Season 10 Episode 4

Shifts Happen

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2003 on NBC

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  • Horrible night for Pratt

    I do not know, it was nothing too special, rather one of the usual too busy episodes were there are many many cases but.. they can turn it into good episode but this one - it was somehow totally chaotic and not made much case.

    Pratt has not been my favorite character and this episode - I am not sure what they tried to show - that even after a year or more when he has somehow got to the normal point, he still has that arrogant selfish attitude and...

    And those new doctors, med students and.. whatever they are - they are horrible, ok Neela looks quite ok and that Morris somehow looks sympahtic but they are not very good characters.
  • great setup+great followthrough=tremendous episode

    This episode is set up brilliantly with Pratt's day then the setup of the patients. The conclusion is no disappointment, with just about every storyline having a surprise twist. This is a defining episode for Pratt, who makes two critical mistakes, one with the stroke patient and one with the kid who swollowed the quarter. He really did mean well in this episode, but made two mistakes, Romano was unfair to him and continued to be until his death. When I first saw this episode, I had no idea what would happen with that stroke patient, that was a great surprise twist. I also liked the twist with the quarter kid, Pratt go really lucky with that one. This was an exciting and fun episode to watch, I really liked it.