Season 15 Episode 20

Shifting Equilibrium

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2009 on NBC

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  • Goodbye Neela.......

    In this episode of ER, the following happens. We open this episode with the knowledge that Neela is leaving County, in this episode. We open the episode as she leaves the hospital, for the last ever time. We then see her in an airport, and she phones someone and leaves them a message to ring her back. Then Simon turns up, at the airport bar. We then go back to 12 hours earlier. We also learn that Neela has done 2499 cases during her surgical years, her last case will make it 2500. But alas the surgery doesn't go ahead and so Neela leaves County with only 1499 surgical procedures under her belt. Neela and Simon Say their goodbyes at the airport, with a goodbye kiss. As a goodbye, Frank organises a little get together for Neela before she leaves in the break room. He even has Bollywood dancers there. Everyone is there to say goodbye to Neela, as she sets off for a new life. Haleh then takes Neela down to the wall, where she puts her name off of hr locker. As she is taken down she has flashbacks to her life in the ER, through the years since she started there. We then learn who Neela left the message for as they are returning the phone call and it's Abby. They talk and Neela then boards the plane to her new life. Neela arrives at the airport and has a look of doubt about it all on her face. Then we see Neela driving with a map in her hand. She finally gets to her destination and we see that she is at a medical centre. We then see her entering a rehab room, and then it clicks. She is in the Centre where Ray works, and then we see him. Finally Ray & Neela are back together, just like they are supposed to be. Roomies Forever!!