Season 15 Episode 20

Shifting Equilibrium

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2009 on NBC

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  • Goodbye Neela...

    This is really the end... With Neela leaving, ER has definitely started wrapping up things... I can't believe this is it.

    I've been watching the show for 15 years, I grew up with it (I was 12 when it started!) and even though the passion gradually faded over the years it was still a great pleasure to check in once a week.

    I was very surprised because I had no idea that Neela wouldn't make it to the finale. I couldn't help but cry. Her goodbye to Dubenko was very emotional. And oh my God, Abby came back!!!

    On the other hand I knew that Ray was coming back and the writers really milked it. The waiting was unbearable
    I couldn't help but scream. Make him appear now, why does it take so long for Neela to go?!!
    The both of them finally get together. After all this time...
    I'm sorry we didn't get a great final kiss but that would have probably been too corny for ER.
    It reminded of when Carol joined Doug in Seattle.

    I'll miss Neela (and Ray) terribly for the last two episodes. She was my favourite character (with Abby).
    And I really need to get prepared for the finale... the emotion will be overwhelming...
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