Season 13 Episode 3

Somebody to Love

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2006 on NBC

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  • Quite avarage...

    This episode - it was somehow.. It had some great moments but mostly it was quite average.. nothing too special. On Neela's case - her hard time of start, it reminded me Elizabeth after she get that place in surgery and had to start from the start. And it was hard on Neela too.

    It was mostly, I think, about Gates. He is a new guy and they have to get him in. And the ending, some talking with Neela - that really worked for that direction. And maybe he is going to be great char.. at the moment I cannot say that.
  • Not the best of ER episodes, but being ER it's always enjoyable to watch.

    Yay! Glenn Plummer is back as Timmy, the receptionist! Great to see a familiar face from "old ER" returning. Hopefully some more will show up in future episodes.
    We see some new people on the ER staff for the first time. Will they be our new favourites in the days to come or will we dislike them? That remains to be seen, but they certainly can't beat our Abby and our Luka!
    Nice to see Abby with little Joe, but there was not enough screen time for Maura & Goran this time. Nevertheless, this episode gives a foundation for the rest of the season.
  • Rerun again last night. I wonder when they will stop with the reruns and show a new episode.

    -> Benny and Jimmy - love is love, no matter how straight or gay is the couple.
    -> Benny - John Mahoney is simply great - perfomed the role the most elegant and simple way.
    -> Gates - you do have to learn a lot about humility, young man !

    Philosphy -> love is to care more aout the loved one than to your own loss feeling and let him go when ti is time for that.
  • we are introduced to new carachters, there´s tension between gates and pratt, it´s a different kind of episode not showing luka or abby

    i think this episode was ok, although it´s not my favorite, i like the new carachters and all the new positions in the ER: Kerry returning as an attending, Pratt as a new attending and dealing with new carachter Tony Gates. i liked the way they focused on Gates and the way we were introduced to his secret life. even though luka and abby didn´t show up at all it was a nice episode. i like Kerry returning to the ER because she looked so much relaxed. i would like to see more carachter development of ray because i think he has been put behind everyone else
  • Focus on the patients instead of Abby and Luka for a change. A great start for the new storylines this season.

    With the Abby-Luka-baby story closed, it's time to start a new season, with all the characters fitting in their new roles. This episode was manly about the older gay couple, Pratt and Gates. As much as I love Luka and Abby, I missed seeing an episode dedicated to the patients. I tought Jim and Bennet Cray's story very nicely written (not and easy subject) and I loved the new attending Pratt dealing with Gates. Even tough this episode had already happened in season 9 (only Pratt was Gates and Carter was Pratt), I loved the changes Pratt went through since then, and how now he deals the situation with such power. And I'm actually starting to like Gates.

    Other than that, this episode was filled with very nice moments. Abby with baby Joe in the park was adorable. Kerry back as an attending, not knowing how the ER works, was funny but a little sad. Wonderful to see Kerry back!!!! I loved the humor Morris brings into the ER and the new intern Hope seems really nice (I only hope they'll take her faith more seriously than this). And Timmy's back as a desk clerk! I missed him! And Neela started her new life as a surgeon. I can't wait to see her as a surgeon. Only thing I really didn't like was the new chief-resident Crenshaw. Mean and bald. Almost a Romano, but without his perfect sarcasm. This season is amazing till now, can't wait for the next one!
  • Below Average

    For a high quality show like ER I thought this was one of the weakest episodes ever. I didn't like the storyline particularly. For the first time in this show (I've only watched it from season 6 onwards)I thought that the supporting cast (the gay couple) was not performing well enough. I just didn't get the feeling that they were being genuine. I loved the little bit with Luka, Abby, little Joe and Morris but I would have expected to see more about them. This episode also concentrated too much on the new guy, it was a little boring since it just seemed to be a repetition of what had happened a couple of seasons before just with another doctor. I'm sure the next episode will be much better and can't wait to see it!!!
  • Just another day in the ER

    It was just another day in the ER. After 13 season's it is hard to have much that hasn't been done before. I characters have lots on their plate and some of the things are funny. Overall the show is too dark and depressing, and doesn't allow for enough to enjoy. I feel they need to have more light moments to go along with all the tragity. Morris is a funny character, and he is the lone humor introduced in the show. I like his character and would like to see humor in other characters as well. I miss the old ER
  • I really don't like doctor Tony...

