Season 12 Episode 18

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Luka: Abby, we...we need to finish our talk.
      Abby: No, we don't actually cause you know what, I understand.
      Luka: No, no you don't.
      Abby: No, I do.
      Luka: Listen...
      Abby: No, you listen, I - I mean...sorry. I just..I...I' know what? I know that we're not married and um...and we don't live together and we really haven't defined our relationship and I know that that's mostly, probably all because of me. But you looked at me and said that we were going to do this together. And I know that you'll be back before the baby's born, but I just...I just hate that you wanna go, and I hate that I hate that you wanna go, but I'm just a little bit...scared, Luka and um...I don't want to do this by myself, but if I have to I - I can and I will.
      Luka: I'm sending Pratt.
      Abby: To help me with the baby?
      Luka: To Darfur. He. He - he.. He volunteered. Long story.
      (Abby wipes away a tear)
      Abby: So you're staying?
      Luka: Mm. (with a grin)
      Abby: Oh good...that's good. Well, I'll see you tonight.
      Luka: Yeah.
      (Abby moves toward the door, then suddenly kisses Luka. He pulls the curtain closed)