Season 13 Episode 9

Scoop and Run

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2006 on NBC

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  • Abby's finest moment when she gets called on the scene on a bus accident while riding on a rescue chopper on Thanksgiving.

    This episode is no doubt one of the episodes that gives you the finest moments in each of the main characters and that one is about Abby, when she saves the mother aboard a crashed bus near the cliff and how the mother's desperate son tries to save her, Abby realizes what is important in live for rescuing that mother, the love of a child since she is a new mother to Baby Joe. Maura is such a great actress and very underrated. I hope for the best for Maura after her cancer treatment and recovery. This is one of the best episodes I seen.
  • Abby's thanksgiving

    I love this show.. I do not know but the last episodes have been good. I was starting to think there is not going to be episodes like there used to be in old days and it is going only downhills but there are good episodes - this one is. The whole Abby storyline. Transportation, then the bus crash. very emotional, very moving. I totally liked it and the impact that had on Abby too.

    The whole thing with Neela and Gates... I think it can work as a storyline. The only thing that left me feel like distance was Sam's son on ER.. I did not get that.
  • Good episode. A mix of comedy, drama, joy and sadness... and a happy end.

    Sweetest scene 1: Abby is about to leave (to bring back a patient by helicopter from another hospital). She instructs Luka on how to prepare their Thanksgiving dinner. The scene ends with a little kiss before the elevator doors close. Awww...
    Sweetest scene 2: Abby's surprised face as she realizes that Luka & Joe have come to the ER.
    Sweetest scene 3: The Kovac-Lockhart family at the Thanksgiving dinner. Luka looks so worried when Abby doesn't want to tell him about her helicopter ride.
    Good scene(s): Abby being "one of the boys" in the helicopter crew. I like the friendly bickering and that she doesn't allow the others take the mickey out of her.
    Least probable scene: Abby and the "flight nurse" (I dont know, but this is probably not his correct title) jumping off the bus just seconds before it falls down the cliff. Thrilling, but unbelievable.
  • great!!!!

    Oh my god, I really thought Abby was gonna die (well, just for a moment) that is the most exciting (after bloodline) episode I have seen, at the end its all about "scoop and run". I was reading other reviews and the are all right, holidays episodes are great, is so exciting because they always have something different than the normal days on the Er. Well, not so normal….. So talking about Neela and Tony, I don't think he's the real deal for her, I mean he is just playing around, the girl Sara told her he always goes back to them, poor ray just hiding his love for her, but its her decision and ray warned her. At least he found someone to be with, the always good Katy. I loved the end of this episode; they were all together eating from the kovac menu, happy and celebrating thanksgiving.
  • Its Thanksgiving in the ER and Abby and Luka's plans have to wait when Abby has to go help out somewhere.

    Great episode! The holday episodes are always great! Alot of people work on Thanksgiving! I wouldn't even thought Thanksgiving is boring! All you do is eat! There is no way I would go on my b-day or Christmas. Whos blood was that when Abby was trying to help that woman on the bus. If it was hers she would be dead so I don't think it is! Abby is so brave going on that bus and getting off just before it fell off a cliff. Gates and Neela take their relationship and that girl comes back. Neela looked very angry and confused!
  • ...

    I really enjoyed this episode! Every single bit of it or just about. My thoughts by character:

    Abby: Yep, her story-line was predictable enough but still entertaining. They're doing the typical exploration of a female doctor who's a new mother. When Milo ran up to the bus and Abby caught him and hugged him, well I thought that said a lot - he was calmer then, in an emphatic hug, then he was when grabbed by the men. So yes, is ER's answer in this episode, Abby is still a great doctor, and if anything being a mother might have helped her. I don't know if anyone else read it like that, but that was just my perspective on the story. I liked the ‘transport’ helicopter plot too. I mean, the general medical morals that arouse due to the duties. ‘Responsibility’ etc. I couldn’t hear most of the conversation on the helicopter, (the pilot before singing was drowned out) but what I could hear was well done. Especially the man at the end, when Abby thanked him and he couldn’t quite leave it there. When Abby had to talk to the family of the elderly woman at the end, that just proved that she cares about more than the job and her most basic duties. The man from the helicopter may have helped her out at the crash scene, but was he courageous enough to help a grieving family? No. Anyway, Abby got some nice lines, like when she called one of them ‘darling’.

