Season 8 Episode 16

Secrets and Lies

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2002 on NBC

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  • A humerous side to ER.

    This episode was very, very, very funny, from the start to the finish. I loved the way Luka and Carter clashed over Abby (back off Carter) and the way Abby and Susan bonded. It was really entertaing and different from the medical side of ER. I absoutley loved it. I loved the talk about when they al lost there virginities and Carter's time was hialirious, an eleven year old with a twenty five year old? That's so illegal but funny. Ha ha! Carter was really funny and entertaining, his duel with Luka and eventually telling Susan he put the d*ldo in Weaver's locker, I didn't think he had the balls for it. Loved Luka and Abby competing over Abby, totally glad it worked out with Abby and Luka eventually but Carter and Abby are alright, sometimes.

    Overall an excellent and very entertaining episode. I loved it, I'm glad we got a break from the Mark and Elizabeth story line.
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