Season 8 Episode 16

Secrets and Lies

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2002 on NBC

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  • Setting the storylines

    This episode was great. Not only did it prepare the story lines going into other seasons we also got to know more about 5 amazing characters.
  • A humerous side to ER.

    This episode was very, very, very funny, from the start to the finish. I loved the way Luka and Carter clashed over Abby (back off Carter) and the way Abby and Susan bonded. It was really entertaing and different from the medical side of ER. I absoutley loved it. I loved the talk about when they al lost there virginities and Carter's time was hialirious, an eleven year old with a twenty five year old? That's so illegal but funny. Ha ha! Carter was really funny and entertaining, his duel with Luka and eventually telling Susan he put the d*ldo in Weaver's locker, I didn't think he had the balls for it. Loved Luka and Abby competing over Abby, totally glad it worked out with Abby and Luka eventually but Carter and Abby are alright, sometimes.

    Overall an excellent and very entertaining episode. I loved it, I'm glad we got a break from the Mark and Elizabeth story line.
  • All those little secrets and lies..

    It was a really unique episode - I do not count that I would remember anything like this later or before. The story is very simple - Abby, Susan, Carter, Kovac and Gallant are caught by Weaver and then sent to little lecture, where most of the episode, they wait it. As they have so much time, they talk.. we learn so much about all of those characters and Gallant is opened for us first time. The fencing (what was very stylish), all those little secrets, memories, Hamleth in Croatia... and the end scenes.. stunning episode. Really refreshing and great interlude
  • Five favorite characters stuck together in a single, angsty, revealing.

    No matter how many times I watch this episode I am sucked into the fun and revelations of some of my favorite characters. Through their interactions we are given glimpses of their families, their pasts, their hopes and their characters. A sexual harrassment clinic in a blandly decorated college classroom. We are introduced to Michael Gallant and his dedication to his family and his military career. We catch glimpses of the happy childhood and early marriage of Luka Kovac. We get the comparative families of Carter's well to do - yet sad - upbringing and Susan's relatively normal middle class childhood. We hear Susan's reasons for returning to Chicago....and Luka skirting the issue of his reasons for leaving Croatia. We experience a hauntingly beautiful siloquoy from Hamilet in Croatian. We get to see the sparring of the two men for the affection and attention of Abby come to life in a playfully intense fencing match. Abby. Maura Tierney completely steals the episode as the bridge between all of the characters. The Virgin Game. The confession of being a reality show junkie. The 'girl talk' seeding of a wonderful friendship with Susan. The curiosity about the Carter millions. Acknowledging that she knows as little about Luka as she does about Carter. She also gives a tremendously powerful testament about nursing as a career. (So moving that I was later disappointed that she would go back to medical school.) Nicely written and wonderfully directed, all five actors clearly shown in each of their own moments. It was a fun break from the ER. But not altogether complete. We did get a dominatrix patient...and her client.... whose 'bag of tricks' was the reason for the retraining session in the first place. Hilarious and disturbing....and a whole lot of fun.
  • One of those episodes that you just keep coming back to and not getting bored of watching over and over again. Altogether unforgettable.

    This has to be one of my favourite episodes, marking classic old-school ER as it drew to its close. Between the unforced humour, the well-balanced and believable character development...and well, Luka reciting the To Be or Not to Be soliloquy in croatian, need I say more? Even though nothing exceedingly crucial happens in this episode with regards to plot, there are so many little things that happen that make the show and its characters just that much more memorable.
  • This is not "Exactly why i watch this series" but it is a very welcome break from the madness of the ER.

    This is not "Exactly why i watch this series" but it is a very welcome break from the madness of the ER. It is brilliantly plotted. The whole thing with the dominatrix bag was hilarious, as well as most of the other scenes. The characters are & the relationships are really well developed here. You get to see the beginning of a wonderful friendship between Abby & Susan, as well as a bond between Carter and Luka. The latter duel and quote Hamlet in a ridiculous(ly funny) competition for Abby's heart. This is probably my favourite ER episode as it shows another side of the doctors and it has you on the floor at laughing every other scene.
  • Hilarious circumstances occur for Abby, Susan, Luka, Carter and Gallant after they are caught going through a patients "private" belongings.

    Most people would believe that an ER episode with hardly any medical storylines may not work. Were they wrong or what?! Well, this episode worked. This episode was the start of a wonderful friendship between Susan and Abby, after they are amused at the endless show-off tactics of Luka and Carter (who end up brawling). They share the stories of how they lost their virginity's and who can do <i>Hamlet</i> better: Luka or Carter. Of course: Luka! I wasn't quite sure of the reason of this episode, but now I think about it was the development of a friendship (Susan and Abby), enemies (Carter and Luka) and perhaps the start of a relationship (between Carter and Abby). We also learned more about our favourite characters, information we may wanted to know or may not have wanted to known!
  • Abby, Luka, Susan, Carter an Gallant go to a seminar and they learn more abot each other.

    May be the best ER epsiode. see the doctors all the day out of the hospital was really nice to see. Before watching it (i saw it on the reruns) i had read it was gret, nut i never thought THAT good. All the things we could learn of the characters in this episode were too much.

