Season 12 Episode 18

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on NBC

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  • When I say \'silly\', I mean the characters!

    This episode was one of idiocy, but also contained some good moments. The prizes for the three biggest idiots must be awarded to Luka, Pratt and the Police.
    Luka - come on!! Do you really think it would be acceptable to your pregnant girlfirned (dumped by a letter from Africa previously) if you just jumped on to a plane for a month or more again???? And what gives him the right to send Pratt to a different country!!!
    The writers definitely got the Luka writing wrong in this episode. I mean, there are certain fundamental truths about the character they seemed to have forgotten, such as his history (in that his family were killed when he was \'away\') and that he really really wants this baby and is supposedly cherishing every moment of it. Given the circumstances of his past in Croatia, certainly, I just don\'t think there would be any way he would even have entertained the notion of going to Africa for more than 15 minutes, tops, let alone suggest it to the pregnant girl-friend.
    Pratt - why did he have to do it? I thought he was happy with Olivia (who by the way, looks a lot younger with straight long hair). This is so writers backtracking on his progress.
    I think with Pratt, the writers probably realised it would have to be him going to Africa early on. And they got to this stage and suddenly realised \"Uh oh, Pratt is happy with Olivia, why would he go to Africa now? I know, lets just make him a total prat for an episode, break him and Olivia up and allow the real growth to take place in Africa\". I still think that\'s annoying though. I thought he was past cheating on someone so supposedly special (for she must be, considering his complete misery whenever she was connected to his father).

    The Police - Well, that part was only to be expected. I guessed the man was deaf from the first moment we saw him|!!! And it was so incredibly sweet when he was hugging the girl and she said he was the only one in her life who ever listened to her.
    Jerry - he was great, but why does ER always bestow such brilliant skills on all of its characters whenever the occasion happens to arise?
    Sam - be careful!! You had better have some kind of second plan in case this doesn\'t work out.
    Gallant\'s parents were excellent...I can see trouble coming for Neela and Gallant. I loved the mother\'s advise. I must say, it\'s lovely to see such a strong principled Neela though. She and Ray are excellent friends, but her leaving really displays her dignity, and effort to keep her marriage working. And Ray was very sweet.
    What\'s with Morris being sought-after? I didn\'t quite get that part...
    Best mini-parts:
    Luka: I\'m sending Pratt
    Abby: To help with the pregnancy?
    Luka: To Darfur
    Jerry\'s comment about no intepretation needed

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