Season 7 Episode 2

Sand and Water

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2000 on NBC

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  • Carter returns to the ER after an agreement resulting in him asking Abby to be his AA sponsor Whilst Greene proposes to Corday...

    The return of carter to the Er after an agreement with Greene and weaver, he’ll be monitored and be restricted to minor cases. He was obviously not impressed by this negotiation but he loves his job too much to refuse. It’s kind of weird to see him in such a situation after showing such reliability in the past but everyone makes mistakes this being his.

    I would never have thought of Greene as the romantic type but after an earlier outburst from Corday he buys a new house and proposes with the ring in the ice box of the fridge, Original must say I’ve never seen that before and by Elizabeth’s reaction she was pretty chuffed they make a sweet couple and it was great to see her accept. A happy future, I doubt it somehow…
    Awesome music in this episode, outstanding acting and writing as usual. Proof of Er classics.