Season 4 Episode 2

Something New

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 1997 on NBC

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  • Nothing new, even if the title success it.

    The story seems to be just as always - some cases, some doctors. I do not know but for me it seems some of the last episodes have been much weaker than the previous ones.

    Ok, but we do have some good moments. First Cordey - she is such a lovely addition to the people around and I adore her language, accent - something new. This was new... and adding some different to the show.

    Also Carter - he just seems to have a hard time, like at the beginning of every season. So sad to watch but he will find his way.

    This episode has humor too - Carol and Doug and the drawer. The way the interview clips where just jumped into and out.

    But in the end, I feel it was quite a filler and nothing special.
  • I liked this episode because Corday used her own language in the run through of patient care.

    In this one Corday had a whole bunch of London lingo that the others weren't used to-Corday-FBC(carol doesn't understand),she'll need a tube thorocostamy(kerry says chest tube to nurse),Kerry intubates as Corday asks if everyone could might slow down just a bit;I think things will run much more smoothly if we have a little more peace and quiet(Carol stares at her while Kerry just smiles and keeps working), Has anyone bleeped dr. benton (nurse says-oh I like that one; bleeping dr. benton), perhaps someone could just ring him up now (Carol-page,right,page benton - she gets happy like it is a game).