Season 14 Episode 9

Skye's the Limit

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2007 on NBC

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  • Emotional

    Oh.. maybe I have been too critical on the show lately, I am not sure. This one was better - it managed to bring out some tears - this means the episode did got to me and that I am expecting of ER.

    The Abby storyline - her struggle, her ability to ruin everything and say things wrong - she just does it.

    The whole thing with the cleaning lady and the man - that was very emotional case and gave something to think about.

    And the Gates and Sarah.. she has changed. She is not the lovely little girl she used to be. I liked other her more..

    And the ending.. it was cruel...
  • Good episode and excellent acting.

    Best story: When Abby & Luka argue. Abby is annoyed about Niko staying for Xmas and now it's only November. She is asking Luka: "Is it wrong of me to want you to myself?" - No, certainly not!
    Later Abby comes home drunk in the middle of the night. Luka is waiting for her and Abby is dissing Luka for drinking in front of her and for having left her alone: "You said: 'Let's do this together'! You promised!" It's sad to see Abby & Luka fight, but at the same time it's necessary and very important for them to face their problems as soon as possible. I'm sure they will make it!

    Good scene: Niko telling Abby "Anyone that can make my brother happy is .... extraordinary." That scene was actually kind of sweet and Niko seems to be a really nice person, but as usual, Abby feels awkward.

    Most tragic story: Cleaning woman Dolores, getting dissed by the xenophobic son of the man she had saved and later her son Manuel is beaten to death by that guy.

    Other stories:
    Pratt wanted the chief position in the ER, but a reluctant Skye is given that job. Pratt talks to Luka about it and says that he is thinking about leaving County to get experience elswhere. He feels invisible. Luka tells him to show TPTB of the hospital that he is indispensible to them. It will be interesting to know how that turns out.
    Neela is another reluctant woman put in charge, when Dubenko is called away from an operation. Sam wants ambulance experience, and last week she was taking an OR shift.... Is she another one who is planning on leaving the ER?

    .... And at the very end we get to know that Luka's dad is dead. Oh, no!!!
    What will happen next? I can't wait for the next episode!
  • This episode was not bad at all.

    You people need to give E.R. a break I agree the show is not how it used to be but it is still entertaining. After 300 episodes i think its still doing a good job. If you don't like where E.R. is going then don't watch it anymore, simple as that. Anyway in this episode it's obvious Abby has a drinking problem again, Pratt wants to become chief and sadly gets thrown all over his face again. I really liked the man with the severed arm and the hispanic maid story, we need more interesting stories with the patients like this because it had me wondering if she was responsible or not. It was very disturbing to see what happens in the end, which i will not spoil. Overall, it was an entertaining episode.
  • This series is SO done - put a fork in it!!

    This was almost painful to watch. At the end of the hour, the only question I had was "Why did I waste an hour of my time watching that?"

    Abby the beligerent drunk - been there, done that. We've seen this all before, except it was Dr. John Carter in place of Luka who had to put up with her drinking and her nasty behavior. Nothing new here.

    Pratt - on his way out - we've laid the groundwork for Pratt's exit from this sinking series - boo hoo! he didn't get his promotion/he's underappreciated/no one notices him/ blah blah blah - don't let the emergency doors hit you on the way out!

    The Illegal Immigrant Story - no political commentary here. Who are they kidding? The writers are so far in left-field on this one, it's pathetic. Yes, yes, feel sorry for the poor illegal immigrant. Anyone who believes that legal immigration is appropriate is a hateful, violent, vindictive, insensitive monster. NBC and the ER writers are so far left on this one that they make Hillary Clinton look like a Reagan Republican. Note to striking writers - this is supposed to be an entertainment series, not a platform for your political beliefs. Stick to character development and try to come up with something original and entertaining.

    Neela - Oh, God. Are we actually going to have her fall for the geeky teenager? Thankfully, the writers' strike should save us from having to endure their first kiss. Only a simpleton wouldn't see this one coming from a mile away.

    Bottom line - this series is sinking fast. The actors are talented, but the writers have run out of ideas, and the show smells stale. Dear NBC: You're in big trouble, ratings- wise, but put this show out to pasture. IT'S DONE!!!
  • More hamfisted social commentary - from the liberal point of view - naturally.

    This show has lost 2/3 of its original audience and its not hard to see why. Episodes like this one nearly make me stop watching completely. Ill get to why that is later. This one was things weve seen over and over. Doctors with substance abuse/relationship issues (Abby and Luka). Then they turn all Greys Anatomy with two docs, the new ER head and the Dubenko get all hot and heavy. That was so awkward it was silly.

    The main plot involved a guy facing the loss of his arm and his son blaming the Guatamalan housekeeper for it. The kid is portrayed as the typical white racist who hates all immigrants and proceeds to exact revenge on her son for his mothers perceived crimes. Later the father tells his son she actually saved him. The killer is then led away in cuffs. I know ER's producers, writers and even NBC itself is so far to the left it makes Hillary Clinton look conservative, but this hamfisted storyline is over the top. They would never do a story based loosely on the Newark NJ execution style killing of 3 black teens (one survived) by a gang led by an illegal Peruvian with fake documentation that took place recently. Granted as the story on ER was written the killer was 100% wrong and should go to prison for life at a bare minimum, but when issues like this are used on ER, its always the lefts view of the issue - namely that all immigrants legal or illegal should be allowed in an never questioned. The funny thing is the woman probably is here illegally since her son said she was working here longer than the killer had been alive (20 years at least) yet she did not speak or understand English (the son was probably an anchor baby). Too many recent immigrants dont learn the language and expect people already here to accomodate them. When my grandparents came from Germany and Italy, they learned English upon arrival in preparation for the application for full citizenship - using legal channels. Immigrants from south of the border could take some lessons from immigrants of 100 years ago as well as those coming from places like Asia and India - though they may have hard to understands accents, they learn English and use it. The immigration issue is complicated and controversial and ER's onesided attempt at dealing with it was the wrong way to go about it.
  • Fantastic.

