Season 12 Episode 18

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on NBC

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  • And by flashback, I mean for me personally.. and Abby... and maybe some Luka too... and Pratt? Well, generally, all the characters were having flashbacks while this episode progressed.

    Though I was rather upset that Luka would even consider going back to Africa, I have to give him credit for his ultimate decision. But putting myself in the character of Abby, I can't believe how calmly she took it. She hides everything she feels, which I think is terrible, but I can't really blame her for. So I'm Abby. This Croatian Sensation dumped me a few years ago because I've been obviously crushing on the cute American. The American takes forever to actually make any move on me, and once he does, the fun we used to have together begins to fade as he is suddenly overparanoid with my drinking. So now my ex Croatian decides to take some leave in Africa to be a good samaritan. A scary thought, really, but at least my Mr. America's still here. But then, what's this? Mr. America (which for confusion purposes, we'll now refer to as 'Carter') rushes off to side-kick Croatian Sensation (which we'll code-name 'Luka'... don't ask why o.O...)
    and what happens? Well my Carter returns, but then my ex 'Luka' suddenly dies, thus making Carter leave me... again... (and let's just rub in that my life hasn't been so great before this day...) So now ex-Luka-less and current-Carter-less I sit alone in a hospital in Chicago while the two loves of my life so far are dieing away in Africa. Luka returns from the dead, only to have Malaria, and also happens to have a special letter written from a "found" Carter. The break up. Hmm... So Africa signifies for me: Dead/Malaria Luka, Carter leaving me literally, then Carter leaving me sexually... So today, after gaining several pounds to my ex-Luka's mutant croatian seed, I am confronted with Luka wanting to return to the country that symbolizes only loss and death to me?

    So, yes, it bothered me when he even considered going, but my favorite scene in the entire episode is when Abby confronts him about how she feels. I love that he doesn't cut in on her, but rather, waits until she's finished to tell her the good news. Her reaction is priceless. (One of my favorite things about Tierney's acting.) But my favorite part of the entire scene, is Abby's spilling her thoughts. I can't decide if it's the acting or the lines, but something about that speech makes me sparkle.

    And the line "to help me with the baby?" ... again, the perfectly placed, unintentional jokes.

    So the entire episode was great, but Luka and Abby were the only things I could remember enough to actually write about. (You can see where *my* mind is!)