Season 12 Episode 18

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on NBC



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    • Colonel Gallant: You in the service, Doctor Morris?
      Morris: No, sir. Flat feet.

    • Luka: Any STD risk?
      Abby: Of course. He's male.

    • Abby: Have you made a decision yet?
      Luka: About what? ... Look, if you really don't want me to go...
      Abby: No, I know. You said that already. And I don't understand why you're putting this all on me?
      Luka: I've been told it's only gonna be for a few weeks.
      Abby: You don't know that. Luka, the last time you went, we thought you'd died. But instead you came back with malaria!

    • Luka: Hey, I've been trading e-mails with Carter.
      Abby: Really? Did you tell him about us?
      Luka: No... he needs help in Sudan. And he asked me if I would join him.
      Abby: In Africa?
      Luka: I'd be back before the baby's born.
      Abby: Oh, o.k. O.k. I mean, uh, were you planning on talking to me about this?
      Luka: I am talking to you. If you don't want me to go.
      Abby: You don't need my permission to go.

    • (while Neela is leaving their apartment)
      Ray: I wish I didn't feel this way. But you're the best friend I've ever had.

    • Morris: So who is he, you little gold digger?
      Sam: Go kill another patient, Morris.
      Morris: What, 97-year old lung- cancer guy? Oh yeah, all my fault!

    • Morris: Any pain in your fingers, buddy? (wiggles Dickie's fingers)
      Dickie: You suck!
      Morris: (squeezes a finger) Can you feel this?
      Dickie: Yeah! Can you feel this? (hits Morris with his cast)

    • Pratt: Let me give you some sound medical advice, Mr. Coker. Please do not make her mad again.
      Coker: I can't help it. I'm a ladies man. Always have been.

    • Frank: Pratt! Kovac left this for you. (hands Pratt a padded envelope)
      Pratt: What is it? (takes the envelope)
      Frank: Looks like you're headed back to the motherland.
      Pratt: Hey, you better be careful, Frank. I'm having a very bad day!

    • Luka: (examining Coker's chest) What's the scar?
      Coker: They put a pig valve in my heart ten years ago.
      Fredna: You got a pig head, too, philanderer!

    • Morris: Well look who it is. Back with the commoners are we?
      Abby: Good Lord, what is that?
      Luka: What?
      Abby: That smell. It's really bad. It smells like... ass.
      Neela: You do realize how close you are to the ER?
      (Abby turns toward Morris and takes a sniff)
      Abby: I think it's you, Morris.
      Luka: (grinning) That patient we just transferred threw her colostomy bag at him.
      Morris: I changed my clothes though!
      Abby: Well, I would recommend a shower.

    • Luka: Abby, we...we need to finish our talk.
      Abby: No, we don't actually cause you know what, I understand.
      Luka: No, no you don't.
      Abby: No, I do.
      Luka: Listen...
      Abby: No, you listen, I - I mean...sorry. I just..I...I' know what? I know that we're not married and um...and we don't live together and we really haven't defined our relationship and I know that that's mostly, probably all because of me. But you looked at me and said that we were going to do this together. And I know that you'll be back before the baby's born, but I just...I just hate that you wanna go, and I hate that I hate that you wanna go, but I'm just a little bit...scared, Luka and um...I don't want to do this by myself, but if I have to I - I can and I will.
      Luka: I'm sending Pratt.
      Abby: To help me with the baby?
      Luka: To Darfur. He. He - he.. He volunteered. Long story.
      (Abby wipes away a tear)
      Abby: So you're staying?
      Luka: Mm. (with a grin)
      Abby: Oh good...that's good. Well, I'll see you tonight.
      Luka: Yeah.
      (Abby moves toward the door, then suddenly kisses Luka. He pulls the curtain closed)

  • Notes

    • When Luka explains to Abby why he's considering going to Darfur to help Carter, he cites the number of IDP's in need of medical care. IDP is the acronym for Internally Displaced Persons, in this case Sudanese nationals driven out of their homes by rebels or other political forces. These would be people for whom Luka would have an affinity, given the fact that thousands of Croatians were internally displaced following the fall of Vukovar in 1991.

    • Music: "Trouble Sleeping," Corinne Bailey Rae; "Ride," Cary Brothers

    • Although in the opening credits, Laura Innes does not appear in this episode.

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