Season 7 Episode 2

Sand and Water

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2000 on NBC

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  • A beautiful and moving episode.

    I did not thought that next episode after season premier would be so much better than the premier itself. The moving stories they had got for this episode - starting with Abby who deals with too early born baby who has no changes to survival. She is taking it very personally and causes some troubles but she manages to make it better (as much as it is possible on that situation) for the family.

    Kovac at the beginning and then Kerry, when she takes over, are taking care of elder women who have been partners for long but have no legal actions. One of them is on hopeless condition and she has always said she does not want no machines but the only kin to that woman is her brother who goes against her will and Kerry is able to do nothing to respect the lady's wish.

    And the end - talk between Abby and Carter.. and that song.. beautiful episode.
  • Two very dramatic deaths. That of a same sex couple partner and that of a premie baby. Each handled with care and professionalism. The music, Sand and Water, deeply emphasizes the love and caring of parent and partner. Best of series award should go to

    Special emphasis on relationships and love. Shows the need for legalization of same sex couples in crises situations. Shows also the love of a parent for a child. The acting was suburb, the music added to the deep feelings in the show. Truly one of the best of ER. The Corday and Greene side story also indicates the development of both the characters in their attempt to come together as a couple. The show managed to touch on all types of relationships. John Carter finding Abby at an AA meeting was equally important as it gives John the realization that others are in the same situation he is. This was a remarkable show.
  • Abby treats a premature baby in the ER. Luka and Kerry take care of a woman and her partner. And Mark proposes to Elizabeth.

    I liked it, but it´s the kind of episode that I watch just becuase it´s ER. I enjoyed the premature baby storyline. This was one of the introductory episodes for Abby, I think she did an exelent job taking care of the baby and his parents. It´s a sad storyline, but he lived, it was a miracle after all.
    Though love Luka, I couldn´t care less about the lesbian couple. I think it was sort of out of carácter, they should´ve put somone else in thet position, but Luka, being a catholic, wouldn´t have made that choice. And Kerry was against him! She didn´t want to do what the woman´s partner asked for. She has never liked to break the rules, but this time, I would´ve thought that she would, not Luka.
    I loved the way Mark proposed, though I´ve always been a Mark/Susan fan.
    I also liked Abby accepting being Carter´s sponsor, they are big help to each other. I lke much more Abby now though.
    And I think Benton was ONCE right.
  • Carter returns to the ER after an agreement resulting in him asking Abby to be his AA sponsor Whilst Greene proposes to Corday...

    The return of carter to the Er after an agreement with Greene and weaver, he’ll be monitored and be restricted to minor cases. He was obviously not impressed by this negotiation but he loves his job too much to refuse. It’s kind of weird to see him in such a situation after showing such reliability in the past but everyone makes mistakes this being his.

    I would never have thought of Greene as the romantic type but after an earlier outburst from Corday he buys a new house and proposes with the ring in the ice box of the fridge, Original must say I’ve never seen that before and by Elizabeth’s reaction she was pretty chuffed they make a sweet couple and it was great to see her accept. A happy future, I doubt it somehow…
    Awesome music in this episode, outstanding acting and writing as usual. Proof of Er classics.
  • Dr. Mark Greene and Dr. Elizabeth Corday share a 'special' morning. She cannot believe that a grown man would put an empty carton of milk back in the refrigerator! Okay, so what planet did you come from Lizzy?

    Dr. Weaver shows the compassion that she has. She goes from raging to tender like a flip of a switch. Do you know anyone like that?

    Dr. Benton got what he wanted. Now he has to deal with more management issues. He has yet to learn to trust his subordinates, though. He cannot review every form and still have time to practice medicine.

    Oh boy, it pays to be from a wealthy family. You go away for three months to detox and then come back to pay for urine tests on half salary. Better screw up only if you are rich.

    Overall, it is a great episode. We hardly miss Carol and Doug.
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