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  • Same old story, time and time again.

    Alright people I usually do not write reviews on Television Episodes/Series but this show has bothered me for quite a while. I started watching this show a few years ago and I have to admit I liked what I saw, so I continued to watch but oddly after the first 50 or so episodes it began to just be the same old story . . . or rather a lack of one. The second the show started a "new" episode it had already become quite predictable. I knew alright this patient is in critical condition (what a surprise it never happens) and I figured they would die because most of them I've seen have died, and I was right they did. I need a good solid story to keep me and this show could not provide that, it was all over the place and never really gave a story or at least a consistent one. Every day a new episode came on you knew . . . alright same doctors, same drama, and of course the same ending . . . doctors would go home and it would all start again. Again this is just my review you can take it or leave it.