    Kerry: She and Courtney are nice together, and they had some good moments. Even though I was happy with the way they were shown together I couldn't help wondering if any straight character would ever be treated quite like that? After all, I'm guessing that Courtney will end up being Kerry's lasting partner, and we would all be quite shocked if we saw, say, Luka happy with the woman of his dreams after two episodes and no screened build-up. Also, has she always been gay and only confronted it at 30? I never quite saw it like that in past seasons. And why no mention of her marriage, just of boyfriends? When the writers appear to be so so aware of Luka and Abby’s precise past, why are they so vague about other characters?
    I still don’t think that this New Kerry has really been justified or explained. She did have a lot of good qualities before, so it's not totally obscure for her to display her kindness before, but the change in the character doesn't speak of 'evolution' to me, but change...sideways, not forwards. I like her, she's fine, but she isn't the real Kerry. I just think I'd find her a bit more believable if she also displayed some of Kerry's past 'negative' qualities, just maybe in a more positive manner. I think I suggested this early in the season - a lot of Kerry's qualities are what made her a good doctor, as she was never afraid to fight on her patients' behalf. I just think this watered-down version doesn't quite show the same maturity that Kerry of old displayed. She is a lot more of a 'fluff' piece in herself. It's odd, because she's transformed, but if anything she's become even more surface. It's like any development of Kerry over the years has become redundant. This new Kerry doesn't show much depth.

    Pratt: I didn’t comment last week so I’ll say it now instead, but his reasons for being angry at his brother were TOTALLY meaningless and unjustified as the same “You should have told me” wouldn’t have applied I’m sure if Pratt’s brother had been caught with a girl in the shower.

    Jane: I always used to like Jane’s mild sarcasm but it was really OTT this week to the extent when I thought ‘Why have the writers got her being so spiteful?’. Of course, it soon became clear, (which is kind of cute, humerous ER) and the character did seem to calm-down on the attitude in the second half of the episode. Crenshaw’s tofurkey really wouldn’t have been turkey shaped though!!!

    Neela: I hope she gets a really good surgery story-line soon. She’s a bit bland with Gates as her main plot.

    Alex and Girl: Obvious from the start, but then this whole episode was anything but subtle. They’re a bit young, aren’t they!!!??? How old is Alex supposed to be? I think Newlex seems younger than original Alex in his general sluggishness.

    Gates: I feel like I’m coming out now (;)) but I don’t mind Tony Gates at this point. In his first couple of episodes I criticised some of his negative qualities, but I’ve quite liked him in the last couple of episodes. His positive connection with kids was displayed again today with a child other than Sarah, which is a nice development. I’m quite indifferent to he and Neela, I think I’ve resigned myself to the fact that they’re going to have a relationship so I may as well just watch the progress. I couldn’t believe the response of Meg on finding Neela and Tony!!!! Her comment about the wood was not one I would expect to come from an emotional individual. And I really agree with whoever it was who analysed the relationship and decided it was a lot more deep and real on Gates' part than Neela's. I can't see any evidence of womanising. I get the impression that he got ever so tangles up with Meg, from, possible honourable but confused intentions, but really does like Neela now and needs to move on with his life.

    Sam: Not much from her this week. But when she questioned Ray on Katey’s presence at his home she was grinning the whole time, which is rare, and kind of nice. It was, again, very ‘ER-of-old’; nurses and doctors teasing each other like that.

    Ames: I am REALLY not liking where this is going. Why did they have to take such a fantastic episode, exploring the difficulties and different perspectives, and turn it into an embittered, calculated man. I mean, his interaction with the police clearly portrayed calculated manipulation, now raw emotion.

    Ray: Interesting to see how he handles an age-old ER problem, that of students and teachers. I was surprised that Ray showed some brains and hesitation about the relationship, realising it was ‘immoral’ in terms of the ER rules. We’ve seen plenty of docs in the past who haven’t considered that at all. Today it was Katey doing the lying and pushing. Ray did at least step-back and express his reluctance. They’re using more music in ER episodes these days. I hope it doesn’t get too soapy. The whole episode also fit-together very well. I think we had the right amount of Abby and the right amount of the ER.
  • Another good but average episode still enjoyable but i'm waiting on a climax.!

    I enjoyed the Abby aspect of the episode and how they gave her the main storyline. she showed her usual stubborness going onto the bus and risking her life that took some guts i was impressed.I liked the conversations with the guys in the helicopters "It's the job darling" that was classic.I was expecting some kinf of climax but it just seemed to dilute out i was kinda dissapointed...

