Season 12 Episode 12

Split Decisions

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2006 on NBC

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  • One of the best episodes. It was so enjoyable.

    This was one of the most enjoyable episode of ER. There were really funny scenes and Luka and Abby were great together. Abby and Luka are preparing for the baby and Abby is so excited about it and Luka tries to calm her down. We learn that Dr Morris has four nipples in this episode. Michael deciedes to go back after he got married and emotional scenes happened between them. This episode mixed some funny and emotional scenes very cleverly and I enjoyed it very much especially those scenes between Luka and Abby. I am really glad they are back again.
  • Clemente is gone and.. Dubenko plays attending in ER

    So, this is Dubenko's day and on the first minutes he makes a tension between him and Pratt - about treating an older lady. The storyline develops quite emotional and opens us Dubenko little more.

    But he is not the only one in this episode. Pratt gets more attention too as Morris is constantly stalking him for advice on dating and his friend is caught driving drunk and he helps him.

    Also, some couples.. Neela and Gallant are having good day until Gallant says - he is going back and Neela just cannot understand it.

    And Abby and Luka - a lot of jokes and laughter. So, great episode.
  • Good episode

    I liked this episode because is showed the softer side of Luka and Abby. I'm so glad that they have found happiness with each other and I like them together. The scene of them together in the store was priceless. "Trust me Luka, everyone in the hospital knows who you are." I like these episodes because they keep it light and bring it back to the characters and the fact that they have lives outside of the hospital. I like Dubenko too, I hope they keep him around for a while. This was an all around good episode! I liked it.
  • I would say this is actually my favorite episode so far of the season. Tough decision, but the luby was amazing. The best in season 12 (for luby lovers at least).

    Considering everything Luka and Abby have gone through already, this episode makes me really happy that they\'re together. As Carter didn\'t seem to have the time nor the patience for Abby\'s problems, Luka just seems to be supportive and loving anyway. Though I sense a huge tragedy coming up, I\'m happy as of now just by seeing them together. The dressing room was, by far, my favorite scene. But all the luby scenes were adorable. It\'s nice to see that Maura and Goran actually can still perform other types of acting besides depression and fear, because for years that\'s all we\'ve seen out of either of them. But now, to see them actually smile, brings a whole new passion to the ER. And Abby still cracks you up with her perfectly placed, unintentional, jokes. \"Oh, Luka, every woman who works in the hospital knows who you are TRUST me!\" .. a classic. Luby season 12 in general has been amazing, but I won\'t get into the other episodes. As for now, all I can say is, after this episode, I hope they stay happy and vibrant for a long time. It\'s rather appealing on both of them. But, this is of course just my opinion.
  • A great episode, things are getting better

    A great episode where we get to see Dubenko working in the ER. With little experience in the ER it is challenging for him, I hope he comes back down soon.

    Pratt helping Darnell was kind/ generous but very stupid. Darnell needs to wake up and start taking responsibility for his actions. I hope it doesn't bite Pratt in the bum.

    Abby is excited about the baby and good for her and Luka. I hope everything goes OK for them. I can't wait until everyone at work finds out (especially Sam)

    I liked the storyline with Ray and Zoe and I think it finished very well.
  • funny

    This episode was really cool and funny. Abby and Luka go shopping or really they go "looking" for thier baby, but they end up with bags of things. Luka mentions that twins run in his family and that their is a slight possibility that they could have twins. This was kind of cool and I kind of wish that they will have twins. I could only imagine 2 ER doctors and 2 babies. Kinda funny how like when they see Debbie Dokins from the pharmacy, Abby ducks down and pulls Luka down with her.
    "That's Debbie Dokins from the pharmacy"
    "I don't even know her"
    "well, she knows you"
    "I don't think so"
    "Luka, everyone at the hospital knows you, trust me"

    Then they head into the dressing room and hav a little fun.
  • I find this episode revealing, cause Abby and Luka were looking so happy and amazed by the idea of being parents, they were lighthearted making jokes to each other, like people in love.

    I like the way they talk about their fears of having a baby, the anxiety of Abby, its like the viewers will have the chance to see Abbys pregnancy step by step, and I find it fascinating. I also like when they start to make jokes to each other bringing back the tendency of the firts time they were involved in a relationship when Luka always missed the \"phrases or idioms\" when he wanted to set a point and she always corrects him and when she was kidding he used to not get it very well, so that kind of missundertanding between the both of them works great.
  • good by empty episode

    After seen the last episode i was disapointed that the directos did not deliver any energy on keepo the momentum of the last episode. But there is always chance that the plot will get better next week. I also think that some of the cast need some time to mature in their role
  • pretty good episode

    Well, I was a little disappointed with the Neela-Gallant storyline, but in general it was a good episode. The storyline of Dubenko's patient is an interesting debate. Is it time for the patient's husband to let go, but I dont understand his point of wanting everything to be done for her. The most memorable storyline of course is with Ray and Zoe. This episode puts a different perspective on the storyline. You really have to feel bad for Zoe, knowing that she is an abused child. Her father is a monster and a huge jerk, he belongs in jail. This was probably the hardest thing Ray ever had to do. I liked this episode overall.
  • Poor Neela I was shocked I thought she and Gallant were so good together.I love Abby and Luca together it is a great storyline hopefully they will have a happy ending.Pratt is disgusting and always has been.

