Season 14 Episode 11

Status Quo

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 03, 2008 on NBC

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  • Jeanie is back.. for a moment

    It was a moving episode. Jeanie is a girl who is hard to make cry but the misfortune what happens with her and her son and the way Pratt founds his strength trough her and talking and helping her and her family, it was well done. And moving. Oh, I am just so glad to see someone of the old doctors back.

    I think I had not before thought much about it, but Jeanie back showed that only two people are still around to know her. That's sad.

    What else happened. Morris acted like he always acted and Harold acted like fool..
  • One of the best of the season!!

    Excellent episode! Good to see some old faces...i don't quite remember the whole Jeany story, just a few parts!
    I had already noticed that Chuny and Haleh are the only ones who stayed since the beginning! Successful TV shows are the ones that don't depend on actors, like ER whose main character is the hospital.
    Will Carter come back on spring?? yayy!! I love Carter he is my favorite doctor!! Glad to hear from Doug and Carol too! They should show a picture of the twins!
    I feel sad knowing this great show will end on next season. I thought that ER would be forever, I watch it since I was 3 years old! (I haven't watched every single season, but still, is a mark in my life!)
    I hope in the last episode we don't see the hospital being burned, attacked, destroyed, the writers love things like this!
  • Not as good as last week's episode, but nice to see a familiar face from "the early days" again.

    Best patient story: Beth, just back from Iraq, has injured her ancle, turns out to be 8 weeks pregnant and her boyfriend can't be the father, it turns out she was raped, she wants to keep the baby, because pregnant soldiers don't get sent back to Iraq, and eventually she decides to report the rapist.

    Best staff story: Pratt is interviewed for the chief job, Anspaugh thinks he lacks experience, and is not a natural leader. Pratt: "Why should I waste time here? I'll go somewhere I'm respected." Calling Northwestern, but at the end of the day decides to stay at County.

    Silliest story: Harold & Morris being rivals for Jaspreet. And Morris being surprised that Jaspreet has never been to India!

    Welcome back, Jeanie!!!! This leads us to the nostalgic moment of the week: We get to know that Jeanie is separated from Reg, Doug's & Carol's twins are now in 3rd grade, Carter is in Africa but will probably turn up in the spring, Jeanie's ex Al died of AIDS.

    Most emotional moment: Jeanie tells Pratt: "If I lose Carlos, I'm done with it!" and Pratt encourages her to keep up her work.

    Best line: Frank, looking at Jaspreet's photos: "We're the most idiotic dysfunctional family ever!"
  • Old stories come back to the ER!

    Jeanie returns to the ER when her son Carlos falls at school. We learn that her ex-husband died and the she and Reggi are separeted although having a 'good' relationship for their son. For it's conversation with Haley we learn more abouthow Carter, Doug and Carol are doing! I wish I could see all of them again!
    Poor Pratt, nobody values him! He should be the chief, he deserves that and I'm sure that after the ob Dr. Daniels proposes to him Anspaugh would change his mind! I'm sorry but I don't like Skye...
    What's going on between Sam and Gates? I see romance in their future although I have to confess that the guy she is dating is really hot!!
    The militar case was good but they show very litle of them. I laughed a lot with Harold and Morris competing for Jaspreet!
    Great chapter. It makes you smile and cry!

    It wasn't the best episode in the world. Very far from it. And I agree that it's ridiculous to over-estimate it because a long-lost character returns for twenty minutes. But I can't help it. Having Jeanie back was a ray of sunshine in a really - if not bad like seasons 10 and 11 - boring season. Her storyline was actually pretty great. Gloria Reuben was amazing as always, and it was great to see that she's ok. Her relationship with Carlos is just adorable, and her pain in discovering he might've AIDS was incredibly portrayed. But I cherished every moment a small part of old ER was mentioned. When she asked about Kerry - the attending she did trust. When Haleh mentions Doug and Carol for the first time since the beginning of season 8 - and that they're together and happy with the twins in Seattle. And about Carter - still in Africa, thinking of a visit. It's not that that makes a great episode, but after almost fourteen years, it's always good to remember our ER alumni. Pratt was so useless in his 'search for a hospital that will love me', I can't even come up with a comment.

    Morris and Harold (and Crenshaw) with Neela's cousin were hilarious. Maybe they're the only really good ones left. And I really liked Beth and Jack's storyline. Different, new, very intelligently written. Nice to see Sam sharing her own past experiences with Beth, Linda Cardellini's always great. But that Skye annoys the living daylights out of me. And on a smaller note: I really, really, really didn't miss Abby, or Luka, or both of them together, or apart. Those writers really screwed up Luby this season.
  • Another great episode.