    I'm not getting this whole neela and gates thing it's obviously not gonna go anywhere and what were they expecting when Meg and sarah came back happy smiles and their blessing.Just get it over and done with and move on , it's the same with ray and katie it's obvious that all of it is just building up to neela and ray i really wish sometimes that the writers would hurry up but then again i suppose they have to drag it out... I thought the ending scenes were awesome Pratt asking kerry about his brother and the line "Are you coming out to me" Made me lauf. Then when Abby said "I just wanna go Home" And then luka and joe are there and she's got tears in her eyes awww... The whole idea of having the whole gang at the end was genious and for once there were happy faces not something the viewer is used to (well you get used to it my mum watched and couldn't believe how morbid it was i just don't realise as much)

    Overall an ok episode i do so enjoy the few luby moments they are and this is the first epi i've noticed the blondeness of Maura's hair
  • Dr Lockhart and Chef Kovac in action! But it could've been a lot better...

    I really expected a lot more from this episode, since everyone couldn't stop talking about Abby and the bus. But it wasn't that special, and sometimes even a little boring. Maura Tierney was excellent as always, her scenes on the helicopter fighting with the transport guys were great and the whole storyline with the old lady was really beautiful (and really sad). But somehow Abby running around saving the people in the accident, helping out Melanie and Milo, tough nice to watch (it was about time someone gave Abby her big accident episode) were a little boring, because we've seen that over and over again. Mark, Carter, Elizabeth, Luka, Neela, they've been there. The writers could've been more creative about that.

    But otherwise the episode was very nice. It was the first time I actually liked Alex, he was adorable with the sick girl. I liked seeing Ray again (I had almost forgotten he was part of the cast) and Sam had things to do, unusual. Neela with Gates was not that nice to see, but I'm getting used to them together. Pratt's talk with Kerry was just priceless. 'Are you coming out to me, Greg?', I loved that. And how Pratt came to Kerry for something really important, and not just about medicine. It's nice to see how Kerry changed and now is friends even with Pratt, who a few years ago she didn't even mind people punching.

    And finally, the Thanksgiving dinner by Chef Kovac was too sweet, it's impossible not to love him. Plus, Joe is fastly becoming the cutest baby on TV. It was great to see the whole ER family together. Sam and Alex not fighting for a change, Abby, Luka and Joe as a happy family, Kerry with her new love, Crenshaw and Jane getting interested in each other (!), Ray with a girlfriend and not moaning over Neela. A happy Thanksgiving.
  • I can say I was really excited about this episode, it was a Holiday ep, and it featured one of the best storiylines to have...a disaster!

    I will say, though, that this episode, while having a great amount of promise, did not live up to what it could have been. I don't even think I came to liking it too much after I finally concluded my thoughts on the matter. It's not as if there was something too wrong with it, it had the great characters, and the good set-ups and everything like that, but it was not the most exciting think it could have been. I'll say that it was for sure, an interesting episode, but it had a very low suspence rate. It could have done a lot with the dangling bus situation, and it only went to the minimum of it. This episode could have been another "Hell & High Water" (ER season 2 ep) but it lacked the constant tensity and turbulance. There should have been more going on at the crash site...I think. We could have seen more danger and death. Oh well, they can't all be the best.
  • I was expecting more... But it was a good episode anyway.

    Some comments:

    ~> Abby, you are right, karma sucks !
    ~> Gates & Neela: so cute they are. This is the best phase of any relationship - first days, first jokes, the feeling you can't simply take your hands off your beloved...
    ~> Scoop and run ? Doesn't this guys have a heart ?
    ~> Hey, Abby, still have to learn how to be more firm than that !
    ~> Jane, you got the guy ! But, do you know what to do with him ? By the way, weirdest couple ever !!!
    ~> Alex & Lulu, Neela & Gates, Jane & Crenshaw - is this Valentine's Day already in ER ?
    ~> Where is Luka ?
    ~> Luka, I don't know about the turkey, but you can surely baste me right now...
    ~> By the way, discussing turkey and stuffing over the patient? Only in a tv show...
    ~> That was damned close, Abby. I do not understand how a yound woman with a baby at home can possibly risk her life like that. You really are my heroine !
    ~> Luka, besides everything, you are also a good cooker and a well-gifted man. Will you marry me ?
  • I absolutely enjoyed this eppy since my favorite character was in action... yeah Abby Lockhart, rules!!!!!