    Carter wasn´t the same guy he always is, because he seid thing that were out of line (?). Luka was perfect!, very inocent. Abby and Susan were very funny (the whole epsiode was anyway). And Gallant didn´t spoke too much.

    I think that even the actors enjoyed filming it, i´ve watched like 5 times and i can´t stop laughing!.
  • a great episode season 8 has to be the best

    I have been watching ER since it began in 94 and by far this is the best episode ive seen and i always find myself recording it everytime it comes on from watching a young Gallant act so much more mature than his teachers to Abby breaking down when Gallant wont let her smoke is just classic and it makes me laugh everytime was like watching a theater play just a great episode even if you are not a fan of the show. I say Carter is worth 800 Million lmao
  • I love this epi, possibly my favourite one of all. The non-ER based part of this episode gives us lots of personal detail that would otherwise take years to come out - if at all!

    The whole episode just works. The time that Luka, Abby, Susan, John and Michael spend waiting for their lecture, is brilliantly scripted and acted. Luka quoting Hamlet in Croatian, is so moving. The fencing is exhilarating and seems that they are getting the chance to vent their anger due to their feelings for Abby.
    Abby is currently staying at Luka\\\'s but only on the couch, and then Susan has spent the night at Mark\\\'s (on the couch!) and its all driving John crazy.
    I like the fact that Susan finally gets the chance to know Abby better too. I like both the characters and it seemed likely that they would have got on, except for John being the complicating factor. It is interesting how they compare the dcotor to nurse role, and that Susan had never thought about the nurse side before. It still seems hard to believe that Abby can be content, although she often gets to act the doctor, but has to stop short of delivering the remedy.
  • Abby, Carter, Kovac, Lewis and Gallant get in trouble for opening a patient's bag and placing a vibrator in Weaver's locker. A very exciting episode!

    I LOVE this episode cuz it takes you away from all the stress in the ER and reminds you that these doctors have very awesome personalities.
    I recorded this episode and watched it over and over again! It's just really exciting to see how all these wonderful secrets come out.
    I didn't like the fact that Susan and Carter broke up cuz, i mean, even if he went after Abby, she's still hung up on Kovac, so that wouldn't change anything. Oh and I felt really bad for Gallant who really didn't have anything to do with them opening that bag but still got in trouble
  • Abby, Carter, Susan, Gallant and Luka trapped in a room for the day, sharing, fighting and discovering more abour each other.

    One of the best ER episodes EVER simply because it focuses on the characters, not the characters and the patients or whatever. That's ER's essence - they are doctors and nurses, but they're also humans, and this episode shows it very well, and with a lot of humor. Gotta love this ep.
  • I loved to watch it. It´s the kind of episode you can watch over and over again:)

    I really liked it! You did find out a lot of all the people that was is the room:)
    Abby, Luka, Carter, Susan and Gallant.
    It happened a lot of fun stuff, like when Kerry realized what she had in her locker before she send them to that room;) It was really funny!
    And when Luka and Carter faught with the swords over Abby, and then did they skip the swords and faught anyway:/ Scary:P I have never seen either of them that angry...
    It was also kind of fun to watch when they copeted about witch one of them who was the youngest when they did´nt was a virgin anymore...Poor Carter!:(

    If you has´nt watched it yet is the only thing I can say: Watch it!!!;)
  • Well, Carter, Abby, Susan, Luka and Gallant have to attend a sexual harrasment lecture. Hilarity ensues ;-)

    This is a great episode, perhaps for no other reason that its an episode that takes place outside the ER and doesn't suck. Previous attempts at this sort of episode weren't really to my liking. When Carol was involved in a convenience store robbery, or when Benton went to the sticks, it just felt like a filler episode. However this episode is quite different. Weaver send the aforementioned five people to the sexual harrasment lecture, and it being a typical Chicago winter, the lecturer is snowed in. So basically, you have a Breakfast Club scenario. That in itself is pretty cool, but what I really like about this episode is there's some great writing, and some great character exposition. Lets face it, no one watches ER to learn about cholecystectomy's, you watch it because it has great well written characters interacting with a difficult workplace. This episode takes away the fast pace of the workplace, and places the characters away from it, but still lets them interact. The problem with the Benton/Hathaway episodes is that they were meant to expose a somewhat minor character further to the audience, while this episode is just a regular dose of ER, but without the blood. Who can resist?
  • Its all about CArter, Luka, Abby, Susan and Gallant going to a sexual harassment seminar experiences

    This is one of my favorite episodes of all seasons because its all about my favorite characters (Carter, Abby, Luka and Susan). One of the \"coolest\" moments its when Carter and Luka fight for the love of Abby, even if she does\'t realizes about this.
    In this episode Susan sees that her relation with Carter is not the greatest, so she does one of the greatest thing ever: she tells Carter to tell Abby about how he feels about her.In my opinion shouldn\'t had been there, first of all he had notihing to do with the patients belongins, moreover, he was bored and he only read a book in the whole episode, an he did nothing funny in the seminar. We also see the last kiss between Carter and Susan (weee)
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