Season 6 Episode 21

Such Sweet Sorrow

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 11, 2000 on NBC

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  • Doug and Carol are back together! Seeing them together makes it obvious that they were soul mates. Sorry Luka.

    While the scenes between Carol and Luka were touching and sweet, Carol really did have that spark with Doug. Carol told Luka the truth. There was someone else for him...and she was right under his nose. Elizabeth Corday did the right thing...with respect to the pearl necklace. First, she accepted it from David Greene after he insisted. She gave a dying man happiness. Then, she returned it to Mark and urged him to give it to his 12-year old daughter.

    Dr. Weaver's rage and tenderness was interesting to see in one episode. She certainly is an administrator as well as a doctor.

    This is a wonderful episode. They did it right.
  • Carol's last day in the ER is hectic.

    Carol treats a young mother who has cancer and is dying. She is a DNR, but when the mother flatlines, her husband pleads Carol to intubate her, with Luka's help, Carol intubates the woman, and Kerry is furious. Carol's situation makes her realise how important family is, and she abandons everything at work and flys to Seattle and tells Doug she wants to be a family with their twin girls. The last scene ends with them hugging and kissing, leading viewers to think they will spend their lives together as one big happy family.

    A great exit for Julianna Marguilles, with a special appearance by George Clooney.
  • hatherway is treating a young women with cancer whilst seeing her and her family interacting she realises she wants her family to be together and flies to seattle to be with doug

    this is a fantastic episode that makes me cry each time i see it not because any of the main characters die but because of the patients in this episode and because what some of the characters learn because of them its also a great episode because George clooney guest stars!!!
  • A special episode, not necessarily for the plots but more so for the characters.

    Ok, so Carol was back on track this week with a vengance. And it's nice to see her leave happily. Goodbye!
    Among the other characters, we were introduced to Frank, who seems to be doing a great job so far. He had a few good lines, especially, "Well I wasn't late!" to Weaver.
    Weaver herself is on excellent form, just perfect!
    Carter...well I can see the beginning of his drugs story-line already...Noah is playing it well though and it's nice to see friendly concern from Jing-Mei.
    Elizabeth, for her short appearance, was also just excellent. Her scolding of Malucci was spot-on.
    The episode also picked up pace, which I enjoy, though had it's peaceful moments including Mark and Rachel. It's so odd hearing his words, "Promise me you won't grow up too quickly" and thinking of teenage, ecstacy-taking Rachel. Especially as Elizabeth made Mark give his mother's pearls to her in this episode, yet further on wants nothing to do with her.
    All in all a great character episode, though a subtle one at that. Even Doug's loving smile was pitched just right!
  • Going out with a bang.

    A terrific end to the character of Carol Hathaway. It seems that all the reasons she chose to stay for when Ross left evaporate in this episode. It was great how there wasn't some big montage throughout the episode and we got what we needed in those last 10minutes which was Hathaway coming to the conclusion we all knew; she and Doug are soulmates. The show has really felt the void since she left.
  • One of the episodes that I was waiting the most to watch. Even thought Julianna leaves :(

    I´ve been waiting to watch this episode for a long time and it happened to me more than what I expected. I was willing to see it, because I wanted to know what had happened to Carol for real. But when I started watching it I thought the mum with cancer was very touching, and also the way the docs handeled it. I also thought the whole episode was exelently written, beacuse they were able to create a REAL way for Carol to realize that she should´ve been with Doug (at least in my opinion). The scene I like the most was where she said what she felt to Luka. And she was right!. That´s one of the reasons I´ve always admired Carol for; her ability to express her feelings, something that I´m not good at.
    I still can´t belive I cried, I´m not the kind of person that cries for everything, thought before watching the episode I had already read what Carol said to Luka, the way she said it and in the context of the epsiode was what made me cry. I think the acting was exelent, specially from Julianna. And I loved the guest appearence of George Clooney! :D
    And I forgot...I hate Malucci.
  • Yay! I KNEW George Clooney would guest star!

    Basicly I was waiting for him to guest start for the whole episode. It was so cute. I don't even think he said anything, he just had a teeny tiny make-out scene but I was so happy when I saw him :D I soo glad carol went back to doug (well i knew she would eventually) It never would have worked out between her and luka anyways.

    The storyline with the mom with cancer was very sad. And those poor kids.

    Carter is going crazy! he really needs to get some help before he kills someone by accident! Actually, I've already watched the next episode (and reviewed it), so i already know what happens...
  • The Final episode of Hathaway ends the incredible 6 year run by Julianna Marguiles the only actor/actress to every receive an Emmy for her role.

    In the final episode of Julianna Marguiles her character Carol Hathaway is at the crossroads of her life, she is in love with a new man Luka Kovac and the recent mother suddenly enters a new stage in her life but her feelings for Doug are still there. In this episode everything culminates to any exciting ending. Carol pretty much has a normal day but after extending the life of a DNR woman so that her husband can haver their children say goodbye to her she feels the wrath of Weaver and the wrath of Kovac who yells at her for doing something against the rules, similar to what Doug did a season back with her and the Ricky Abbott fiasco. After watching the DNR woman die, Carol gets thanked by the man for being able to say goodbye to his wife and tells her that everybody in life has one soul-mate as he walks away. This resonates in Carol's head as she heads out to a flight to Seattle and walks by the dock where Doug Ross makes a brief appearance and hugs her, ending the 6 year run of her character. Overall good episode and it tied the ends nicely with Hathaway's character.
  • Good-bye Carol

    I do not know. I thought after the episode where Lucy died, there cannot be another episode what would make my cry so much, but to be honest, this was even worser. I am out of napkins now. Carol has been my favorite character from the first episode and I am so glad they decided to keep her even if they first did not planned. She was such a great addition to this serie and the way she was written out - it was one of the most beautiful one. Why, because it was so good. Most of them leave with some bad things or just if it is good way out, the emotion is not there. But this episode - from the start. Luka and the way he was mad, those two little kids and their mother and the way little girl said that she want it all back.. and the man talking about Soulmates.. there was no second thoughts, I so understand. And the way it was ended.. so beautiful..

    She deserves it.. a happy ending..
  • Hathaway's final episode at it's finest.

    That episode is one of the best ones I ever seen. Carol realizes that Doug is his soulmate and flew to Seattle to reunite with him. Clooney's uncredited cameo as Doug was a great surprise idea and that scene in the house and the dock with Doug and Carol embracing and kissing each other put a smile on my face. Normally I don't smile at happy endings, but that scene with Doug and Carol at the dock did put a smile on me. They we're meant to be together.

    I was happy to see Doug and Carol again almost nine years later after this episode and it reminds me of that reunion between them.

    Also, Mark trying to spend time with his daughter Rachel was kind of interesting too. And Chen thinks Carter is bi-polar which he is not, but has a nasty drug addiction which will soon come out after that episode.