    I hope Luca is not taking sides with his brother instead of taking sides with Abby. Here is a list of things that I think should be done to the show to make it better:
    #1 Play a song at the end of each and every episode just like Grey's Anatomy.

    #2 The Whole Hospital looks like it's still in 1973 refit the whole set.

    #3 In the storyline make Abby stop drinking.

    #4 In the Storyline make Dr. Pratt the ER chief. I just loved this episode and thats why I watch this series ER because you never know whats going to happen next and their is always a twist or a turn I like that fact about this show ER. Now both Grey's Anatomy and ER is the same I like them both but I like ER better because watching Grey's Anatomy is just like being blown with tear gas because Grey's Anatomy is just to emotional but ER it's not to much emotion and I love that kind of a show.
  • Not the best....I miss Luka. Sigh.

    What IS it with these writers?? The producers hire incredible talent, give the actors a credible story arc and then no one seems to know how to use them. I was actually looking forward to these newest guest stars. Couldn't wait to see them being used. Instead, Stanley Tucci has been forever ruined. His character was unexpectedly turned into a worm with no redeeming qualities IMHO. Sheesh. Reiko Aylesworth was an intriguing chaplain and foil for Gates...until they turned up in bed on their first date with HIM refusing a toke. Sheesh. Now we have the lovely Keri Matchett. Just a temp and NOW turned into the ER Chief...unexpectedly as they passed over the more experienced - albeit younger - in County's ER for the job. Okay. I could buy that after a second or two of thought. Then I totally bought it when she got Frank's undying devotion with the request to buy donuts for the staff. Hee. So why...WHY...did we have to be treated to the whole bonking Dubenko scene?? Ripping their shirts off was totally stupid. Luka doing the deed with a patient's mother in the broom closet was more fun because you didn't have to actually SEE it. Sheesh. And would a surgical intern really freaking care if their student was having difficulty getting laid?? Sheesh. Harold, you are an intern. Get on with your life or get off the freaking show! This was obviously not one of my favorites of the season. There were pockets of incredible acting. I loved that Chuny played such an important part in the patient story....even if she was speaking Spanish for the most part. The illegal alien patient story has been done - many times - but it was well acted. All other things aside, Maura Tierney continues to keep me riveted to the screen with Abby's downward spiral. I thought the last episode's closing shot of her weeping as she scrubbed spilled alcohol from the baby's rug had to be the lowest of the low. Nope. Now we have her as an angry drunk....angry at being being caught sneaking in at 2 Luka's tendency to drink in front of everything anything at all. And then we get to see her face as he tells her he was trying to find her because his father died. Nice going Abby. Nice closing shot. Kudos Maura. You are the BEST at what you do. Now to the real issue. If this episode did anything at all, it reminded me of how much I miss Luka...and Goran Visnjic. He is cute with the baby - still doesn't seem comfortable holding one correctly. Hee. He has been wonderful in his scenes with Abby...totally clueless to what she is going through....maybe. Such a man. But I have really needed to see are his interactions with other staff as well. His quiet mentoring of Pratt is sorely missed....and it hit me like a lead weight when I watched their big scene together in this episode. It made me sad that we don't see that kind of thing more. I enjoyed his tiny bits with Sam...with Morris. And given the clips we saw from next week's 300th...I will be watching. I need to see how the Abby/Luka thing will play out. I want to see how this show will celebrate it's momentous milestone. I have been an ER fan for too long not to.
  • Abby gets drunk and mean, Moretti gets outta Dodge

    The quick rundown
    Skye-Who? In charge???
    Illegal Aliens-No, no, hard workers treated unjustly
    Luka-See him while you can ladies, he's soon to be bye bye again
    Abby-Finding new places to get sauced, and gets mean
    Gates-Who cares
    Morris-Gets no respect
    Neela-Eyeballing Harold
    Harold-Still a virgin (shocker!!!)

    After watching this episode I could only wonder: who spent less time on screen in the last half dozen episodes, Moretti or Luka? Its like the writers introduced Moretti, then were clueless as to what to do with him. So apparently they just decided to write him out.Lucky him. Could that even be considered a story ARC with Moretti as chief? Would they dare bring him back? So Skye becomes the new chief, she's incompetant but willing to jump Dubenko (and anyone else) on a regular basis. Thats fine writing.Pratts pissed, and lays the groundwork for his leaving the show. Abby crosses over the line from tragic figure to mean drunk. I have said it before, once Abby is unlikable, they have driven the last nail in the ER coffin. Nail driven. Conveniently Lukas father dies just as he was going to get back in the rotation. Bye bye Luka, it was nice seeing you for 15 minutes. And to top it all off, they have Neela giving her dufus sidekick Harold knowing glances. I can't wait until they kiss. My last thoughts as the show went off? My god, did I just sit through that entire episode? Why? How did I stay awake? UGH!