Season 7 Episode 11

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 11, 2001 on NBC
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Kovac treats a bishop who took a fall and questions Luka's faith. Abby pressures Carter to tell Weaver about the Vicodin he nearly took. Abby later tells him that she cannot be his sponsor anymore. After Kynesha is placed with a foster family, Benton and Finch discover their home trashed by her. Corday's malpractice suit is settled; Mr. Patterson later visits her at the hospital, causing Elizabeth to panic with another patient. Weaver and Legaspi are divided over personal and professional issues. Carter treats a woman smuggling drugs by swallowing a condom full of cocaine.moreless

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  • Too many sorrow and lost

    The major storyline seems to be the accident when one family was hit by another car. The father was dead at the scene, his daughter and wife were brought in. Everyone was desperately trying to save him and despite Cleo's and Kovac's efforts, the girl dies. Mother is taken to surgery with Elizabeth. But she met the man, who she mistreated before it, and it really upset her as the law suit she was.. they get all the blame for manufacture and it was good for her but she still feels so bad. She cannot managed the operation and lets Romano brought in.

    Kovac mets a bishop and digging on his past continues.moreless
  • Corday loses her confidence after coming face to face with her plantiff and both Benton and carter reveal secrets.

    Corday obviously felt guilty about what happened to her patient and i think she was quite happy to face the consequences after viewing her reaction.She didn't seem impressed that she got away lightly with the re-call of some of her equipment removing the blame and keeping her of the hook.Afterwards in the lift she came face to face with her patient and after his words she lost confidence , completely shattered and unable to perform surgery.

    Luka treated a Bishop and whilst treating him his battle with his own faith was revealed after he questioned both absolution and God.Also being treated by the staff was a mother and daughter involved in a hit and run accident.The poor mother lost both her daughter and Husband after a drunk man hit them and drove of only to come to the ER himself and eventually die.Not before some harsh treatment from Luka who was obviously emotionally involved with the case after the young girl died.

    Carter Finally revealed his relapse to Kerry but not before losing Abby as his sponsor maybe what caused him to come to his senses and tell her.Also confessing was Benton after Cleo's house was vandalised by kynesha he revealed his love for her and told her he really wanted it to work.Arare occurance to see Peter reveal his feelings.

    Kerry also made a decision on legaspi after several tense encounters between the two they met at Doc Magoo's and Kerry told her she didn't want her to leave.Implying she wants to make a go at a relationship.

    Interesting writing..!moreless
  • Love, love, love....

    In this episode Kerry really surprised me. I wasn't expected that she would tell Kim the truth that she really wanted to be with her. I hope they will have a strong relationship.

    Kerry is very conservative person, I wasn't expected exactly her to be a lesbian but... the story promise to be interesting. Really interesting. I wonder how she will handle with the whole situation. I don't think that she is the person who will show her feeling in front of somebody, especially her co-workers. We all know that she have less friends in the hospital than anybody else there.

    I really like Kim Legaspy. She looks like somebody who is good in her job and know how to do it. She really want and can help people.moreless
  • Kerry struggles with her feelings on Kim and finally admits what we all know...Carter gets his evaluation but reveals the truth to Weaver.. Corday panics once more after having un unexpected visit , while the Bishop forces Luka to consider his religious smoreless

    An episode game : Rock paper scissors is all about a power struggle where you are never sure what the outcome will be .. You are powerfull over one element but weak over the others...

    Three were the main facts IMO in this episode : Elizabeth having troubles coping with her mistakes... Carter being truthful despite the fear of Weaver's reaction .. and finally Kerry's change of heart.. Something unusual for this solid and bossy woman to admit her feelings and let someone in her life,doing such a great step. The final scene was lovely made .. Innes did - once more - some GREAT acting there ..

    It was a revealing and promising episode...moreless
  • Not much happened but still a good episode

    It’s not that I didn’t like this episode, but I thought that nothing really important or special happened. I really wasn’t expecting Abby to stop sponsoring Carter, although, I do agree that Carter should have already told Weaver about him taking the pills.

    I really agree with Cleo when she said that Kynesha had to go and stop bothering Benten. She takes advantage of people and Benten should stop, I’m not going to say stop helping, but stop being so tolerant. After talking to mr Patterson, dr Corday got all confused and disoriented and I felt bad for herwhen she couldn’t concentrate on the surgery and had to call Romano.

