Season 7 Episode 19

Sailing Away

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2001 on NBC



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    • Randi: You're late.
      Dave: I know, I really needed coffee.
      Randi: You wouldn't be late if Weaver was here.
      Dave: That's right...but she's not.

    • Maggie: I tried. I did everything I could think of. I got married. I had two kids. I tried to fool everyone that I was just like them. God, why did you come Abby?
      Abby: Because you needed me.
      Maggie: There's no one here to save.

    • Abby: You want me to talk to her?
      Carter: What would you say?
      Abby: That I asked you to come with me to help me with my mother.
      Carter: You did'nt ask me to come with you.
      Abby: Just get back and send her some flowers, I'm sure she'll be fine.
      Carter: I don't think so.
      Abby: She's young. You're gonna get involved with a teenager, you gotta expect a little drama.
      Carter: We broke up.
      Abby: You broke up?
      Carter: She broke up.
      Abby: When?
      Carter: Last night.
      Abby: She broke up with you over a basketball game?
      Carter: Over you.
      Abby: That's silly! What did she think? We're having an illicit affair or something?
      Carter: No. Just that I have a crush on you. (pause) What ever. It's not like the relationship was absolute.
      Abby: I know, but I did'nt want you to break up because of me.
      Carter: Face it: You're a home wrecker.

    • Abby: I'm taking an 11:40 flight to Tulsa.
      Luka: Hold on, I checked. There's a psychiatric facility at St.John's...
      Abby: Carter's coming with me.
      Luka: What?
      Abby: He offered to help, and I have to drive her back here, so...
      Luka: I offered to help.
      Abby: No, you offered to decide for me.
      Luka: Abby, your mother needs hospitalisation, not a road-trip with you and Carter!
      Abby: Yeah, Luka. We're doing it for the fun of it! It's gonna be a blast!
      Luka: Abby, it's a mistake.
      Abby: Are you gonna lecture me on this?
      Luka: No.
      Abby: Good. 'Cause you have no idea what it's like. I grew up with this and I, I don't wanna be lectured on it!
      Luka: I'm not lecturing. I'm trying to help! Don't put yourself in the position to get hurt again!
      Abby: Well, you'd be the expert at that, wouldn't you? (pause) I'm sorry.
      Luka: O.k. Go.

    • Malucci: Hey, I got you your cigars.
      Greene: Ah, great!
      Malucci: Congratulations! Wow, she's a cute one! Look at her! You'll have to keep the boys away from her, you know what I mean? What's her name?
      Greene: Ella.
      Malucci: Hiya, Ella! You're quite the heifer, aren't you? Can I hold her?
      Greene: No.
      Malucci: I just washed my hands.
      Greene: Good for you, Dave.
      Malucci: You serious?
      Greene: I'll see you later.
      Malucci: Why can't I hold her?
      Greene: Go away, Dave.
      Malucci: Hey, you owe me three hundred bucks for the cigars.

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