Season 5 Episode 19

Rites of Spring

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 1999 on NBC

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  • Lucy starts her Psych rotation and is gifted at therapeutic communication with her patients. Carter gets a protege. Carol confides that she is pregnant to Mark and he proves to be a good friend. Jeannie begins to explore some of her spiritual side.

    Getting into ER again after an almost 8 year hiatus or so.Really enjoying it more especially after becoming a new Nurse myself. (I graduated Nursing School in June). It has been fun.Lucy is good at PSych.It was my fave in Nursing school. I thought the Rev was an interesting character even though I am not a Christian but am very spiritual. Not sure if i agree with his repeated statements that there is no such thing as accidents but am a big believer in serendipity and the power of focused will/meditation/prayer so it will be interesting to watch Jeannie develop some strength in combatting her comorbidity with some solid positive actions. I'm looking forward to seeeing how deep Mark and Carol's friendship develops after they really bonded over her revealing her pregnancy. His relationship with Corday also seems to be growing. Not one of my favorite episodes thus far (I started this foray back into ER around Episode 99). Been fun! My time off after graduating ends in a couple weeks or so we'll se how my reviews evolve from here on the show. it's really cool to re-discover a show that you've only seen a few episodes of and really liked. Kudos to Lucy for discovering the over-medication. Epidemic in this country!
  • Beautiful episode what has beautiful effects for sad and miserable life Jeanie has had lately.

    This episode has the beauty as Jeanie has have not the best time and she has been quite miserable. The priest and the whole storyline for him and Jeanie doing the procedure. And Carol and baby. She is taking care of that women tried to hurt her once. Now she is trying her best to do everything right and keep her child. And Carol is taking it hard and trying so much to help her.

    And Mark and Cordey. It was just so sweet. All that running and trying to get in time and not getting at all. But it was still sweet.
  • Psychiatry seems to really suit Lucy.

    Carol worries that she may have lost her child and goes to Mark for help. Mark is like a big brother to Carol and I love how he looks after her in this episode.

    Corday and Greene bond on the way to a medical conference. I like how they put a positive spin on a bad situation and enjoyed each others company. Mark does a great Tango!

    Lucy is on a psychiatry rotation and I think this specialty would really suit her. She seems to really communite well with the patients. She is wanting spend the time with them to help them rather than find a quick fix.

  • I just love this episode

    My main reason for loving this episode is that I pinpoint it down as the moment Elizabeth and Mark fall in love. How I adore their tango!!!

    But other than that the episode is a strong one of a number of other points.

    There is plenty of Romano, but in a good way - I really enjoyed the story-line about Benton and his different options.

    The Jeannie story-line is very beautiful, and it's lovely that she finds peace.

    Also, we meet Lucy's Psyche child, which provides some interesting secenarios both in this episode and following ones. It also lends one of the best ER chances at seeing the workings of Psychiatry, with some great insights from some of the doctors working there.