Season 4 Episode 21

Suffer the Little Children

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 07, 1998 on NBC

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  • Doug tries to help.. but it does not end up so well

    Doug is trying to help to detox a baby who is addictive to heroine and mother uses him to get the medicine. So, Doug tries to help the baby and get over his addiction but has to do it in secret. Carol is helping and in the end they are discovered and Weaver is very mad. But Doug believes what he does. Does it help or make his position better?

    Jeanie is feeling not well and she is worrying. Weaver is trying to support her. I started to worry about Jeanie too. She has been trough rough time lately.

    Those little children... all episode is fill with coming child patiences. Some quite bad...

    A wonderful intrigue to solve in season's finale.
  • In a seemingly busy day in the ER, Doug Ross performs a rapid detox on a young baby named Josh McNeal only to feel the wrath of his supervisors. Great episode!

    This is pretty much a typical ER episode but the part that really stands out in the episode is Doug Ross and the little baby Josh McNeal. Now this baby is a heroin addicted baby because the mother is a heroin addict. So Ross tries to take matters into his own hands and take the baby and do an Ultra-rapid detox on the baby. Now Family Services doesn't approve on what Ross is doing but he manages to hide the baby away long enough to perform an procedure taking nearly an entire day. With Carol Hathaway's help he prepares the procedure until Dr. Greene discovers what's going on and pretty much yells at Doug and tell Weaver about the procedure. Overall this is a good episode, because it's interesting to see how different the styles of Ross and Greene are and how Ross is a maverick willing to break the rules while Greene is an almost by the rules Doctor. The ending is pretty good to and should have been the Season Finale instead of the previous episode. If anything it pretty much marks the beginning of the end of Dr. Doug Ross. Good episode
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