    This episode was not a very exciting one, but I watched it with pleasure as I always do. The story of the two gay men was a bit touching but not a tearjerker. I sort of like the ending, coz' I don't like Tony and I wish he'd left Neela alone. I'm still worried about Abby's child. Fingers crossed everything's gonna be ok.
  • They focused on one doctor and one story.

    The whole show was pretty much just Tony. And he is great and all, but not for the entire show. I think that this should of involved everyone who has just been the new installment. Such as Kerry and Morris. Both of them should of been shown more. I really like how when Pratt and Tony were argueing Kerry such kept her place in the background and kept doing what she was doing. I wasn't expecting that and I think that small jesture says alot. Basically too much Tony.
  • Was it just me, or was anyone else feeling Dejavu ???

    dont get me wrong i did like this episode, i mean come on its ER, i just love it in general lol! but it wasnt the best episdoe ive see.Also i kinda expected a bit more form this episode, especially as the previous 2 episodes were absolutely amazing!

    i was sooooooo P***ed off tht they didnt show more abby or luka or joe!! they cant just not show some people after everything tht happened to them! but the scenes that they were in were sweet! how cute is baby joe! and abby looks so content now tht shes a mummy:)

    luka looked gorgous as ever in his trade mark blue shirt!!! but we did NOT see enough of him!! it was an outrage!!

    Now to gates!hmmmmmm im still not sure about him!hes too cocky for his own good, and to me that can be a bit off putting! but i am intrigued to no who this women is ???

    finally to morris! i am soo hooked to this guy! hes brilliant, and boy can he sing. i loved the scene when he was singing in the car, it was hilarious! and i loved when he was with joe, and he was sick on him! priceless!

    all in all, not a great episode, but still good!!
  • Rebel doctor versus strong-minded attending. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, but with far less damage to the scenery and far more heart.

    I love David Zabel's writing a a rule, but this one was a real disappointment: an ego and testosterone fest overwhelming a gentle, lovely tale of a man devoted to his life partner might charitably describe this episode. Sadly the basic story was one we saw in Season 7, far richer and more sympathetic in the hands of Kerry and Luka as they battled over the question of whether to intubate a patient whose life partner says no, but has no legal standing to do so. On the upside, John Mahoney, late of Frasier gives a tender, dignified performance as Bennett Cray, an aging drag queen who comes to the ER when his lover, James, suffers kidney failure. Pitted against him is James' family, who want to end treatment even as James encourages him to strive for "more life." Worse yet, pitted against him was the much heralded first episode of John Stamos' Dr. Tony Gates, in a scenery chewing "Look at me!" performance that would have overwhelmed the necessarily understated performance lesser actor than Mahoney. Thankfully it did not, but certainly not for lack of trying on Stamos' part. I knew we were in trouble when NBC went to such pains to convince me how outstanding a performance Stamos' was, and my sense of what was coming was spot on. Gates is loud, obnoxious, undisiplined, totally disregarding of rules, and thoroughly unlikeable. Worse, yet, as is so often the case with ego-driven actors such as John Stamos, I seldom can separate the actor from the character, and Stamos' own personality came through far too often as we watched the action unravel. Subtly is not part of his skill set, it's clear. Oh, and just in case we weren't able to figure out for ourselves that Gates is a hound-dog with the ladies, we were treated to a doing the nasty scene with an indeteminant female. Glad to know it; now let me get back to an adult relationship.

