Season 7 Episode 2

Sand and Water

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2000 on NBC

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  • Abby treats a premature baby in the ER. Luka and Kerry take care of a woman and her partner. And Mark proposes to Elizabeth.

    I liked it, but it´s the kind of episode that I watch just becuase it´s ER. I enjoyed the premature baby storyline. This was one of the introductory episodes for Abby, I think she did an exelent job taking care of the baby and his parents. It´s a sad storyline, but he lived, it was a miracle after all.
    Though love Luka, I couldn´t care less about the lesbian couple. I think it was sort of out of carácter, they should´ve put somone else in thet position, but Luka, being a catholic, wouldn´t have made that choice. And Kerry was against him! She didn´t want to do what the woman´s partner asked for. She has never liked to break the rules, but this time, I would´ve thought that she would, not Luka.
    I loved the way Mark proposed, though I´ve always been a Mark/Susan fan.
    I also liked Abby accepting being Carter´s sponsor, they are big help to each other. I lke much more Abby now though.
    And I think Benton was ONCE right.
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