Season 6 Episode 4

Sins of the Fathers

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 21, 1999 on NBC

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  • Nothing too special

    Dave plays with Carter over who gets which patient. Dave gets the more interesting case at the first but is not so easy - he has to spend much time for him, later found his family. He learns that his wife has no change to get there as he is dying. The woman forwards message and he wrote it but never have change to read it - he dies. But he gets back after he troughs the message away. He has some humanity left.

    Dr. Lawrence tells Lucy to order test they do not need and later - he says it was something different. Anyone believes Lucy as everyone believes Dr. Lawrence knows what he does. But it seems he might have some problems with memory.

    Cordey gets to the first page of the newspaper with negative article about the hospital. And she has problems with Romano, but who doesn't?
  • Mark and Elizabeth are clearly together, bith at work and play, which is helping Mark through difficult times with his father and the 'new' attending

    Mark continues to be concerned about Dr Lawrence’s medical abilities. Lucy also has to refer to Mark after an inappropriate test was carried out. Gabe also reaches the wrong conclusion about a young man brought in after he tried to hang himself, and maybe reflects some of his own guilt in the father of the boy.
    Elizabeth stands up for herself and her team after Romano orders her around again. Anspaugh gives her some good advice and the benefit of his experience.
    Dr Dave has to contact the wife of a dying parachutist patient. She dictates a message as she is in Dallas and unlikely to make it in time. Unfortunately the guy dies before Dave reads it to him. It preys on Malucci’s mind and in the end he reads it to him, even though he is dead. This is a more human and caring side of Malucci, that we do not often see. He is a buffoon, but also totally thoughtless when it comes to his comments. He upsets people, and staff with his lack of sensitivity. Has he finally got the message?
    Carol meets a pregnant girl working in Dr Magoo’s. She persuades her to come in and get checked over. She also tries to help her get a job in the cafeteria. But the girl shows up late and is clearly in a mess. The contrast between the two of them, one so together and one not, is well shown.
    Mark’s father has run into a tree and damaged it and Mark spends time trying to sort it all out for him. It is clear that his father is not coping well with being alone, and that it is difficult for Mark to help from such a distance. He and Elizabeth leave together at the end of the shift, again able to share their day and move on.