Season 4 Episode 12

Sharp Relief

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 1998 on NBC

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  • Beautiful plans but they all turn wrong and who is going to break whose heart now...

    Another great storylines only when in last couple of episode it seems like things are getting better, they are going bad now...

    Doug is happy and wants to marry Carol but she... she just is not ready or that she thinks.. Doug has beautiful plans, romantic plans.. but she...

    she is driving with paramedics and they found another elder lady who has been assault.. and one paramedic is moved and out of his character.. and they end up trying to find a cat the old lady had.. only to end up kissing.. so much of Doug's plan to get married in that night..

    Ok.. the older lady assaults are in main focus again and things are getting ugly - but that storyline keeps up the excitement and adds something continues...

    We have another continues storyline - Jeanie and Anspaugh and that little lovely boy... that looks really promising and Benton - he is getting more friendly with Cordey.

    Quite average but building a bridge for next coming events.