    It was another episode that lets me remeber why I watch this series. It was great to see Jeannie again, ever since it was mentioned on that both she nd carter would be returning this season for a few episodes, I have been waiting for the episode. I quess with the strike Dr Carters return will wait till next season unless it was hot before the strike. I would have like to have seen the interaction between Abbie former RN now a md with Jeannie former PA now a mother, although her actions with pratt were very good. Can not wait till Carter returns.
  • Starting to love watching again

    Well to tell the truth I was starting to hate this season. Coz after the amazing season13 where all the story lines were perfect and interesting, we started this season with Abby and Luka apart and it worse each day, and what about ray is he ever ganna come back. Anyway I really hope Luka and Abby will get back together after Abby got help.

    This episode was why I watch ER is was all about how they are all family and friends no matter what happen. This episode was a bit depressing but great in so many ways. The actors were amazing I believed every thing they did and say, they were so natural. Is so nice to see Pratt getting his confidence back and knowing his is STAYING. I really wish the writers strike would end soon so our show make us happy and pleasedļ.
  • This will be my first review ... wow Been watching all seasons in a row and finally decided to say something.

    I agree with all the previous comments posted (the good and the bad ones) ... strange, I know !
    I, like many Maura's fans felt the show's void without her. But I'm also aware ER's not her show, it should focus on medical stuff, so I must agree when someone says that's enough of Abby and Luka's story. Just wish the director's find a happy ending for them. We've already had too many "sad goodbyes". About this show, well ... like to see Gloria's return and was good to know about Doug, Carol and Carter. It would be nice to see them again. Don't like the new ER chief, but kinda agree that Pratt still needs a little more experience. Guess they won't make a 15th season but if it happens, Pratt can be the next chief. Still they need to put some action in the show. That should be a ER of a busy hospital.

    And ... I missed Abby!
    Will Luka return from Croatia?

    Characters come and go. Like all other things in life. We miss them but the show must go on. Think I'll always be an ER FAN.
  • An old friend stops by, reminding us of better days in the ER world.

    In the overall history of ER, this episode would be just adequate, but because of the lack of quality episodes lately, it seems a little better than it actually is. Sort of like a small nugget of chocolate in a large bowl of bland, sugar free vanilla ice cream. This is probably a result of more than just a little nostalgia for the 'good old days' when ER was the best drama on TV, provided by the return of one of the cast members from a better time in the shows history. With the return of Gloria Reuben as Jeanie Boulet, and the name dropping of Dr. Ross, Carol and Carter, we get a little reminder of that glorious past. Gloria's performance is good, and a story line focusing on something other than the Luka and Abby's woeful life is a refreshing break. Pratt's storyline of being passed over for chief, though dramatic and allowing him to be a focus of the episode, was abrupt and over blown. He goes from turning in his 2 week notice to changing his mind all in one day. It could of at least been stretched out over a couple of episodes to keep it interesting, with him actually visiting some other hospitals and getting their take on things. It appears however, that the only real story arcs the writers are interested in are those involving Abby, Luka and alcohol. As usual, the presence of Harold on the screen is grating, and Neela is nothing more than a 'straight man' to her cousin and Morris' flirtations, and an object of another doctor's sexual innuendo. Gates is… there. Sam continues down the path of ER floozy, with an apparent tryst with Gates in the cards. The character of Skye Wexler provides little more than harsh looks and a little drama for Pratt, and appears to be another character brought in to fill out the lineup, with little in the way of meaningful storyline. Somehow the ER functions these days with 3 attendings and one resident (with Abby off somewhere getting fixed) who are all on the same shift, an amazing feat for a large inner city hospital. ER continues its lurching march toward its final episodes, trying desperately to be a player on a field dominated by Greys and House, but failing to equal either in their soap opera silliness, or out smart them as a real medical drama. Having just watched the 2 episodes "Be Still My Heart" and "All in the Family", the season six episodes covering the stabbing of Carter and Lucy, it's difficult to comprehend that this is still the same 'ER'. Realistically, in everything other than name, it's not, and that's the saddest part of all.

    Hmmm, Well what can i say ?.

    This episode is GREAT !, returning the wonderful ms Jeanie Boulet !!

