Season 15 Episode 20

Shifting Equilibrium

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2009 on NBC

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  • Neela takes her leave.....

    A teaser. That's what this episode was. A total teaser. And kind of fun in a way. First there were the credits. Searching the credits to see who is going to appear has become a 'thing.' Based on the promos, totally expected to see 'Maura Tierney' in the credits but no dice. Was growling a bit at the tease. Then there was Neela, throwing her arms around some guy saying that she didn't know how she was going to do 'it' without him. Him turned out not to be Brenner....or maybe expected, but Dubenko. A highley emotional and remorseful Dubenko. Awwww. The in flashback we see Neela's last shift progrssing normally. Frank trying to come up with a farewell party to make up for his first day gaff with the ne intern Rasgotra. Cute...not really funny stuff this week though. Made me sad. The Snarky Frank and Jerry Show have been delightful of late. The snarky came from Dubenko as he all but encouraged Neela's quest to finish with 2,500 surigical procedures. How very enlightening to see her satisfied with 2,499. Our Neela has surely matured. Loved the exchange with Brenner thanking her for pushing him to get on with his life. The patient stories were good but not really they could have been. The walk to 'The Wall' and the flashbacks were... flat...this time around. The 'surprise' was missing. The phone call was wonderfully indicative of the continuing friendship between Abby and Neela. Perfect. And it was also a good picture of life in Boston working out for the Kovac family. (Hee. Abby hates THURSDAYS?? LOL) But it was the very end sequences that seemed to throw curve ball after curve ball. Just where was Neela headed?? Warm weather. Hmm. Dapper dressed pair of legs with a cane on the elevator. Rats. Old guy with head sets. French names on the facility signs. Hmm. Various body parts and heads in a physical therapy situation. And finally...a turn, a familiar face, a smile. She is in Baton Rouge. While I was never one of those rabid 'Roomie' fans, I am glad that Neela wound up with Ray. Chalk up one more happy ending for the series. Finally......