    I so was not expecting Weaver to say that she didn’t want to be only co-workers with Legaspi. I wonder… =)

Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston

Dr. Elizabeth Corday

Anthony Edwards (I)

Anthony Edwards (I)

Dr. Mark Greene

Erik Palladino

Erik Palladino

Dr. Dave Malucci

Eriq La Salle

Eriq La Salle

Dr. Peter Benton

Goran Visnjic

Goran Visnjic

Dr. Luka Kovac

Laura Innes

Laura Innes

Dr. Kerry Weaver

Alan Dale

Alan Dale

Al Patterson

Guest Star

Toy Connor

Toy Connor


Guest Star

Wendy Gazelle

Wendy Gazelle

Julie Hembree

Guest Star

Yvette Freeman

Yvette Freeman


Recurring Role

Conni Marie Brazelton

Conni Marie Brazelton


Recurring Role

Gedde Watanabe

Gedde Watanabe


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • We learn that Luka's confirmation (saint's) name is Mihael (Michael), after the patron saint of the sick. In the many Christian churches the Sacrament of Confirmation, which traditionally takes place between 12 and 16 years of age, affirms the receipient's membership in the church. At the time of confirmation, a saint's name is chosen by the recipient.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Corday: Please allow me to say that I feel terrible about what's happened.
      Mr. Patterson: Which part? Me being crippled or you getting sued for malpractice?

    • Mark: Life's too short, you know.
      Luka: I do.

    • Abby: I don't want to be your sponsor anymore.
      Carter: Whoh, where's that coming from?
      Abby: I care about you and I care about your recovery but I can't keep saying the same things over and over because it's hard enough for me to do it for myself.

    • Mark: Elizabeth, we're not saints, we just try and get it right as often as we can.

    • Kerry: Look I know that's it's been tense between us and I really don't mean it to be.
      Kim: I'm sure it'll pass.
      Kerry: Kim I want you to know that I respect you as a colleague
      Kim: Today not withstanding.
      Kerry: I miss you.
      Kim: Oh that will pass too. In a few weeks we'll just be friendly co-workers all over again.
      Kerry: Yeah, I've been thinking…and I'm not sure that's what I want.

    • Benton: (to Cleo) Look, I know you might not want to hear this right now; I know it's been rough, with everything…between us…I'm not easy, I haven't been here for you, not the way you've been here for me. I've never worked at being with someone, I've never even wanted to, but I want to, with you. I love you.

    • Lawyer: There was a general recall on the endoscopic curage that you used.
      Corday: I don't remember having any trouble with the curage.
      Romano: none the less, there was a recall.
      Lawyer: we also sent a confidentiality agreement keeping the details of the suite privte meaning so you can't speak to anyone about it.
      Corday: But there was noting faulty with the equipment.
      Lawyer: Apparently there was, and the manufacturer has deeper pockets.
      Corday: Eh, well that's wrong!
      Lawyer: Look at it as a gift.
      Romano: We pay out the nose and you get a little dig at the national debtor bank. How lucky is that?

    • Mr Patterson: (To Elizabeth) My lawyer tells me I can't really blame you…but I can't quite forgive you either. I imagine I'll always remember your face. I wonder whether you'll remember mine?

    • Weaver: (to Carter) You've made a remarkable comeback from a serious addiction and I think I talk for everyone when I say we're really proud of you.

    • Dave: The whole celibacy thing was always a sticking point for me.
      The Bishop: Yeah me too, but I got over it.
      Dave: Yeah, well, hmm…

    • Weaver: (referring to a patient with vaginal bleeding) Yeah she had it last month as well, it's called her period.

    • Dave: So what religion do they practise in your country?
      Nurse: This is my country Dave.

    • Cleo: (About Kynesha) We're never going to get rid of her.

    • Romano: (to Corday) You called me out of a lunch because you can't tie off a liver?

    • Bishop Stewart: What was your confirmation name?
      Kovac: Mihael.
      Bishop Stewart: ...after the patron Saint of the sick. How appropriate.

    • Bishop Stewart: Croatia is a very Catholic country.
      Luka: Yes.
      Bishop Stewart: Are you Catholic?
      Luka: No.

    • Luka: Did you land on your side or on your back?
      Bishop Stewart: On my keister. Several small children found it amusing.

    • Kim: Kerry I, I think that we should…not let what happened between us interfere patient care.
      Kerry: What?
      Kim: We're both professionals.
      Kerry: Excuse me, I, I did what I thought was medically appropriate.
      Kim: And it had nothing to do with the fact that you've been avoiding me?
      Kerry: It doesn't and I haven't but if you'd like me to call you every time someone the least bit disturbed comes in to the ER, I will.
      Kim: Thank-you.

    • Luka: So any fool can get into heaven if he's scared enough to say he's sorry right before he dies?
      Bishop Stewart: Dr. Kovac, everyone deserves to be comforted in their darkest hour.
      Luka: Too bad you weren't there to comfort the little girl he killed.
      Bishop Stewart: I didn't need to be. God was there.
      Luka: Was he?

  • NOTES (3)

    • In this episode, Luka denies the fact that he is a father. This is particularly revelant, as his denial comes at the beginning of a story-line ark involving Luka finally confronting his past in Croatia with the help of the Bishop.

    • At one point in the episode, Bishop Stewart notes "Croatia is a very Catholic country." At present, Croatia is approximately 85% Roman Catholic, unlike neighboring Serbia, which is tied to the Eastern church. This difference was, in part, the cause of the 1991 Croatian War of Independence.

    • Although in the opening credits, Ming-Na does not appear in this episode.