Season 15 Episode 17


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 2009 on NBC

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  • In keeping with the awards season....

    BEST moment: Angela Bassett's face when Carter tells her that he was back to meet her so he could convince her to donate one of her kidneys to him...followed by 'I am kidding. I have no idea what your blood type is. SO serious Cate...' and he walks away. Hee. BEST guest: HelllLLLooooo Norman!! You were one of my favorite patients from last season!! Good to see you out rescuing people again.

    Most CLOYING moment : Sam and her mother. Even thought I was looking forward to seeing Amy Madigan the moment sort of fell apart. Most interesting hookup: Archie and his cop girl. Go for it Archie. Just GO for it. You are cute together.

    Clemente Award: Simon Brenner. Wish I cared more about him so I oould care about his meltdown. He is WAY creepier than the foster father. (Again, ER has given us a damaged character with too little time to build affection for him. Go away Brenner.)

    It was a good episode all in all. We learned more about Carter and his health issues. I have liked Bassett only in her scenes with Courtney Vance thus far. But I am going to enjoy watching her spar with Carter....especially if we keep getting moments like the one we saw in this one. It is WONDERFUL to see Scott Grimes getting something meatier and not so silly. Interesting how his relationship with Claudia seems more developed than anything they have given us with Gates and/or Sam. And in such a short time!

    But I am still missing Abby......
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