Season 11 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2005 on NBC

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  • From ER to ER

    So, the episode starts with surprising adoption of Abby on ER drive in.. and she is forced to help some gang bangers and one of them is shot. So, while constantly pointed gun on her and with very limited supply, she is forced to help them. The wounded one is on serious condition and they refuse to go on hospital and he dies - so Abby is more and more sure this is it and quite surprised when they put her off in front of the ER again.

    On the same time, almost noone suspect anything... She is just missing. Everyone has troubles with their patient skills and Susan tries to get some respects and fails every time. And she is not ready lose her friends too as Weaver said. So.. what will come of it?
  • Susan tries to get some respect from the staff at the ER and Abby get´s kidnapped by two gang-members..:/

    I liked this episode because it was very exiting to watch, specially when you saw Abby in that car.
    Susan tries to get some respect, but it is´nt going to well, because it does´nt seem like anybody care. And when she yells at Abby, does Abby go on a "smoke break" and dose´nt come back.
    She has been kidnapped by two gang-members, Little C and Loose, and they wan´ts her to fix CJ, Little Cs brother, if she does´nt will they shot her.
    Back at the ER does Neela starts to worry about her and asks everyone if she should be more worried. Everyone else asks also were she could be.
    Ray does also has problems with his patients, one of them does even want another doctor and he gets a little frustrated by that...
    Neela has also problems with comforting patients but Luka tries to help her get more self-esteen so she can handle it.
    Under that time is Abby stuck in that car and tries to help CJ, but it isn´t going to well, she does´nt has that good acuitment...
    Well well... if you don´t has seen this episode yet am I not going to say anything else then: Watch it!

    // Mich

  • This episode has Susan facing the tough task of being an authority figure and boss, not a friend to those she works with. Abby, who is having a tough day at work, is kidnapped, and everyone back at the ER wants to know, "Where's Abby?"

    Getting pressure from her superior, Weaver, Susan has to succumb to the fact that she cannot be friends with those that are of lesser power, because then her 'friends' will ignore her and challenge her authority. Abby starts smoking again and while in the ambulance bay, a SUV pulls up asking for a doctor. Going over to help, Abby is kidnapped by two street thugs. They want Abby to treat his gunshot wound. Abby tells them he needs a hospital but they decline because he is wanted by the police. Back at the ER, Susan is shorthanded with staff, and Neela becomes concerned where Abby is. Neela also has trouble with telling her parents that she wants to work at the ER. Using needle, thread, rags, and stolen medicine, Abby tries to treat CJ, if she does not, Little C will shot her. In the end, CJ dies, but Abby is dropped off at the ER, with no physical damage. I enjoyed this episode because it further develops Abby Lockhart as one of the main characters. I thinking the writers definitely deserve some props.
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