    How a hectic episode, an important holiday, family plans for Luby and Joe, and then that huge accident. How mean were the guys in the choppér with Abby... Luka should have kicked their asses, morons.

    Anyway, I'd never imagines Abby in such a storyline like that. I mean, she's great at traumas inside the ER, but she'd never go to the field outside the hospital to do such things as triage, save a woman and her own ass.

    Well done Maura!!!! you rock!!!!
  • I liked it! Loved how we see everyones true emotions.

    I couldn't get enough of the part where abby puts the mp3 player on the kids ears and we listen to the cheerful song as all this chaos is happening. And how Abby constantly is watching the kid being the only thing keeping him under control. That was so great. I want to watch it again just talking about it. And I thought that it was great how Kerry was not shocked whats so ever with the surprising news of Gregs brother. She didn't even show any sign of surprise. I really liked how that story line has developed. Looks like it already started without any of us knowing. At least it isn't complicated and confusing like all the other ER relationships.
  • Maura Tierney to the Rescue!

    I rarely watched "E.R," but I'm watching this special episode because, well becausw Maura Tirney said so. I was watching the Thanksgiving Parade when Tierney was interviewed. She talked about tonight's episode and being in love with her, I said OK, I'll be there! I watched the episode and it was ok. I got to see her character go to the rescue of an woman who was trapped on the bus. The rest of the thanksgiving episode was the usual stuff, but I saw Maura Tierney, and that all i needed to recommend the episode. I gave it a 7.0. Sara Gilbert was also on "E.R." I see Sara Gilbert and Maura Tierney as my answer to McDramy and McSteamy. I'll watch "E.R." again if Tierney makes another rescue. If that happens, I'm planning to watch again.
  • A pretty good episode.

    This was a very intereting episode to say the least it was another thanks giving one but atleast this time they didn\\\'t kill anyone. Alix was in this episode and i had to say he was a good kid in this one with that little girl. The helicopter ride scene was weird to say the least with those 3 or was it 4 anyway guy\\\'s with abby they were not very polite to say the least. The bus crashing over the ledge scene was well done i thought since they did it so well, I wont give to much more away but this was a very good ER episode.
  • A solid episode of ER but the Doctor in peril while out with the ambulance crew has been done to death.

    It\'s nice to see Abby getting out and about but I think that a person with a new baby would be less gung-ho about climbing into a bus which is flailing about on the edge of a ravine.

    i find it very hard to believe that Abby would do that.

    They seem to be stuck in a loop of repeating storylines. Enough! Last time we saw this storyline it was Neela running into a burning building to save a small child. Guess what - the ambulance crew told her she was tough afterwards.

    Surely all the ambulance crews know all the doctors by now and would be familiar with Abby.

    It was good to have an episode without Morris. he is such a pain. Stops being funny after a while.
  • Abbey's Thanksgiving plans are ruined by a helicopter run that is called to rescue a bus hanging over a cliff edge. Kerry is approached for advice on sexual orientation and Sam brings her son to volunteer at County, where he makes friends with a patient.

    Good episode, with a strange mix of focussing on Abbey, giving her her first big episode outside the E.R. after years of holding fort in the emergency room and letting everyone else do the heroics, she takes on a bus and sexist helicopter rescue teams, whilst the show ends with an ensemble Thanksgiving meal, uncharacteristic for the team and Abbey hides the details of her trip. Some things worked and others didn't. Kerry's romance with the TV reporter seems to have moved on and an interesting dynamic with Pratt asking her for advice for his brother on orientation. Loved the quip about Kerry having great taste in women!

    The Ames storyline plods on a little Aimlessly! I am sure it will boil up to climax but actually am a bit dissappointed with the whole storyline. Also would have been more interested in hearing about Kovac and Abbey balancing work and baby, but all seems to be conveniently handled.

