Season 1 Episode 17

Sleepless in Chicago

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 23, 1995 on NBC

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  • A great set up for Love's Labor Lost. The two episodes deliver a one-two punch, knock out.

    Love's Labor Lost is one of the series classic episodes. Sleepless in Chicago is a wonderful companion, and sets us up for a dramatic, tearful season event.

    We have a conclusion for the Tatiana storyline, and it's not a happy ending. Carol is given the bad news that she cannot be Tatiana's foster mother because of the suicide in season one. It's very heartbreaking, and it certainly make you feel for Carol. I thought it was interesting that she ran to Doug, and not to Tag, for comfort.

    This episode also has Jennifer announcing to Mark that she is leaving him. This becomes a very important problem, for the upcoming episode. But you'll have to read my review of "Love's Labor Lost" to find out why.

    And the reason for the title, Peter is on call for 48 hours straight, because of his shift swapping. When he is finally off, he goes home to watch over his mom. With the exhaustion of working for so long, he's asleep when his mom falls down the stairs.

    Doug treats a little girl with a burned hand. We find out that the mom burns the girls hand whenever she's caught touching herself. This is the second episode in a row, where Doug has an abused child in the ER.

    It wasn't all dramatic. There are some very light moments during this episode. Which are needed, because the next episode has very few light moments.
  • All the sleepless..

    Benton is being up many many hours in order to give his sister and her family change to get out of the house. because of that, he is grouchy and acts bad with people. Carter gets part of it as he tries to help a man who is dying and he cannot contact no family. Benton thinks he should not become surgent as he waists his time with patients. Mark's marriage, despite he saws hope, is falling apart and Jenn says she is leaving. Carol is trying everything to help that Tatjana but because she tried to kill herself - her application to adopt her is said no. She is down and goes to Doug as it seems that he is only one understands it. Even her finance does not care as we learned in previous episode.

    And Benton - he makes home, fells asleep and fer mother, who he suppost to take care, fell down from stairs. A real cliffhanger ending.
  • poor carol. I really wanted her to be able to adopt tatiana.

    This episode was pretty good. Benton is absolutely insane. If i had been working 48 hours straight and somebody offered me to take a nap, there would be no question about what I would be doing. I really feel bad for carol not be able to take care of tatiana. It seems so unfair because carol is the best thing for this little girl. But i guess it makes sense. They can't let a bunch of suicidal people adopt children. But I love that scene where she goes to Ross' house and she tries to kiss him and he says something like "I'll drive you home". Thats about the first mature thing he's done this whole season.

    I really liked Carter in this episode when he was halping the old man.It was really cute in a wierd kind of way. Carter cares so much about all the patients, that's what I love about him.

    Poor Greene also, his wife finally left him... well I saw it comming a mile away. meh, he's better off without her anyways.

    That crazy guy who pretended to be making a new hospital was hilarious. And he offered Susan a job. And he was so convincing lol I thought it was hilarious :D