    This seems like a good year for E.R. The storylines are great.The fact that Abby and Luca are together is perfect that is one couple you knew were meant for each other.But I never saw that coming for Neela and Gallant.They just seemed to be solid and knew exactly what they were doing.My heart aches for her character because she is so sweet.Pratt is just disgusting I can't believe that he would do something like that friend or no friend I hope he gets in alot of trouble.What is that going to teach that man's kid?
    So all that said great episode can't wait for the next.
  • Pratt acts like an idiot. Neela gets screwed by Galant. And Abby gets ready for her baby.

    Yeah, I saw that coming a mile away. That marrieage was doomed from the second Michael came back into the country. They really should kep it a secret whenever they have guest stars like that. Only the West Wing can convince Guest stars to come back all the time. But oh well, at least we'll always know whats going to happen, and it's better that having fifty cast memebers.

    Abby is definately the main person on the show now, and most definately the funniest. I hope that at some time Sally Field comes back for an episode or two, I would love to see her reaction to a grandchild (I haven't seen her do anything since legally blonde 2 so I doubt she would have any reason to say no).I can't believe Pratt he is so useless, I hope he gets a malpractice suit.

    On an unrelated not (completely) I wish they'd bring back Cooper or Coop, he was in the first few episodes of season 10. The actors name is Glenn Howerton and he is probably a pretty cheap actor since he doesn't really have a career that I know of.
  • Nothing happends in the ER...may contain some spoilers

    Watching last nights ER really made me wonder why I still watch the show. For one I thought the premise was about doctors who work in a city ER and yes sometimes their personal lives. But those lives in how they connected to the ER. Not what we have now. There were no cases or traumas in last nights episodes just only patients we have already known. What happened to that? Are traumas only used now for their "Very Special ER" quality in a desperate attempt to gain back viewers? I'm going to guess they were trying to go for a Grey's Anatomy like atmosphere here because that is understandable a doctor show that works if not then I don't know. Pratt lied for a guy who is not going to get any help and will probably kill someone or the boy that volunteers (I'll bet you anything) due to his drinking. Nice-doctors who lie to save deadbeat dads. How shocking. Abby and Luka discuss their baby for the millionth time- (Carter's son died for this?) Now it seems Luka is not as into the baby as before....ugh he is so wishy washing it is getting annoying. When he first came he told everyone and his mother about his family then he refused to tell Sam, he had an almost obsessive need to be with any woman with kids and now he's apathetic about it? If only I still cared. Morris has four nipples. Oh, the hilarity. And now he found someone equally as weird...again if only I cared. That surgeon-whatever his name is- the only doctor in this episode to actually have a patient showed that if you can't tell a patient the truth ship her off to the nearest hospital that will help you lie- nice. Ray and the 16 year old. How many times will she come back? It is not funny, not endearing, it is just creepy. You're watching them together and you're like "Aww he's being so nice" and then you remember that he slept with her. He's no George Clooney and the girl is no Kristen Dunst, please stop reusing old storylines and making them creepy. And lastly Neela and Michael. The only relationship with promise that was not formed in true ER style and it looks like splitsville for them. Of course the one thing that kept me watching.
  • Pretty much what I was expecting after all that have been happening in this season. Some surprises and some things that werent really needed. I really miss some of the old action. I mean i didnt saw any bad patient but the old lady. where is Clemente at?

    Fun stuff like the morris having 4 nipples and metting a 6 toe girl!!! hahaha i was laike WTF! but it make laugh.
    The teenager ex-grilfriend of dr. ray came back? what for? i though that her parent was very conservative? or am i wrong? but anyways she didnt make any changes. Maybe it shown that ray is a good man and help her out his father custody.But why dis she left home? oh yeah cause he hit her, His reason would have....althoug he overact.

    I would prefer see dr clemente been chased by the his lover! By the way did he really run away. Because i only see him comming back until the episode of FEB 9th.

    Poor Neela i wouldnt like to see her alone again. Gallant its getting the psycho WAR trauma... he feeling bad for not being with his buddies.. its kinda classic so i dont blame him.