    Also not sure about the Alex storyline. Looks like Sam is lacking in things to do. Like the Jane and Crenshaw flirtation, although was convinced he was gay.
  • Bravo F/X team:)

    Ever seen a movie 'Accidental Hero' with Dustin Hoffman? The bus scene with Abby and later people teasing her at the hospital reminded me of it. Why didn't she say anything?:) Loved the scene when Meg caught Tony in bed with Neela. Sorry girl, he's just not right for you! And the sooner you see it the better. It seems to me that Ray IS stalked by Katie. But if I was a guy and she was the girl stalking me I don't think I would mind;). Actually I wouldn't mind being stalked by Ray;)). The last scene was lovely but there was one thing that bugged me: if doctors and nurses are in this room, who's treating the patients;).
  • wow

    an amzing abby episode. I loved the way she handled everything she is so amazing. It almost made me cry... I liked the conversation between Kerry and pratt. It was good and i loved the line that kerry aid about pratt's "gay-dar" that was hilarious.

    It was so cute with Alex and that girl. I hope she's back in an episode because they are so cute together.

    Haha I KNEW Meg would walk in on neela and gates. That was classic. serves Neela right for not choosing ray lol

    Ok this is wierd but i was randomly struck with this idea that Ray and Sam would be cute couple. Just because Neela seems to be taken at the moment and sam needs to get together with someone. I liked how every single patient that came in had a thanksgiving related injury. I thought that was kinda funny.
  • Its thanksgiving and Abby is called out to help a bus crash. The bus is hanging off the cliff and about to fall any second. A little girl is sick. John Stamos finally kisses his crush.

    The only thing interesting was the bus crash it was the best part of the show. It made me cry. The mom "Melanie" and son "Milo" should have been seen in the end though (does this mean they will return?), so Abby could see them together again. I just thought that was the only good part, the rest of the show with the whole cranberry BS was as bad as Alexes acting. I loooooved the bus crash it was pivotal and emotional. Melanie Milo and Abby had such great chemistry. The previews made it seem like the bus crash was the whole episode so I didn't like the fact that I wasted my time with the other stuff in the show . I guess the writers split up the great story with the ok story so people wouldn't switch the channel once that story was over. The pointg is Milo and Melanie good. The rest bad.
  • I thought it was...

    I thought it was really sad because of what happend with the bus! Getting on the bus and knowing you might die, that'd be scary. And when Milo was trying to save his mom, that was REALLY sad because one, Tim McGraws music was on, and 2 because it all went togeather so nicely that its a real tear jerker!
  • Abby saves the day? Crenshaw has a girlfriend. Alex is redeemed...almost.

    Given the PR hype and the fact that I am an absolute die hard Maura Tierney fan, I expected this particular episode to reach out and touch me in a way none of the others have. I am afraid I have been so thoroughly spoiled by the outstanding performances in 'Bloodline' however, that this one just did not measure up. It was....good. I loved all of the Abby/Luka interactions....and wish we were seeing a bit more. The bus crash was different.... but reminescent of the train accident that brought about Luka's revelation of the deaths of his family several seasons back. I half expected that we would be seeing something similar happening with Abby. I liked the gang dealing with Thanksgiving freaks back at the hospital. The whipped cream can whiffer brought back some guilty teen memories of my own. LOL Jane has both interested and repelled me and I wondered why they were keeping her around. Crenshaw's snarkiness has both interested and repelled me and I wondered why they were keeping him around. Ah...a match made in heaven! I wonder what he is going to think about her being a resident rather than a nurse?? He has such disdain for ER doctors. Should be fun. Katey does not interest me AT ALL and I was glad to see her gone for a week or two. Ray looked as worried as I am at the thought of her being in the ER more. I am warming up to Neela with Gates rather than Ray anyway. They did a nice job together in tonight's epi.... especially with their Alex/Lulu interactions. I really, really, really miss Oliver Davis as 'Alex'...and always have. Dominic Janes is a good looking kid but has the acting chops of a carrot. In tonight's epi he reminded me more of my own 13 year old than he ever has before however. Just tossing the cookies at an unconcious patient was such a 'bored to tears' kid kind of thing to do. It was fun to see him with a little expression and action in terms of Lulu. Thank you, Stamos! Sheesh... that guy can make anyone look good in a scene with him! He is so like Maura Tierney in that respect. Kerry and Pratt's conversation was a bit clunky, I felt....just dropped in there. But it was necessary and carried well into later interactions and I am assuming will affect later episodes as well. Back to Maura....I was surprised that she portrayed Abby with such lack of facial expression in this epi....but that was mostly during the bus scenes and directly after. Was she trying to show that she was resigned to her lot with the condescending paramedic helicopter crew? I think I expected more fiestiness...more dismay at the crash scene...more something. Even her return to the hospital (supposed to be exhaustion maybe?) came off as 'boredom'. I know her usual stuff was there. When Luka showed up unexpectedly with the baby, the absolute sun broke out on her face. THAT is the Maura I have come to expect. I absolutely loved the Thanksgiving dinner scene in the lounge at the end. It was my ER 'family' all together. Happy Holidays.
  • kind of a boring episode. not what I expected.