    The one person im currently hatin' is Skye wexler ! shes kinda becoming a bugging b***h when no ones looking ¬¬!

    Well anyway this episode is just excellent, With the problems and everything. but i must also say thank god kevin morretti is gone ! and poor Greg he keeps getting kicked down as soon as he trys !

    but anyway back to talking about the episode as a whole. it was quite odd to have no abby around but i hear shes back next week. and im sure as hell that gates and sam are ganna get it on ! they seem so 'tension-y' and god that harold annoys me !

    Anyway this is excatly the reason i watch this show, and i shall continue to watch until my dying day !!
  • Bridging the old and the new....Jeanie returns!

    Wow. If this were truely the last season of ER..THIS would be the type of episodic tale telling that I would like to see more of. Despite the fact that we learn that a little boy will soon be dealing with the ravages of AIDS, it was a lovely episode from beginning to end. Our teaser begins as we are introduced to Jaspreet, a wild young relative of Neela's....determined to have some fun, to Neela's dismay. Despite the fact that frustration abounds with all the 'new characters', I liked the nice rapport between the girls. It follows Pratt as he is on his way to a board interview for the position of ER Director worrying about his wrinkly pants. And frustration abounds as Dr. Anspaugh - while admiring his chutzpah - deflates Pratt's ego by telling him he lacks leadership skills and experience. Pratt promptly responds by giving his 2 weeks notice. When we first see the face of Jeanie Boulet she is busy counseling young girls - patients at her Chicago clinic - about when to tell their partners they have been infected with HIV. She is still direct. Still beautiful. Still Jeannie. Sigh. I have missed Gloria Reuben..... She did an awesome job as she entered the ER looking for the adorable actor playing an 8 year old Carlos. A well cast kid. Good little actor. It was interesting to actually 'feel' the changes that we have seen since she left. She knew no one at the desk and no one knew her...until Chuny passed by. (Chuny, Haleh, Malik, Lily and Zadro...the bunch still left from those 'olden' days!) Jeanie is instantly at odds with Pratt. She asks for Kerry. Heh. Through a conversation with Haleh, we learn that Carol Hathaway and Doug Ross are still together and their twins are in third grade. We learn that Carter has plans to return to Chicago in the spring. And we learn that little Carlos - who can reel off the names of the drugs he takes better - more naturally - than the adult actors around him has a lesion on his brain...that most likely signals AIDS. Reggie appears - now seperated from Jeannie - and he seems shorter somehow. Defeated. Jeannie has taken on the persona of a lioness protecting her cub...and watching him be torn to bits. Sad. But it is her underlying frustration that finally explodes and melts the wall she has built between herself and Greg Pratt....and maybe Reggie as well? A frustration they have both been dealing with. A frustration that builds into resolve and determination to stay where they are and to keep up the daily 'battle' to change things in their worlds. Status quo.

    Other storylines were there...a pregnant military vet who was raped by her superior in Iraq...nice turn by Gates and Sam as they seperately counseled her and her significant other into a reconciliation and resolution. Heh...loved Gates' fantasy of Sam wanting to do his 'laundry'...EIGHT times. There is a steadily growing attraction there that I am really beginning to see and like. And Skye? Whew...better watch yourself around Sam, girl. Definitely a growing DISlike here. Morris' insistent attempts at convincing Pratt that he couldn't, shouldn't, wouldn't leave his ER 'home'. Pratt's coolness in insisting that it's just a 'job' and his ease at securing another position at Northwestern. I liked the mentoring of the other doctor talking to him about staying. Nice to see someone other than Luka validating the doctor he can be and is becoming. Liked Frank taking a different route...laughing with Pratt over pictures of their 'totally dysfunctional ER family....FAMILY'. And Jaspreet. And Harold. And Morris. And Neela's growing utter dismay at that triangle. This is going to be a doozy. Hee. I am also looking forward to seeing more of this doctor from ortho. Dubenko has given clearance for Neela to do a rotation with him?? Heh. He tells her that 'next week she will be with the cool kids'. Looking forward to that as well.

    All in all, it was a nice, nice episode. It left me feeling all warm and fuzzy about my ER friends. After a severely emotionally wrenching pre-holiday arc with my uber Luby favs, it was a good one to come back to. And next week, Abby is back. We will soon see the toll her drinking has taken - on her, her marriage and her place in the ER. I was very excited to get a brief glimpse of Lorraine Toussaint as an apparent patient. She is an awesome actress.....
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