Season 15 Episode 17


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 2009 on NBC

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  • A bit disappointing.

    All in all well written episode. Carter is reintroduced into the ER in a nice realistic way. It's not all about him. And actually, it's not enough about him. We learn what is his "painful secret", and the scene with Banfield where he explains how he got in renal failure, and later asks her to donate a kidney to him is the highlight of the episode! But there is still so much unexplained about Carter. Where is his wife? Did he ask relatives to donate a kidney, is the waiting list his only possibility? For how long has he been sick? His story arc now is big, really big, and it feels like the writers are not giving it enough time.

    Morris and the 'mattress tag cutters': a bit pointless and boring (I would have preferred to see that screen time dedicated to Carter).

    Brenner: all the turmoil of his childhood abuse is boiling inside of him and with each new episode it looks like it gets closer to the surface. David Lyons is amazing in the role.
    But Brenner needs to get far away from Neela. She is not the one who can help. I dislike her more and more. Love the Banfields. And I love the interaction Carter/Banfield. Here are two doctors who implicitly have a lot in common (loss of a son, worked for NGO, lives "on hold" while waiting for something (him a kidney, her a kid)). I love how you can feel that these two are understanding and respecting each other, but it's very subtle. I'm hoping for more interactions between them in the future!