    Vey boring plot line, I caught mysefl forwarding again on my DVR. There is too many inmature doctors in the ER. None of them take control Like Dr. Romano, Green, or Carter. You cant even tell who are attending or residents or even interns. The only some what interesting storyline was Abby on with the flight crew. I like how Abby took control to help her patients even the one still on the bus. It shows even in real life no one gets along to help in a mass tradegy. Is it just me but the previews seem more interesting then the episode itself. I mean it really gets me to watch and when I do I am more disappointed. Normally the \"previously On\" as something to do with that nights episode the plot with Dr. Kovac and the cop protecting his family had nothing to do with the episode. All around not a good episode. Hopefully better next time!
  • Abby manages a mass casualty incident with a flight crew. The ER staff continue to argue and fret about almost everything other than their patients. Neela and John Stamos consummate their relationship.

    Unfortunately, ER continues to spiral downward in the acting, casting, and realism of its characters. With the exception of Abby in this episode, most of the medical staff seem to carry the maturity level of middle schoolers in almost all their interactions. As someone who works in the medical field, I find it disheartening to see ER portray the majority of its medical professionals in such a light: it seems like we could not get through a single scene without a doctor, nurse, or flight medic being crass, uncaring, or apathetic. That's not to say emergency medicine doesn't involve disagreement, but the level of respect (or lack thereof) these characters show for their peers, and their patients, is astounding! It really is a shame to think that some of the newer characters are listed in the same credits as folks like Drs. Green, Carter, Ross, Cordae, and Romano!

    J.P. Mantoux (Dr. Crenshaw) and that less-than-diplomatic doctor he seems to like remain some of the most uninspiring characters ever cast in the series. Parminder Nagra's (Neela) recent transition from a book-smart-yet-useless clinician to something of an ER sex symbol is equally nauseating. As the size of roles given to bad characters increases, the accuracy and realism of the show's medicine proportionally decreases. In this episode especially, there were many scenes that left me simply scratching my head - a flight crew responding to another call with a corpse on board...Abby asking for a liter of MS - morphine -?!?

    While this season started out strong, I worry that the slimming of the show's introduction/opening theme to "make more room for the story" signaled a transition into more soap-opera-like drama. I truly hope that said drama does not continue to come at the expense of the character depth, medical accuracy, and realism ER used to be known for.
  • Great Episode

    This episode was a Thanksgiving episode. The bulk of the episode focused on one of my favorite characters of ER, Abby. She went on transport. While on transport, they ended of picking up an elderly woman that ends up dying as soon as they get up into the air. They are on their way back and they answer a call about a bus crash. Once there Abby and the other transport guy have to triage as many people as they can before more help arrives. Most of the people were able to exit the bus but a young boy and his mother are still on the bus that is hanging off the side of a cliff. Abby goes in and with the help of one of the transport people is able to stabilize the mother and get her off the bus just before it ends up falling off the cliff. The mother while she was on the bus starting telling Abby what her son likes because she did not think she was going to make it and this makes Abby think about what would happen to Joe if something happened to her. Another storyline for this episode was Gates and Neela having Thanksgiving together. They skip dinner and go straight to dessert. They were still in bed when the mother and daughter that Gates lives with comes upstairs. Dr Pratt asks Dr Weaver about when she found out she was gay. She says that she did not come out until she was thirty but her life got a great deal better once she did. At the very end Dr Kovac comes to the ER with Thanksgiving dinner for everyone in the ER. All the storylines were good in this episode. This episode had me on the edge of my seat. Can't wait until next week's episode.
  • I'm liking this show...

    I have only seen about a handful of episodes of this show from this season but I find myself liking it. It is a thanks giving episode but it wasn't really for me because I am canadian and had my thanksgiving last month. Abby I think that's her name has to help a bunch of people that got into a bus crash. I really like the character that John Stamos plays I think that he adds comedy to the show. The part that I thought was really funny in this episode is where the little girl Wolfes her cranberry sause on the side of the nurse's face. Later...