    Regrettably, it was the usually watchable Mekhi Phifer forced to deal with him through much of the episode, and he turned in a loud, bossy peformance reminiscent of his early days, and not in a good way. Clearly, Pratt has a lot to learn about teaching and about managing unmanageable students. He sure doesn't know Difficult Student Management Rule #1: if you get into a confrontation with a student, you've lost. Hopefully Luka can set him straight on that next week. As a result, Pratt was reduced to trying to out-shout Gates, two massive egos colliding in decision-making rarely governed by the welfare of a patient only Cray seemed to care for. Clearly, Gates' motivation was to do whatever Pratt didn't want, despite his failed efforts to convince us he was sympathetic to Cray, and damn the consequences. Regrettably Pratt was soon sucked in and just as governed by ego, and the head butting begins. Spare me. Elsewhere, we were introduced to the incredibly annoying intern Hope, who filters life through her religious zeal, portraying a too-real phenomenon as comic-bookish and silly. The less seen of her the better; I think I prefer Jane. More disappointing than annoying was J. P. Manoux's Crenshaw. I'd hoped for sparks, but all I got was a wet match. It's early days, and we saw little of him; it's possible he'll improve with time. Welcome, however was the clever, funny return of Timmy "Not-Jerry" Rawlins, a desk clerk from the early days. Oh, and Dr. Dubenko's curls. Nice to see them both!

    Sadly absent were the heart, soul and center of the show, Luka and Abby. Luka makes a strong early appearance, very much the man in charge of a new cohort of residents, still the Chief and brooking no nonsense. I was glad to see Luka ignore Gates' inappropriate and disrespectful comment that the boss should teach them something before they're tested, but he's been down that road before, with more worthy adversaries than Gates. He's got Gates' number, no doubt. But the seeds of what is to come were strewn, and I'm anticipating a strong story in the coming weeks. Perhaps the loveliest moment of the episode was Luka and Sam's conversation as he leaves, she awkward, he concerned and reassuring as she finally addresses the shooting for the first time. But it was strikingly apparent that absent Luka and Abby, the show is unfocused and uncentered, and all the shouting in the world won't change that.
  • This episode deals with everyone coming to terms to where they really are after the events that happened in the previous episodes. The great thing about this episode is that it gives the viewer an idea to what is going to happen.

    The tone to this episode is revealing because it tells the veiwers what to expect. In this episode, we see that Abby is embracing motherhood, so we can assume that this season is going deal a lot with her son.
    As for Pratt, he is put in a position where he has to delegate to the residents and deal with being their guide. We are introduced to some of Pratt's residents which we can expect to be the source of a lot of drama in the ER. Gates seems to be the most troublesome of the residents because he clearly does not take directions well. He came from a position of not being told what to do and now he has to take orders. What I found interesting is that Gates is a lot like Pratt back when Pratt was a resident. Gates is defiant, just like Pratt was.
    Neela's troubles in becoming a surgeon is a way to relate her to Gates. They are both coming out of comfort areas, areas where they had control, to new territory. I feel we can see Gates and Neela getting close over this similarity. Also this episode shows Weaver coming to terms by being demoted and the lack of respect she seems to be receiving. We get to see Sam having troubles with Alex after he saw that she killed his father. Overall, this episode seemed to set the tone and give direction to this season of ER. Clearly, future episodes are going to build off the problems we saw in this one, therefore making this episode a very crucial one to the whole season.
  • Neela is having problems with herboss in surgery. Gates is ignoring his superiors's (Pratt's) orders with respect to letting a patient die. Alex tells Sam that he saw her murder his father.

    I loved this episode!!! It was soooooo touching. I really felt for the gay man who's partner was dying. It was really sad. I dislike gates and i wish he would stop acting like a know it all and actually do his job! I was happy that we got to see abby again and baby Joe is sooooo cute. I'm also happy that she's comming back to the ER in a month, I miss her already. And i like hope, she's soooo funny and morris flirting with her, it was hilarious. And i wonder whats going to happen with alex and sam now that alex admitted to seeing the whole thing. I am anticipating next weeks episode!
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