    OH!!! almost forgot kovak and abby! Abby is going crazy with her pregnancy thing going on.. i really love that they are finally having a little more that a sleep over date. I mean since she and carter and kovac were in the limbo of who will get who.. i was like i like luka more that carter for abby... so now im very happy for this story line...althoug i didnt like the way its going on...they should get marry live together,,,love eachother!! thats what i hate from abby she is so selfish!!!

    Negros helping out each other!!! men that never stop! Pratt its like an angel for the volunteer and his father... i will like to see what this trouble guys make for pratt....negros bross..

    The worst thing was that there wasnt ACTION at all!!!! Just the OLD LADY on her way to heaven !!! and the ex of ray..

    I really really miss the old days... this looked like there was somekind of DR.'s biographies...the only thing that calmed me today was that i saw MARCH 2nd CAST! i saw CARTER!!! i really would like to see what the hell happend to him... did he made his clinic on south america? anyways it pretty looks like E.R. is dying... i mean 2 new episodes every month? and there is only 4 left for this season... i hope there be more.

  • Damn good episode this week. Awesome wrting ... this season of ER is shaping up to be one of the best ever. Carter? WTF is he? I've forgotten all about him. The show's better than ever now without him.

    Damn good episode this week. Awesome wrting ... this season of ER is shaping up to be one of the best ever. Carter? WTF is he? I've forgotten all about him. The show's better than ever now without him.

    As continued from last week's episode, Lockhart and Kovac ponder their new lives as future parents and wonder what the others at the ER will feel once they find out. Lockhart's hormones go all out of whack, causing her to lose sleep and eat continously. The two go shopping for various baby-related things and learn a few things about each other they (and we) didn't know before. There is even a very humorous fitting room scene ......

    Meanwhile, Barnett, having been rejected by his music group, pretends to have never quit when he returns to the ER and is confronted by Weaver. He then treat Zoe, who has been seriously beaten by her father and does not want him finding out that she is here. Barnett realizes he is bound as a doctor to report this and to make sure he is put away. Barnett once again starts to bond with this girl, who wants to move in with her because she has nowhere else to go, but Barnett tries to convince her to move in with her sister, also a victim of their father. At nightfall Barnett arranges everything for her and tells her not to worry about her father finding her. He gives her money to get her started in a new city with her sister ... but when her father shows up, he quickly pushes her into the taxi and confronts the guy, beating him down and threatening to hurt him if he ever touches her again.

    Morris tries to get advice from Pratt on dating a black woman from an online chat and also confides in him about his two extra nipples. After the woman shows up, she too confesses that she is deformed - she's got 6 toes on her left foot! This leads to the beginning of an exciting relationship between her and Morris and seems to confuse the hell outta Pratt.

    Pratt and Dubenko treat an old woman who's been under for 3 years and is suffering from a bacterial infection. Pratt suggest a conversative, passive, reactive approach, but after Dubenko meets the faithful husband of the old woman, he tries to do everything in his power to save the woman. However, once he learns that the woman's condition does not qualify for the hospital's limited ICU resources, he has no choice but to deny her critical care, spurring an emotional scene between Dubenko and the old man, who realizes that the hospital won't treat her with what could make her better. Even after the old man cleans out his savings account to try to pay for the ICU resources, Dubenko tells him that there are just too many other patients who need it first. Later Dubenko comes through both as a doctor and as a fellow human being when he arranges for the old woman to be treated in ICU at a private hospital, and the old man is eternally grateful to him.

    Meanwhile, Pratt's friend is brought to the ER by a police officer for alleged drinking and driving. The cop wants Pratt to do a blood test to confirm this. His friend confides in Pratt and tells him that he only had two beers, but he can't lose his license or he'll lose his job and everything else he's worked for. Pratt decides to cover for him and draws his own blood instead, then quickly switches it behind the cop's back. He covers for him but makes him promise to attend AA meetings to get help in the future.

    Neela and Gallant visit an old friend of Gallant's who was neurologically damaged back in Iraq. Seeing him and his other friends from Iraq triggers something in Gallant, and while the two of them are looking fo apartments Gallant reveals that ne wants ... no he needs ... to return to Iraq. He tells Neela that all he wanted to do was start a family with her, but now he just can't stay here anymore knowing that the war is still going and knowing that those people he left behind in Iraq are still there fighting. An emotional scene at nightfall between the two of them occur, as Neela asks him why he proposed to her and if the wedding vows meant nothing to him. An emotional Gallant tells Neela that he's sorry, but he can't live with her here trying to forget that there's still a war going on and that there is still more that he can do to help ...
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