Season 7 Episode 19

Sailing Away

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2001 on NBC

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  • The troubles of mothers for the daughters

    It looks like there always have to be outside ER episode every season, then this was for this season.

    Carter and Abby on a road with not easy going as they both have problems with those who where left behind. To be honest, they do are getting along quite well.

    Elizabeth has a baby.

    To make the troubles of Carter's and Abby's trip even worser, Abby's mother is not in good shape and I do not want to imagine what Abby most go trough. And it gets even worser on the road, one point and then it looks things are calming down but when they get back to Chicago, they do not manage to wake her up - she has taken too many sleep bills. Er doctors have much work to do but she wakes up in the end.

    Beautiful episode to portray the relationship of Abby and her mother and the complex choices she has to make.
  • Abby learns of her mothers whereabouts in Oklahoma resulting in a road trip to retrieve the depressed woman.

    The dance Abby and Maggie do is continued in this superb episode.

    Abby is once again Catapulted into a high emotion rollercoaster in order to find her bi-polar mother.Her defence shields go up once again and her emotions are seemingly unstable.

    Maggie is in the lowest point of her cycle ,her most dangerous point.It takes all of Abby's strength to cope with such high maintenance however Maggie is somehow resistent to Abby's watchful eye.Ultimately resulting in a sucicide attempt via sleeping pills in a vast dosage. Luka,carter and Abby work on Maggie but her condition worsens and it's touch and go.With her mother in such a condition Abby's barrier is shattered with the final words of the show from her ethereal face, "she'll never be ok" revealing all.Just those few words were enough to represent the sheer heartbreak and torment she has been through all her life.With the fact being she wishes her mother could have a normal life more than anything. Performance's of extremely high quality from both Maura and the legend that is Sally field.
  • Abby's mom is locked away in a motel in Oklahoma. Carter and Abby bring her home.

    There are two very interesting scenes involving Carter, Abby, Luka, and Rena. After Carter volunteers to go with Abby to pick up her mother, Abby and Luka are arguing inside the hospital while Carter and Rena argue outside. The scene alternates between the two conversations, which are following similar paths. Neither conversation is going well. In the second scene, Abby and Carter are on the telephone in different rooms in a hotel. At first, the conversation is so similar that it appears they are talking to each other. However, it soon becomes apparent that they are talking to Luka and Rena. It is interesting to see the interaction between Carter and Abby.
  • Very powerful.

    This is mainly a review of the return of Abby\'s mother, Maggie, in this episode. At the start of the episode, Abby learns that her bi-polar mother has locked herself in a motel room in Oklahoma, and won\'t come out. The last time we saw Maggie (at the beginning of Season 7) she was in a manic \"high\". In this episode, she is in a depressive \"low\". We see here the other side of the bi-polar cycle.

    I really felt for Abby in this episode. She is desperately concerned for her mother, but in typical Abby fashion, her defenses come way up. She argues with Luka over the best way to handle the situation, and ultimately takes Carter with her to Oklahoma to try to get her mother back to Chicago.

    We see Abby tenderly bathing her mother, and then yelling at her in frustration because she won\'t leave the hotel room. Abby\'s emotions are all over the place, and one can certainly understand why.

    Ultimately, Maggie steals some sleeping pills from a convenience store and overdoses on the drive back to Chicago. Luka, Carter and Abby all work to save her life. In the end, Luka tells Abby that her mother will be all right. The haunted look on Abby\'s face really emphasizes the last line of the episode, when she says, \"She\'ll never be okay.\" I thought this was an important episode in terms of Abby\'s development, as well as gleaning more information about her past. It was painful to watch in some places, but still a great episode. Terrific performances by Maura Tierney and Sally Field!