, albeit difficult to watch as he slowly dies, a testament to his skills as an actor.

    If there's ever a class to be taught on how to retire a beloved television character, "On the Beach" is definitely required homework.
  • I watched the 1st episode of the season and it was Okay.Im glad that luka and abby got back together.Although Pratt dying was sad.Only good episode of the season in my opinion ans the one where shane west comes back.

    I was OBSESSED with ER till Abby and Luka left.I mean come on they practically made the show.Now I barely watch it and i miss the old classic er episodes.They had a balance of medical drama as well as personal.Now....not so much.All these new characters are so ughhhh.I really miss the old days. I must say that they did last a good number of years.I also have to say that for, what, 15 seasons at least they only screwed up the last one.The rest were awesome.ER was the best medical drama ever and even though the last season bombed it still is the best.Not like all the stupid grey's anatomy stuff.
  • Not as good as before.

    I haven't watched ER on a regular basis for 5 or 6 years. Most of that is because I felt like they killed off so many of the characters that made the show great to begin with. They either killed them off or let them go. The quality of the show kind of spiraled down too. It seemed that each season became more complicated and watered down. They tried to save itself by adding some respected names, but that didn't help the show with the ratings. I will say that it does have the same drama it had and tries to execute the same way as well. Thank you.
  • Abby Lockhart has a hectic but fulfilling last shift in the ER before leaving for Boston with Luca and Joe.

    I have literally just seen this episode for the first time her in the UK and loved it. This was a
    great send off for Abby, a showcase both for her
    character and what the ER is all about. The story
    line about the troubled teen and the injured Coach
    was well handled and the twins with the questions
    were hilarious - a good counterbalance to all the
    emotional stuff that was going on. The character
    of the old lady who just wants some attention was
    also nice - illustrating the small but significant
    things that Doctors like Abby do for the community
    every day. But the genius moment of this episode
    for me was when Helay took Abby to put her name
    tag on the wall and we saw the tags of Doug Ross, Mark Green, Rocket Romano, Carrie Weaver, Greg Pratt, Chen and the others. The emotion created in
    that moment with such a simple idea was wonderful
    and I am man enough to admit I fell to pieces right
    then! This all reminds me of why ER is so great and
    how much it will be missed when it ends...
  • Wonderful

    This is one of the best Medical Dramas ever and myself being in the medicl feild know this first hand. this show is Consistently well written. I have watched ER for as long as i can remember
    and I am very sad at this being the last season but i guess all i can say is Let's hope this last season brings with it a sense of closure even if i do ave to find somthin els e to watch :( i will alwas love Abby And Kovcah Carter and Green Weaver and pratt heck i even liked archie from time to time.. it's good i have all seas so far on DVD