Season 5 Episode 17

Sticks and Stones

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 1999 on NBC

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  • It was Carter they wanted to kill...

    Carter is having is run along with paramedics and the call comes dangerous when some people get mad about them and attack them. Carter tries to get away and runs over a boy. Later when the return to the same spot without Carter the paramedics get shot - Carter already felt guilty about the accident and now this. He tries everything to save him but when he is send to OR he is asked to stay down and just follow - but they lose him.

    Also we have some focus on Carol who is not feeling well - she is missing Doug and not feeling well. That leads into great discovery.
  • I am hooked on this show!

    Okay, we all know that Carter was not supposed to be driving that ambulance, but what would you have done? exactly! ... and we know he didnt mean to run over that kid, and I loved the way he was calm towards the kids father, it really warms your heart doesn't it kids?? haha... I cannot believe Carol is preggy! Its a miracle! woohoo! Oh and the pro wrestler was funny ... it made me laugh! I duno what that one family had goin on, but to not tell their own mother and grandmother that she had caner was like against the law, or it would be today anyways, its just sad to see stuff like that! So.. who is Jeanie seeing??? haha