Season 12 Episode 18

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on NBC

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  • They are making everything so perfect!

    This season is ER at its best. This episode was like the good old days, with everything of wonderful that only the ER people can do. (And this review is all about the characters)

    I have to start with Abby and Luka, because that was about everything ER fans have been moaning about since the end of season 9. When Luka tells Abby Carter asked him to go to Darfur I was like "Oh, not again!". Last time, when Carter told Abby he was going to the Congo, she was upset, but not like this time. This time she was really hurt. So hurt she was ignoring Luka throughout the episode. In the end, she goes to him for a talk and tells him she doesn't have the right to be upset, as they're not married or even living together. But Luka tells her he's sending Pratt. Because he wants to be there for her and the baby. Oh, my. He is the sweetest man on Earth, or what? I love Luka, so does Abby, and that is SO great.

    For the first time since season 10, it was nice to see Sam. She moved to this huge house and is seriously doing her job, like the good nurse she is, and I think it's nice of ER to show that, the rich people, left alone by their own children, who need the help of a caring, young nurse. But Alex's participation on the episode was totally useless. They should forget Samantha (so cool to see Mr. Elliot calling her 'Samantha'!) has that son.

    Neela was great this episode, with her in-laws (so weird to see Neela as someone's daughter-in-law, I kind of forget she's a married lady now). Mr. and Mrs. Gallant are so nice, and it was so awful to see they're separating. Mrs. Gallant little passing of wisdom to Neela was beautiful. It must be an awful situation to be married to a soldier and moving all the time. Certainly love must not be enough. =(

    Ray was WOW. He tells Neela about his feelings in his own way, and it was so amazing. "I wish I didn't feel this way". It said everything, and Parminder Nagra's expression while she heard it just said the same. Really subtle and beautiful.

    And Pratt, disgusting with Olivia, disgusting with his reaction to Luka's order that he was going to help Carter in Darfur, but still good to the show. Not everyone can be nice all the time, and I'm sure Pratt's going to come back really changed after this experience.

    Truly amazing episode.
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