Season 5 Episode 2

Split Second

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 01, 1998 on NBC
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Dr. Corday's father visits from overseas in an attempt to convince her to join his medical practice. Weaver suggests that Elizabeth look into alternative methods to stay in America, like starting over as an intern. Weaver also doesn't let an opportunity pass to remind Doug of the way he bypassed her authority in the McNeal case. Lucy continues learning, earning more of Carter's respect than she deserves. Peter takes Reese in for another hearing test. Mark has several discussions with paramedics about the state of the EMT program. Carol hires a nurse practitioner to help out in the clinic. Carter is having trouble being an RA in the dorms.moreless

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  • More troubles...

    Cordey has not made up her mind still and she wants to stay and is thinking alternative possibilities. The problem is that they are not good and his father is also in town, trying to get her to work with him.

    Lucy is still trying to learn but she wants to be perfect and Carol stands up for her but that gives Lucy more problems - Carter thinks she can handle almost everything. Natural talent. But no, she is not. She is just a med student. And Carol hires a nurse to a clinic whose personality fits with hers.

    Benton has problems with his son and now the troubles they afraid are affecting.moreless
  • The audience finally sees Dr. Carter developing into a real person. It is great to see Dr. Benton develop as a father. Dr. Weaver's true desires are mentioned, even in passing.moreless

    The episode advances many characters, even though they leave out Dr. Doyle. Dr. Romano continually proves that male surgeons can be as piggish as male laborers. Just like the guy that insults Dr. Weaver about being a nurse and tries to smoke in the exam room.

    It is interesting that Dr. Weaver mentions a teaching position to Dr. Corday. It foreshadows what happens at the end of Dr. Corday's tenure at the hospital.

    There is a continuous theme of piggish men in this episode. This is so true in real life. Good thing that there are strong female characters in this series.moreless
Alan Blumenfeld

Alan Blumenfeld

Rob Savage

Guest Star

Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman

Dr. Charles Corday

Guest Star

Vince Vieluf

Vince Vieluf

Bernard Gamely

Guest Star

Abraham Benrubi

Abraham Benrubi


Recurring Role

Ellen Crawford

Ellen Crawford


Recurring Role

Ted Rooney

Ted Rooney

Dr. Tabash

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    • Lucy: Right, Dr. Carter?
      Jerry: Please don't call him Dr. Carter. We'll never be able to live with him.
      Lucy: What should I call you?
      Jerry: He's just...Carter.
      Carter: Dr. Carter will be fine.

    • Weaver: You know, I think it's a wise move for you. Great research opportunities in EMS.
      Greene: Well, I'm actually more interested in coordinating paramedic care.
      Weaver: And for once, you and I would not be in competition. Field work was never my forte.
      Greene: You wouldn't want this job, Kerry. There's no money, no power, no glory.
      Weaver: Yeah, right. It doesn't fit into my Machiavellian scheme to rule the Emergency Department.

    • Lucy: Coffee.
      Carter: For me?
      Lucy: Can you imagine me on caffeine?

    • Benton: Somebody page me?
      Jerry: Yeah, abdominal mass in Trauma 1. It sounds like a Triple-A. What? I pay attention.

    • Olbes: Hold on. Are you telling me that the EMS Medical Director is a real person?
      Greene: He's an ER doc.
      Olbes: Huh. I thought it was just a name they stuck on the top of memos.
      Greene: Not when I do it.

    • Carter: (to Lucy) Did you even eat today?
      Jerry: You know, if you're hungry, I didn't finish my lunch.
      Lucy: Oh no, I'm okay.
      Jerry: Well, all I have is a carrot.
      (Carter chuckles)
      Lucy: Okay, so I'm an idiot.

    • Doug: Did you hear the one about the patient who swallowed a carrot?
      Lucy: (deep sigh) Dr. Carter told you?
      Doug: No, Jerry told me.
      Lucy: Great.

    • Romano: I couldn't do it, work with family.
      Corday: Robert, you can't work with anyone.

    • Carter: Hey, you guys just missed a good one. I sent a guy straight up to the OR; perfed his intestine with a carrot.
      Carol: A whole carrot?
      (Carter nods)
      Lucy: How do you swallow a whole carrot?
      (long pause - Carol and Carter look at Lucy)
      Carter: He didn't swallow.
      Lucy: Oh, I get it.
      Carol: Yeah.
      Lucy: Oh, God.
      Carter: Swallowed a carrot. That is a classic, Lucy.
      (Carter pats Lucy on the head)

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