Season 13 Episode 22

Sea Change

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 10, 2007 on NBC

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  • Changes are coming... and already here

    So.. the wedding is over and Abby and Luka have to deal with it - not that they have trouble. Only it is weird to see Abby referred as Mrs Kovac. Morris and Hope.. that was somehow funny but also very beautiful. And I was happy that Sarah could stay with Tony as it looks like she really loves to live with him..

    And Neela... dealing with that patient of her and two man of the patient's life.. and looking for Ray. How he just can be missing after this?

    Anyway.. it was nice to have ER back after they turned it down. And it was great episode.
  • Good episode, but this should be a season premiere as it feels like the start of something new (because the previous episode seemed to be a season finale).

    Best line: Morris says to Luka "Your wedding happened and now everything's changed. You're married, I'm with Hope, you're not the chief anymore, there's new ramps in the bathroom. It's a brave new world. Gates is still a pain in the ass though, at least there's something you can count on." - Spot on, Archie!
    Sweetest scene: The newlyweds in the morning. Abby proudly receives her first letter addressed to "Mrs Luka Kovac"! Luka shows her a bikini that he bought her for the honeymoon.
    Funniest line: Luka (cool sunglasses!) & Abby comes into the ER and Morris introduces them as "Mr & Mrs Luka Kovac, Dr & Mrs , Dr & Dr..." Newbie on the ER staff: Moretti from ICU, a place he obviously doesn't like to work in, but he seems to have plans for the ER. – Something makes me feel that I'm going to like him. Stanley Tucci is a great actor.
    Nice scene: Abby talks to radiologist Bettina about working with the person you live with: "It's nice to go home with someone who understands..."
    Most annoying: Larry presuming that Sam is his girlfriend.
    Most awkward scene: Neela in the elevator with Dubenko and Mae-Lee.
    Cutest scene turning into ominous scene: Luka & Joe watching a Croatian soccer match on tv. Abby comes in from work, and all is well until Luka gets a phone call from Croatia..... And where is Ray? Neela goes to his apartment, but he isn't there. Katey gets phone call in the middle of a code. Is it Ray calling? To be continued....
  • Luby 4ever :)

    I really loved the wedding episode and now that they're finally married, Luby of course still is so great! Let's hope this is gonna last!!
    They storyline with Morris and Hope is really sweet, I like them together. I saw Busy Phillips on Dawson's Creek back in the days when she was portraying this wannabe-rockstar b!tch on drugs (I still loved her even then!) and I think it's a really interesting role this Hope. And it was just great how she had to almost force Archie out of the honeymoon sweet :D
    Also: what the heck has happened with Ray? I'm scared
  • Luby - Happily married.

    I loved this episode ..
    The Luby scenes was SOOO GOOOD.
    I liked the first Luby scene when Luka show Abby the bikini and the last, when Joe and Luka watch football.
    But that phonecall was creepy.
    He cant go back to Croatia. I didnt like Moretti, I dont know why but i just didnt .
    He is so annoying.
    I love what they're doing to Hope and Morris, but if Luka and Abby leave Hope and Morris are never going to keep the show up.

    Ray, i dont like him and never going to but i still feel bad for him.
    I didnt like the scene with him and Sarah!
    but i liked when Morris said everything changed, but gates is still a pain in the ass, that will never change or something like that..
  • Back to reality for the ER gang...

    After a fantastic wedding episode, it was back to business as usual for our favorite medical drama. This episode introduced Dr. Kevin Moretti, an ICU doc who is about to take the open chief position given his dissatisfaction with how the ER operates. He's gonna be one tough cookie; kinda like Clemente but a little less nutty. Abby and Luka adjusted to being married which wasn't much different from before they were married. Larry actually referred to them as "Luby" a nice shout-out to the fans. Oh, and speaking of Larry, he drove Sam crazy assuming they were now boyfriend/girlfriend since they made-out at the wedding. I was wondering who that was. Hope and Morris were cute together in the beginnings of their relationship. And Pratt is still pursuing Betina despite her resistance. Oh, and because we can't seem to go a week without talking about Gates; he decided he wanted to be Sarah's guardian. I'm so over Gates, give us a break from him! Of course the writers decided not to deliver on the cliffhanger; whatever happened to Ray? Spoiler alert! The previews showed he was alive and conscious. I was so relieved because if they gave him amnesia and made him forget Neela I would have been so mad! Luckily, he's still conscious but he doesn't look too happy. Granted he was hit by a truck. After the huge deal they made about closing the ER there weren't any big changes. I wouldn't have minded a set change. Oh well, guess it wasn't in the budget.
  • Nothing has changed....and yet everything has.

    Nothing has changed, Abby tells Luka. She is still not going to cook...or sew....or keep track of his socks. Nothing has changed and yet everything has. They are married, happy and planning a honeymoon in Hawaii. Luka attends his last departmental head meeting and is officially no longer ER chief. Morris and Hope have taken the next step in their relationship....and in Abby amd Luka's honeymoon suite. Hee. Larry has Sam locked up in a 'pretend' relationship and expects it to last for the duration. Here, meet my parents? Run Sam! Heh. Cute stuff all around. The ICU chief ventures in to the ER and immediately locks horns with Pratt....and Sam...and Gates.....whew. And he is going to be the next ER Chief??? WHAT is Anspaugh thinking? Gates talks with a lawyer about retaining custody of Sarah. Later he discusses it with her and she affirms that she wants to stay with him..Heh. I smell a custody fight in our future. Neela goes in search of a missing Ray and uses his hidden key to enter his empty apartment. Well...people empty anyway. There were dead fish floating in the tank. A bevy of patients....a gifted physicist who goes south fast - leaving behind two 'husbands'. Two women in a suspiciously abusive relationship. Don't remember much of anything else. As always, I was more keenly attuned to those Abby/Luka moments...and there were a few of them. Love, LOVE their at home stuff. We got to see Joe and a huge screen tv. The phone rings....and Goran Visnjic's exit arc begins. Sigh. Gonna miss that big Croat. Dang.